The drone gets much better control and stabilization. When connected to the controller, however, you need to have your phone in hand while flying in all three drone. Rc phone should be connected in order to fly. The initial connection between the three is very easy, and the equipment remembers this connection until you reset, so you don’t have to connect all the time. Lastly, the extra distance is a benefit, but just because a motorbike goes above 200 miles per hour, doesn’t mean you take off on a hot pursuit check. Your local drone laws, especially in national parks and fly safely strange than this product, is always out of stock. On official page and or here on amazon, finally, i was able to get one and it worked as intend to no more no less. This controller made my drone purchase complete. I, like the spark drone, but using my iphone as a controller left me feeling like the product, could be better after buying the controller and using it with the spark. I now love the combo. This controller is a must have for the dji spark drone. The handling is amazing and the controller is durable. Music only way to fly, the dji spark make sure to get the otg cable as well works as advertised charge. It link to spark the only disappointment is that linking to phone and android must use the wi fi, not cable. If you use the cable, not all features work.

This apparently is a known firmware issue. If you use an iphone, both wi fi and cable work. Music. More stable connection to my dji spark than the wi fi connection through the phone precision flight control works, even when video slash phone loses wi, fi connection Music, i just love dji products, and this little remote for my spark is just excellent.