These worked perfectly snapped right in just remember: there are two propeller types ones with white circles and ones without so you need two types for the spark this set has four of each snapped them on and went out for a quick fly drone took off and that Just hovered in the air perfectly like the oem propellers that came on my spark goodbye again but hoping i don’t have two smiley face, worked perfect on my spark. No problems at all we’ll buy again Music. Alright, maybe i got lucky, but these props work, just like my original props quick background. I, like most people ordering these props, crashed my drone and broke a propeller. It was not a hard crash and honestly was a silly mistake. I am proud of my flying skills and this was the first time ever crashing it so me being the cheapscape. I am ordered these props. They were the cheapest. I could find at the time so the props came in and i immediately noticed how similar they looked and felt to the originals. I took off all my props and recalibrated the sensor and the gps. I then installed all my original props, along with the extra aftermarket one. My drone flew completely normal footage.