Two batteries, a big plus Music, pros easy to learn how to fly durable, so it won’t break when you crash it. Camera quality is good enough. You can fly with that view. Battery life is good enough for a decent amount of flight time. Khan’S remote controller is a bit small. So someone like me with big hands: can’t grip, it too well, Music for its price. I can take great pictures during my fishing trips with little to no issue Music just got this. Drone haven’t got to fly it yet, and i have it a three because i haven’t flew it yet and because on the app there are all band reviews except one, and i have to fly it first before i can give an honest opinion and plus it got A three because when you was buying it, it said five hour charge, but the battery street fly’s good gps works great haven’t flown it much, but it did very well in somewhat windy conditions.