The parent company called shuntu because its uh and its by the company katifo katafo. You guys see it here on the screen right up here: katifo, um and theyve got actually. If you come back here on their on their website, uh theyve got tons of like professional, like professional grade, looks at least professional grade mics and i dont know if they have screens and lights and all kinds of all kinds of gear, so they reached out to Us and asked of ask us if we would like to try out their star 200 and they sent us the t2. So just so you guys know the t2 and then theres a t1 simply is transmitters. This one has two transmitters and the t1 has a single transmitter. So, do you just need one or do you want the ability to mic up two people we always like having that ability and when somebody offers us a single or a duel, we will always take the dual because its something that we can possibly use later uh. So, just you guys know uh again, these were sent to us and we have. We have no idea what were getting into with this, so were going to take a look at uh, the actual website. Just so, we can figure out the price and what we can expect from these uh were going to take a look at what comes in this here box right here, the star 200 box and then, of course, were going to connect them to our uh camera and Well well, go out and do a little sound test.

Yeah yeah all right, coming up, Music, okay, guys! So this is them uh they look. Well, they look. They look good, they look. They look small, which actually, i kind of like uh. This guy looks ridiculously happy, but going through here, 2.4 gigahertz im with you right as it says here, this t1 kit includes one. The t2 kit includes two. You can see it right here where im highlighting uh very lightweight. Receiver has 16 levels of audio control adjustments and a three and a half millimeter headphone jack to monitor, which is good, something thats to be expected, and this is really great also for a lot of us that have uh cameras that dont have a headphone jack for Monitoring but have a mic jack for getting input. So we see here features again: 2.4 gigahertz built in mic and external lapel microphone real time. Monitoring for audio control built in battery for long time, use ultra compact for cameras and smartphones and heres the specifications ill. Just leave this up on the screen. You guys can pause it here. If you want to take a look, just you guys can see operating range. It says a maximum of 80 meters. We never get that kind of distance, but you know if we can get half of that im, usually pretty happy uh battery life youre looking at for the transmitter three to four hours, so its definitely not an all day shooter but im guessing if these are small.

Maybe thats the reason receiver six hours so now the the other bonus, if you got the dual pack, is that you know, if you knew you were shooting all day, you could use one and then once its running low, you could switch it out to the other And now you have a full day so not bad, because if you look at the price difference, heres heres them on amazon youre, looking at about 189 thats u.s for the for the dual pack and if you kind of come up here, 129 for the single pack. So you know gives you some options and i dont know you know what i dont necessarily going to compare them, because i have never used them or listened to them. But if you look at the rode dual pack, the rode wireless go twos youre looking at 300. So 189 bucks! You know that saves you that saves you a hundred and ten dollars right if theyre gon na do what you need them to do. You know uh so again take a listen. Thats coming up in the video, so lets uh lets crack them open. I have a knife: i have a knife, um ketifo katifo, i dont know star 200 t2. There they are looks nice, ultra compact, 2.4, gigahertz and again, basically, everything you and i talked about on their website is kind of whats. Here on the back, you guys can see that right there, cool yep.

I dont even think this, oh no, i dont even need a knife. Dont even need a knife, so thats coming out put that over there little box is nice, okay and inside. Here we get first and foremost, we get a little manual, nice and simple manual, which i like im a fan of a simple manual, and everything is laid out really easy. Nice, big fonts, easy to read, looks like its all in one language, all in english, cool nice and it looks like a warranty card so whats, the warranty. Does it say in here uh one year warranty so one year warranty just oh, those are tiny. Look at those those are way smaller than the well any of the other ones that ive used and thats, probably the main reason why they may only get three to four hours um, because of the fact that you know these dont have a big battery in them. Look how tiny those are you guys see that right, those are tiny, they they had a measurement, and i think it was something like four point something centimeters like 4.3 centimeters. Those are little. Oh, i like those, because even if youre putting them on your shirt, one of the big things that i find uh with the other ones and not that you know the sound they still sound good. But is that? Because of their size? For one theyre easy to see right, so maybe you dont want something as obvious, but two is, if youre using this, which i like using these because its simple you just boom youre done uh – is that because theyre of their weight they tend to flop down these May not have that issue.

Oh i like that. So anyway, heres the heres one of the transmitters. You got your little mic right there you can plug in. As you can see here, uh an external mic. I believe it comes with that heres, your little belt clip or wherever you want to clip this to scrolling around. There is your pair, it says, pair plus and minus, and your usb type c charger and thats thats going to be your power button im wondering because it says pair uh, im wondering because theres a plus and minus, maybe its also. Maybe it does volume as well. Possibly so because it says 12 levels of volume coming across, maybe maybe and then you have your receiver so same deal usbc on this side, theres your power button, uh and pair with this one has a little volume indicator on it. So maybe thats just on this side, im not too sure headphone jack for monitoring and your output. This is whats going to go to your camera or your smartphone and uh yeah thats nice. I, like those i, like those, were going to keep this one in here because were only going to test one, but you get two. If you get the t2, if you get to t1 youd only get one now the one thing i do you could use. I guess this box as a little travel companion case, if you so chose to do that. I do wish that companies would give me at least a little case.

I like cases i do i like cases uh inside here, just spew it all out. We get silica gel dont, do anything stupid with your silica gel. We get uh one two three, which makes sense, because you got three devices in this one uh usb 80 usb cs. You guys can see that right, usb 80 usbc. So you get three of them. Im guessing in the th1 version, youd get two of them. You get two little uh lav mics. So those are those are nice. They look good, they look like theyll do their job and of course, you get uh. Two cables now im wondering yeah, so they dont label these, which i kind of wish they would have, because a lot of people that dont know would would just say: hey you get two cool, but one of these uh is gon na go from uh the receiver To the camera and one would go from receiver to a smartphone thats right. Yes, all of a sudden, my brain was just like: where are you so anyways? This is how you know – and this is that youve, probably maybe youve heard of it trs and trrs. So youll see on this side here ill bring it up closer. Maybe you can see that theres two rings on this one and on this one theres three rings. So this is a trs, and this is a trrs trrs, someone with the three little rings on it.

There that one is for smartphones, okay, this one is a trs to trs, so you get two rings on this side, two rings on this side. This is going to be for cameras, so if you have a slr, mirrorless or a camera camera youre using this one, if you have a smartphone youre using this one, i i would have liked to have seen them put like a little sticky thing on here. That says, like phone and camera, they didnt, but just so you guys know uh well be using this one and thats it thats everything thats in the box uh, like i said i like, i usually like to see cases, but this is kind of a case. Its magnetic right, its got a nice little pop on it. Thatll do as a case, and i can just take everything here and just kind of slide it in there. So im not gon na im, not gon na knock off points for no case, because now this is my case. All right guys lets uh connect. It were going to connect it to my little zv. One were going to go outside. Do do some audio tests all right coming up hold on going outside all right guys, so we are outside and you should be able to hear me now. The one thing i noticed, because this has got like a pretty bright blue on it uh if youre trying to be discreet with it, that you may want to use the lav mics.

You know because its its could be a little distracting, so theyre doing work on our neighbors place today. I dont know if youll be able to hear them or not, but you guys should get an idea. I think of what uh this mic sounds like right now and well do the standard stuff, because this is just me wandering around what well do is well put the camera down on the table here and, of course, ill. Just do a quick little walk up to the back of our property and you guys can well. We can both figure out if the uh mic will pick up that distance all right hold on okay. My game might hear some stuff over on the other side, but were gon na walk to the back of the property and uh see how this sounds all right ready here we go so theres my motorcycle right over there and uh. I dont really know what i would consider this for distance, but its its way farther than i think the majority of us would ever be walking with a set of like budget mics. I got ta its just mow, the lawn you just do it all the time here, like you guys, im like you guys, can see this, but you cant because im this far away yeah but sweet lord yep, its supposed to be hot the next few days. So uh, maybe a good time to to mow – maybe maybe anyways did the audio cut out.

Does this sound okay? Can you hear them doing work over im? Guessing yes and uh were gon na now go back into the house and what well do is im gon na use this as the microphone for the remainder after i do a listen, listen to the mic, see what it sounds like and then well use the actual Uh lav mic. Let me pick this up there. We go ill use the actual uh lav mic so that we get an idea. What that mic sounds like as well. You know, because thats kind of important and make my way over here, can you hear like the rocks. You can tell how that picks up. You know and up we go into the house and downstairs all right. See you guys down there. Okay, so were were back, were back here in the in the studio uh ive now got you guys should be able to see it. The little uh lava later mic plugged in there. We can tell if that audio, maybe is better or worse, or at least you get an idea because well well, do the remainder im just this is my zv1 right here, usually its up there, but its whats recording the audio right now. So you guys should be able to get an idea of what it sounds like in comparison to my my big mic, and if you have forgotten what it sounds like ill switch it right now – and this is now back to this mic up here, which is my Normal mic and now back to the star 200 right now, star 200 back to it um.

So a few things i like, i, i really like i just i love the size like its, so you know you guys see that, like its so little so little, which is a huge perk, its just a huge perk um, you guys will be able to tell The audio quality so ill. Let you make up your own minds in regards to that. I love that it kind of comes with everything that you need, which is great, would love to have seen an actual case, but the little box that they give you will do would have loved to again seen them label these cables. For those that arent aware and honestly, even for those of us that are sometimes youre just in a rush, and you pick up a cable and youre just like, because im so used to seeing that a little like a little sticky on them. That tells you which cable is which so, if i dont see them, usually thats a camera, cable and usually ones with stickies a lot of times are ones with phone cables. So i would like to have seen that and as much as i like, i think its cool, this big blue light uh on the receiver, so the part thats on the camera having a big one like that, i think, is great. You know this big light like this. I think its great, because if youre like me and you have the camera set up somewhere else, you can see it because it flashes when its not connected and it goes solid when it is connected.

So you can look at it and be like yeah. Okay were still connected. Im good happy happy right, so i like the size of the light at a distance. I do wish that the light on the transmitter, wasnt necessarily as big or you could maybe dim it or even turn it off so that when its on you, you dont end up being like iron man right with this big glowy thing and its not horrible. When its really bright out, it may not even be something that you notice very much, but i would think if you were in a dimmer scenario where the lighting maybe wasnt as good, then that would stand out more. So not a big thing, but something right. Um thats, it guys uh. This is the katipo and i i guarantee im not saying that right, star 200, this is a t2 again. You can get the t2 or the t1 depending on.