Takeoff and maneuvering is easy, and i was able to fly the unit for a good 15 minutes with the initial battery charge. The item was packaged well enough to be protected during shipping. Individual components were wrapped carefully and looks presentable. I like that this drone came with two batteries. Unfortunately, i think that the second battery is much needed, because the flight time is a bit short at about 15 to 25 minutes per battery, always wanted a drone, and my wife wanted to get me one for my birthday, but instead told me to buy it myself. The one i want lol after doing research – i got this one mainly because of the 4k camera that i hooked up to my iphone used it first time last weekend and had a blast. It was quiet hot outside, so used it for a good time only. I am very satisfied with the delivery. The body is light, the flight is stable and the shooting is sweet gifts for children. They are very boring at home. I have bought two drones before both are more expensive than this, but they are easy to break. I hope this one will last longer. The drone has many features and the app is simple and easy to use. However, the features are not as good or fine tuned as more expensive drones. The price of 150 or less when it is on sale, is a great bargain and the main reason it gets four stars you won’t find another drone that has gps or includes a carrying case and an extra battery for cheaper.

My biggest issue with the drone is the camera and that the seller advertises 4k. The camera only records video in standard hd 1920 by 1080 and takes 12 mp 400 by 300 photos. The drone doesn’t use a micro sd card, so the videos and photos are saved directly to the phone through the live feed because there is no micro sd card in the drone. The drone will never have 4k video because the video feed to the phone tops out at 1080.. The camera quality overall is not very good. The video is shaky blurry not smooth and doesn’t have hdr the photos, look, oversaturated, blurry and distorted. It seems that the drone takes a photo at a 16 to 9 ratio and then converts it to 4 to 3, so everything in the photo looks squished together, Music, the bottom view: camera is even worse and simply not usable Music. If the cameras were better, this would be a fantastic five star. Drone pro’s, small and foldable camera angle can be adjusted manually, app works and has clear instruction circle and follow me mode. Our cool comes with an extra battery and nice carrying case amazing value, very low price. For what you g, i am so excited when i got it. The package looked nice for the beginner. It made a little difficult to use it, but if you see the video on the youtube, it would be better to use it. It is a fair price point and long flight time till to 25 minutes.

Video is clear, sharp and excellent frame rate can actually land manually after many times flying we find so many fun. I will try to update this review. Music loved it and can’t wait to take it out again wish the battery lasted longer, but was awesome to fly. I bought this drone for my nephew for his birthday. He loves this drone. He flies this drone all the time since he got this. This drone is designed for beginner who didn’t have any experience i’m, really glad he loves the gift i bought for him. Thanks.