It all started going into the hairpin corner, where timmy hansen runs into the back of kevin abering, but timmy hansen, who thought hed done nothing wrong at all. Going past, the finish in first position was only to pick up a five second penalty and be demoted to the back in semi final number, two christopherson and gronhold go together into the first corner, but christopherson pushes gronholm into the barrier and then it draws it clear. No problem whatsoever huge disappointment for the finn. It also gives an opportunity for javo and enzo eder to go second and third and book themselves, a spot in the final last race of the day, an electrifying start for christopherson in pole position with that kevin hansen and jabo tucking in right behind him. He was clear from the first corners and really never looked back and with timmy hansen demoted to the back of the pack. For the start of this finale, there was no chance at all. Christophson takes his second win of the season: kevin hansen in runner, up position and at last, a podium for jarvo in the rx 2e competition, guian dorita dominated from start to finish, claiming his third win of the season to go clear in the championship. Standings caglio in runner up spot, but the local fans delighted with their driver, the largest cheer of the day, went to the birthday boy: andreas bacharach, winning the euro rx1 title on his 30th birthday, huge celebrations and the baccarat blues.

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