My other drone is a dji model, but because both my home and my office are within a short distance of a major international airport, i have to take a trip to a public park just to get in some flight time, as the dji drone will stop me From taking off in faa restricted airspace, sometimes even if i am who flies inside, i do when i tire of work at the office or want just to practice some precision maneuvers see video. As for the seller, they packaged everything well delivered on time and later even sent a token of appreciation emo. This was a worthy purchase and i recommend it without reservation Music. I am very happy with my purchase of autel robotics evo2 pro drone 6k hdr video for professionals, rugged bundle with accessories kit. Customer service agent, kira from autel official, was very helpful, making sure my order was received without issues. The evo2 pro feels solid in the windy conditions. Around my home battery fly time is as advertised. You need to buy your own lightning connector for your iphone. That should be included in a 2 300 old package. I have a smart controller for my mavic 2 pro and hope. Autel comes out with one in the near future. I knew what i was getting when i ordered the package and would have no problems ordering it again. Once again, the seller is super br, marco Music, great seller, stands behind their product.