Im going to be doing my review of the centurion evil, drone strafer so lets take a look at this thing and see what its all about. So here we got strafer and theres a lot to this figure. First off lets take a look at them. Lets do the rotation all right um. He has a lot of moving parts uh. For starters, he has a missile here in the front that if you lift his head, it acts as a bomb which is kind of cool and you can use it for both sides. So you get. This is the front, and it also hooks on to the back as well what you do like that lift the head up and it just fits in there nicely um. The head does not do any real movement other than back and forth to release the bomb. You have these little wings here that go back and forth the legs as well, and he has two wings on either side. All right now were going to get into the fun stuff he can come totally apart. Wings can come off. These can come off as well. Legs can come off and the head is the only piece that doesnt come off and with that you can do a whole bunch of different things with him. You know you can rearrange, you could have the legs up here, for whatever reason you may want that you put these wings down here. He also has points here, so you can also set them up like that as well.

You know its all the standard, centurion neat things now the other cool thing about this. Is you take our good friend, mr hacker? Here you pull him apart. You can actually have his cybernetic piece, connect to him as well, and then, of course, wheres the other one. If you get good doctor here, you can take this part off of them boom and now you got kind of like a ground unit which is kind of cool, and you know what that was always the fun thing about these centurion figures is the mix and match Feature because now you got this neat looking abomination here to wreak havoc on the world, and then you know these pieces come apart, just as easily put that back over there put that here. Unfortunately, it would be really neat if you could hook the oh yeah. You cant, look at that so yeah. So now you can also make some sort of frankenstein freak creature out of this as well and, like i said before, thats just the fun of these figures that you could do all these goofy combinations. You know you can like even hook these wings onto the shoulders. Like that oops there we go so now you got, i dont even know what you would call this thing, but yeah, and you know that thats just really cool and wicked that you could do that with these figures, and that was part of the joy of them And once again, they come off just as easy as they went together and then you can put them back to his standard form.

Leg leg get these little wings here and this swing here and his missile sits right in there and there he is the striker yeah, like i said you know, hes, not a really popular toy. You know. Unless, if you were into the centurions, you didnt really know what this was, but i just wanted to do a review on him because he is hes, just a fun toy. You know and thats what i enjoy about them, because you can mix and match them and do all sorts of goofy things with them. So i just want to take it. Excuse me a little bit time out to just review something thats fun. So i hope you liked this review.