The controller works well for the price. It is a great drone to carry around please don’t chase. The bunny has comparatively long battery life and uses ground imaging for flight stability. They hold your phone and am not sure what phone sizes work well or not i’ve purchased from them. Before info. I like how the drone handles and the mini size camera not so great, but hey. You can fly it inside the house without problems. Nice stability. I fly drones, so it was easy to start it up, but i can see some people taking some time to learn how to operate it if it’s the first time handling something like this. I wish there was a charger hub to charge a few batteries at once. As an option to purchase Music fun and easy to fly great for young and old alike Music, i have added a lot of fun since i bought this drone, i like to take it out to play. Okay let’s talk about quadcopters. This little quadcopter is designed with a beginner issue in mind. I admit you do need a small amount of experience with rc and having an understanding of basic flight helps too. This tiny copter is about the size of a 50 cent piece and comes with a controller charger. Three aaa batteries, extra flights, bumpers, a camera that takes real time video and sends it via bluetooth to your mobile device, still photos hd, video and real time.

Hud allow for flight into places that you cannot see from the ground. The three speed setting gives the copter a range of levels for learning and stuns with the push of a button. The copter enters hover mode and a second push brings the copter back to its initial takeoff point and lands trim and attitude. Correction buttons help to maintain a constant, steady level and stable flight lights, red and blue shine from the bottom for night flights, and the camera also reads ir for cool night time shots. This also features a two button stunt press the buttons and the copter will shoot upward and perform a flip mind you, the thing is tidy, so if you want to see it, you need to watch closely and be fairly close to it as well. The flips take place in less than a second and if you blink, you’ll, miss the trick with a full charge. The batteries last upwards of eight to ten minutes, depending on the speed setting and use of the camera. The three included batteries charge in about an hour. Each and the controller requires two aaa batteries, not included. I am an rc enthusiast, but i have almost no experience flying an aircraft at all and none whatsoever flying a quadcopter. That said, i took this outside the first time and in less than five minutes i was able to hover ascend descend, land turn and bank. The controls are that simple.