It is exceptionally durable and powerful for a lightweight drone, and you will want to make sure you have a fairly windless day and a large enough area to fly it around. I think the most important differentiator with this drone is that it is foldable and comes with a genuinely nice case that can contain everything you need. This means that we can put it in the saddlebags of our e bikes and take it anywhere. We want to fly it living in a major city. We would normally have to put our drones in the car and drive somewhere, but with this one we can easily go to all the open park areas to fly it Music. We also like that we can recharge both batteries at the same time outside of the drone itself using the two included cables. Music, headless mode is great when using the camera to take pictures or videos, and you can make some great aerial panoramic videos just by slowly rotating the drone, while still maintaining good control. We will probably add some videos when the weather decides to cooperate. Hello, everybody, if you are looking for a low priced drone. This is the one you need i’ve been flying drones for the last four years, and since that i have several drones for my own, i try to check for different technologies, prices and capabilities of the drones. I usually get in my scale of the four meters, one software user friendly, easy to understand and control 2 hardware, acceptable, strong quality and lightweight overall presentation and accessories everything you need for a cheap price, 3 flying time and control excellent it’s easy to manipulate not for Windy conditions, 4.

level of experience, entry level, good drone to start your practice and get knowledgeable on this type of equipment: Music Applause, estado, vallando drones, durante, los ultimos, four on yoshi deste and tonseis tengo varios drones, pera, mi, Music, then tender y controller hardware acceptable de Alta calidad, while aguero presentation, general y axis oreos toto lokay, necesita, unprecio, economico 3 tiempo de vuello y control, excelente espacial de manipular, no para condiciones de viento nivel de experiencia, one drawn de nivel de entrava, para comins are two practica y familia rosarte con este typo De quipos, your browser does not support html5 video Music. I am very much a beginner at flying rcs. You get a lot of value and durability for such a small and affordable drone, very simple to fly out of the box and much easier to land and maneuver than my hs120d. I want to thank holy stone for making these simple, durable and performance rich drones available for a really good price. I also tried out flying it with using the touch controls on my phone, while not as easy as the included transmitter. The app works, pretty darn good, headless mode, read the instructions. I have found that when it does not work, its user error line yourself and transmitter up perpendicular to the back of the drone with left and right side of drone at 90 degrees headless mode, then works perfect Music. I had so much fun flying it. In my small backyard and only crashed a few times landing, it is simple with a drone landing pad.

I kept mine in slow speed click link in description for more reviews.