Music. The video is one of me playing around with a few of the modes one morning when my kid was cleaning the beach as part of a school project. One thing ill say is that you should make sure to do your homework before buying it Music. A few tips, as others have said, get some filters. If you want to get the best picture possible Music, you don’t have to buy crazy, expensive ones, though i bought these www amazon com filters, mavic pro accessories, upgraded dpb07gtj1b7j and, aside from having a really hard time getting the f41 off every time i use it. I’Ve been very pleased watch a bunch of videos. I picked up a lot of tips watching youtube videos waiting for my mavic 2 to arrive. You’Ll pick up a lot of things to do and not to do don’t think you’ll get it and start flying right away. There’S a lot that goes into getting it ready to fly, including registering it with the faa, and if you live near an airport like i do there’s even more that you have to do every time you want to take it up around your neighborhood but yeah. I love this thing. Music. Your browser does not support html5 Music video. I saw a couple of youtube videos and then started flying it immediately. It is so well programmed. It is almost idiot proof. On the first day, i was flying over complex terrain a couple miles from takeoff.

I am only using a fraction of its capabilities, so i am having a blast with more to come. What a great improvement over the first version controller is also an incredible improvement. You will need a sun shade with a highly reflective screen. Music picture quality is great and i was able to get some pretty nice shots fairly quickly, because the learning curve on this is not that steep smart controller is highly recommended. This is a great drone to have. I was a little questionable about ordering it on amazon, but it is like it just came from dji. It is worth the money – Music, great sensing, great video and picture quality, easy to fly great flight, intelligent modes and more amazing thing to have not only for fun but interest Music. I hope you buy it. You will enjoy every second of flying excellent product already.