It feels solid and very well made, unlike others, it doesn’t get affected by the wind due to its weight and doesn’t, get damaged, easily speed power and agility its powerful engines allowing it to move quickly. But importantly, can maintain its altitude camera high quality image, making the whole experience delightful charging co, comparing to others at a similar price point. They are very inferior in all aspects overall, a great purchase and i would recommend it for friends for sure. I was amazed at the quality of the brushless motors, even in the wind gps and the numerous other features it has. They definitely made numerous improvements over the other sima models, such as the x5. I feel the w1 is a game changer in the 200 drone range two big batteries that lasted me about 15 minutes. Each of flying time was a great bonus and it included a 8gb microsd card in the drone itself. The pick and video are okay, not great, but they automatically save to my phone as i was taking them. The controller is very comfortable to use and works. Excellent with the syma app. The return to home via gps is one of the best features, in my opinion, especially for a novice flyer. I tested this with my son and it will fly over trees or houses, anything in its flight path. By itself, you can even update the return to home location during the flight via the app. There are two cameras that you can switch between, but the front one is significantly better of the two flying fpv was easy and my nine year old was even able to do it after showing him for only a few minutes.

The only downside i have found is configuring, follow me or flight path mode, that is not user friendly. Otherwise, you can’t wrong here, it’s, absolutely the best toy drone. I have ever flown significantly better than the other sims or handful of others that i have used thanks. Cheerwing and sima i bought this because of price, and the good reviews was not disappointed. Was super easy to set up and learn how to operate.