Yes, this is the state of the tambing lake that you see. Indeed, if we review the tambing lake, its very good, especially in this video, its about the existence of 1000 camps thats the term Yes, the original doesnt seem like Kidnap thousand.. So in this video we will share that there are 1000km in goat lake. So for those of you who, like to travel like to take a vacation by carrying a tent in your campers, heart Tambing lake, which is located in Poso Regency Central Sulawesi Province, is one of the tourist destinations that you can visit. Especially for those of you who like to vacation while camping, okay, so Tonle Lake is as much as camping there, especially on Sunday nights or what days of holidays. There are really a lot of young people. There. Yes its like this, and this is really very good. I highly recommend it for those of you who are currently looking for the most epic camping spots in Central Sulawesi, one of which is in the Tambing lake, which coincides in Napu Poso, Regency Central Sulawesi Province. This is the situation, brothers and sisters, so the nuances are cool, beautiful and in direct nature. You can really find it in this place. Yes, so for those of you who want to camp here, its really highly recommended Hi and you wont feel disappointed if you want to camp here, yes, but a little advice from the admin that this game place when it rains.

Sometimes there is a stagnant water effect. So try to choose a place where the land is a bit high or a bit far from the lake, so that later in the rainy season, is competent.. You wont be flooded..