Super user friendly and super strong construction we’ve had a couple of 50 drones that are complete garbage. This drone is high quality through and through. It is solidly made with extra blades, clear instructions, intuitive controls on the joystick and a long life battery. The entire unit drone battery charging cable additional pieces all fit into a molded zippered case with a handle. The drone with the battery weighs about 18 ounces. I, like the return home feature and the ease of flying it. It can hover well even with a mild breeze. The app is easy to download, and once you do, you simply have to calibrate it side to side up and down, etc. After a few test runs, we send it up higher to survey the neighborhood. You can see in the picture that my phone doesn’t fit into the rack, but that is because i have a pop socket on the back of my case. If i take the case off my phone, it fits into the adjustable slot on the transmitter easily. All in all, a great deal for a solid piece of machinery got this drone as a christmas gift for myself, with the pandemic, going on needed to find a hobby well before buying the iwobo drone did a lot browsing and read the reviews on different brands in Amazon, of course, dji mavic tops them all, but it’s way over. My budget so decided on the iwobo, which pretty much checks all the boxes on the features and my requirement i’ve been flying this almost every day and enjoying it.

The downside only comes with one battery. The cost of the spare battery is on the high side, also a lot of restriction here in vegas to fly. Drones got to check before you fly app for restrictions and advisories in writing. This review, because, after less than a month of having this drone, the battery just won’t charge anymore, making the drone worthless without a battery seller, please provide a way for me to buy another battery now for the review.