Now you have a dude downloading his consciousness inside a drone let’s talk about it, Music, drone directed by jordan, rubin, and the story goes like this. A newlywed couple is terrorized by a consumer drone that has become sentient with the consciousness of a deranged serial killer. As always, there are slight spoilers, but not the ending. Alright. Now a fair warning. This movie is cheesy as not to be taken seriously, all right, it’s, a movie that’s, very self, aware. Okay, now, on with the review, we begin with the serial killer, surrounded by police in his apartment and he’s about to die, so he holds up his favorite drone and downloads his mind inside. It then fast forward to a couple moving into a new neighborhood. The drone just happens to land in their area and oh yeah, the husband happens to love drones and even has another one of his own. So this new one is a bonus. The drone begins to wreak havoc in their home and the town. Once the couple realizes the drone is killing people and ruining their lives, they fight back, but who the hell is going to believe a drone is alive and killing people kind of like when chuck was killing folks and child’s play. This movie is just straight up fun. A total throwback to 80s and 90s cheesy ass movies, the kind you could find in a video store with the funny ass looking box that had a tagline that made you laugh but curious to rent.

Ah, i miss those times: there’s, the cheesy old old school music. The dumb off putting jokes hell, it even looks like an old school b movie, the director, you could tell loves b movies; man, definitely kudos them on that. One just think about it. A drone has a man’s thoughts uploaded into it and killing people the kills in the movie are ridiculous. One kill involves the drone drilling up a dude’s ass. Yes, that really did happen. This drone even sets up a romantic night for a special someone with rose petals and oh the craziness. I got ta give this one three out of five. Seven fingers just watch this one with a few buddies and have some laughs because that’s what it’s made for pure, dumb fun, entertainment enough said this is available on shutter and hit me up in the comment section. Let me know what you think of it also give me a like and subscribe if you like this type of content and thanks for taking the time to watch my video take care. I’Ll see you soon subscribe to what to the don’t split up youtube channel. It’S.