Today we will review and try using a very creative products, very helpful that is um rest. This device avoid us forget our necessity. For example, we can hook to the key to the wallet or any equipment, because it’s, very small – and i will use on the drone as well – have a to find a drone in a situation. Unfortunately, the drone crashed or lost the power supply lofty signal as well. On that case, when rest will a very helpful day to help us to find the last run successfully. Okay right here we have the very small box and very good quality pocket as well. Especially the price is just about four dollars: it’s similar the time of apple gon na launch, but is very cheap. We will have the beautiful white aggressive plastics, very luxury. We have the button on the front and hold the speaker behind a qr code to connect with smartphone via qr, and we have the ring to hook Music. Now i gon na set up this product will connect to our smartphone via bluetooth. Now i get to app store search, run, rest Music. I need some permission now we tap login, it needs xiaomi account Music, assuming we’ll, call and provide a call to confirm Music login enter password, Music. Okay, now add device. This will require to press and hold the function button to turn on is file the product right here we press add button. We press the function button again, that’s it that’s it now.

You can see my iphone. You can edit this product via bluetooth. 100. Right here is battery percent right here. The rounds show up the signal, strength between smartphone and the ram rest. It will help us estimate the distance from smartphone to the ram rest. When it too far is we are now disconnected so good. In this situation, we lost the rain rest. We can find it when this rain red we connect it to smartphone, is will and now as well, and so the signal strength when we approach a much near it will increase a much signal strength. This will help us to navigate and find the last divine and so helpful. It will help us to find the last one, because, on what the class situation the battery is not connected to the drone is what turn off on the drone will turn up. It cannot connect to the remote controller. This cannot connect to our smartphone anymore. So beside the information from find my drone, which record the last position, which was sent by the drone to help us estimate the loss location, we will use this device to find exact position to recover, because in that case, this device will high ability to still work. It still generates signal still can reconnect to a smartphone to help us to find the exact location of the drone with so tiny sign and very light light depth. It can low on the drone or even on the very small drone like mavic, mini or fpv racing drone.

Okay, now we have the menu. We try. Pressing call is ring, however, really low volume, and we will tap right here inside the location and even have the location history. This position is belong to this smartphone location. It’S not have gba cheap expansive product like attack of apple. Besides, it shows the location by your own smartphone, it can send location by use the other’s iphone nearby of the other people around to send its location. That is reason. Airtight of apple is more expensive than this product, and the product have it on gba. Chip is also helped in the market around 90 dollars. While i ran with just four dollars the product have is on gba chip is more better but it’s so much expensive than this right. Here we have phone notified and when the phone and when rest disconnect it will move or play a sound, this function is so helpful. We can hook this product to the key, the wallet when we go out but forget to print them. The smartphone will announce immediately. We gon na go out, but don’t remember: where is the key, our wallet we can type con on the smartphone? This will help us to find easily so helpful right here we have the duration of the sound from 3 seconds to 30 seconds. This function is very helpful. It will help us anti tip. For example, we put the rain rat to our wallet when the tip gets out away the smartphone.

We are now immediately disconnect duplicate notify when disconnect this will and now continuously on. Just one time reconnect notify when this product and smartphone reconnect it with a now as well. Okay, sure more when we turn this function on on off, other notification will ignore just announce the rain rest, application notification, so connection between run rest and smartphone. Two way: anti loss very good function as well, when the smartphone they connect from the runways. The ram rest will ring to now and duration location record. Like previous minute, i have tone it will show the location lock and show by death last one. We have instruction this device is just 10 ram, so light extreme light. We can add to siri when we say where is my antelope device, it will do the action that is corner and rest immediately. I try history. Where is my anti lock device? You can check the location of all of your devices in the find my app not work, because this command have in command list of siri already. Yes, we often find my it’s duplicates. Now i try to change the other command we can modify where in my randos or something like that. Where is my key, where in my car, where, in my wallet history, where is my round rest, okay done perfect, so cool and we press this button to time. My phone will ring now i bring the ramrez far away from my iphone. The signal decreased.

You can see. This is the distance. Now we premiere, you can see the signal increase immediately, pretty cool, but the refresh frequency is pretty slow. It will better if it faster. I try low into the drone. I stimulate the crash situation. Can we find the drone or not it’s a light, just 10 ram, so we can glue to the drone easily even small fbv world racing drone Music. I bring my hand you can see. The signal is very strong: now i will fly far away and land to simulate the crash situation and the drone will cut the power supply. We try finding how it works Music with distance. The signal remains lightest Music. I fly far away Music. The signal decreased so far we can’t see the drone anymore. I fly so far away and lost signal connection at this. So far distance like this, the bluetooth signal of rain red cannot reach. Now i land with the situation lost the drone like this. We can use five micron to navigate pre medially and go to fine hope that we can reach the signal for unrest still generates from w finder cloud to find the drone, because right now the drone will turn off and cannot contact with smartphone anymore. I see that this device is tiny, light and solid as well. So if we have unfortunately situation like class from the very high attitude high ability, this device still work normally no problem and we can glue completely to waterproof even okay.

Now i go far away over this river to find it’s still not reconnect, and i think we can also modify the antenna to expand the signal range. The contact distance will increase. I will make that clear. The drone is around this area: Music, okay. Fortunately, we have the signal again now the run rest, we connect our smartphone and we will find step by step a strong signal. That means we go the right way. Weak signal mean that we find the wrong way. Okay, this way right. The signal is strong, more and more, and we will reconnect, we can tap cone to make the runrest ring really strong signal right now, Music. This is it success for the drone. Okay. In conclusion, this device can excite us to find the drone pretty good and especially with very, very cheap price, just four dollars next clip i will modify the antenna. That means the contact range is further. The ability to reach the round is much more higher. Okay, thanks for watching, if you see the clip helpful, don’t hesitate to click like share and can subscribe. My channel is in the clip. Bye.