I love my drones. Yes, both of them long story short due to operator error and a lack of trust. I have 202 drones. I was flying my first one face into a storm, getting some great footage and the storm turned. I was about two miles out and pressed the home button on the way home. I lost communication with my drone and got impatient. I went looking and was not able to locate my drone Music. I borrowed drones from friends and neighbors and regrid searched for days. I even went to best buy and purchased a new replacement evo2 then about two weeks after i was flying the new one and in the video i saw orange reflection from my drone when flying over one of my out buildings, then about 30 seconds later it dawned On me that it was not a reflection, but my original drone. It had flown all the way home that day in the rain and landed about 30 feet away from where it lifted. I got a ladder and my new drone on follow and went up and got it down. It was an outside in the rain and hail for almost two weeks and backed in the sun on a metal roof at 108. For a few of those as well, i took it down and retrieved the footage i put a fresh battery in it and boom it. 100 works. Autel is the best that poor drone took a beating for two weeks outside and still flies like new Music only complaint.

I have is that i cannot live stream to youtube or facebook from the outlawer app Music. I bought this for my brother. This is his review. My sister bought me, the autel robotics 7028k bottle. This drone is awesome. The pictures are amazing Music. This is the third drone that i’ve owned from autel i’ve, also owned, two costar premium drones and a couple dji drones. The evo 2, is by far the best drone that i have ever owned. Music. Not only did i get a great drone, but i also get their great 24 7 customer service. My wife loves this thing too, but not for the same reason. She loves it because it gets me out of the house for a couple of hours. Thank you autel for the memories that i will never forget, love this drone, the obstacle avoidance of better than my mavic air 2. battery life is great. The remote can be used with or without a phone with a phone showing the camera. The remote allows quick access to different boats. Still learning will update later delivery was fast. They followed up an email to see if i was satisfied and needed anything else.