This is the 2012 infiniti g37x huge thanks to that washer nerd on youtube for providing me here with his g37x to review, for you guys today so about the g37s here. Well, the four door versions here ran from 2008 to 2013 and i think its a really overlooked sports sedan. I mean back in the day. You know it was compared with the three series and the lexus is, and vehicles like that and uh to this day still has really solid performance. 328 horsepower from a nationally aspirated v6 engine thats, something that still even the brand new lexus is cant match, and so these things you know, in addition to also not holding their value as well as a lexus means that you have a really good performance bargain here. With the g37s, and so as far as the styling on them, i always thought they were really nice. Looking vehicles. You could, of course, spice it up with the sport package and there was the ipl versions and things like that for the coupe that made it a little more aggressive looking, but even here with just the g37x trim, it still looks really nice up front. I also just love how curvy the hood is here and how it rises up to meet the fenders here, and even the headlights, which were standard hids back in the day have those little marks in them there around the projectors, just all kinds of nice. Little details up front here on this vehicle, and you know i think again it also blends in nicely too, though so its not, you know too shouty.

It doesnt show off as much as an audi or a mercedes, or something like that would, and so i think it looks really nice up front here coming down to the sides. You could also get some larger wheels on the sportier versions, but even here in the regular x version, you still have some nice alloy wheels and you know just a nice subtle line going straight to the back end there, where again, you have some cool tail lights With other little unique details of those little dots around the rings in the back of the tail lights there, this one also does have a muffler delete. So youll see some nice exhaust tips there to you, know, poke out and set it apart, a little bit from a stock g37. But aside from those exhaust tips and some sway bars, this is a totally stock vehicle and so itll be a really great idea of what you can expect. If youre looking to pick up one of these as well and so overall yeah, i think its just a really nice looking vehicle here. Even you know about nine years later, the interior of the g37 sedan is also a pretty nice place to be uh for 2012 standards. Of course it wasnt quite as nice as a bmw or an audi or mercedes of the time, but you know i think it even these days it has held up really nicely as far as you know, not only wear and tear, but also just as far as The tech and how everything kind of works in here so first off, sitting down in these seats.

So you have these nice uh leather sport seats here in this version. Now, if you got an actual sport package of the g37x, which i believe also was available here on, you know the regular all wheel drive version, it did give you sportier seats. It didnt, give you some of the other stuff. You got on the rear. Wheel drive sport models, but you could get seats with adjustable bolstering, which is really cool this one. Just you know it has the normal adjustments but um. So that would be an extra fun thing to have here, but even still i mean these seats still have a good amount of bolstering. Of course, the leather is a little slippery these days and stuff. Now that its you had nine years of wear but um still just really nice and comfortable seats, the steering wheel here is really great. Has a nice, nine and three grip nice little tan, two notches, a few buttons here on the wheel and these really nice paddle shifters here on the back of the wheel, which um seem to have come on a lot of g37 sedans, but not all of them. So the owner of this one actually installed these, but it was a pretty easy install. He says and so great that you have these, and these paddles are basically what you get out of a nissan gt: r with the magnesium and leather uh. You know, coating here on them and uh are perfectly placed.

I love that theyre called mounted paddles as well, so you always know where theyre at even if youre turning the wheel, theyre, always in the same spot and so a really nice setup there. The gauges are also nice and simple but attractive, looking theyre electric luminescent, so you know theyre, nice and dark there. Whenever you dont have the car on, then, whenever you turn it on, they come to life, and i also always like the kind of purplish backlighting you had here on infinities of this era, and you know very simple, of course, being a car from nine years ago. With a little screen in the middle there, but all your basic gauges, everything you need there coming over to the center of the dashboard here. So this actually is one area where it you know, feels fairly modern. Still, we have a seven inch screen right here at the top and its controlled with this little controller wheel. You know its just all your basic stuff with uh having the am fm. You could have satellite radio in these and earlier ones had an auxiliary jack, but here on the newer ones, you had a usb jack, which is really nice. So that also helps with you know, keeping it a little bit more modern in here and im sure it wouldnt be super hard to swap out that screen either since it um, you know isnt too integrated in there. You could probably pop that bezel out and put something new were in if youd like, but um still, you know, works great.

Nonetheless, you have nice volume and tune knobs there, and this one is also paired up with this bose stereo, which, back in its day got a lot of high praise and journalists seem to be really impressed with this bose stereo in here. So great that you have that as well as a little bit more of a luxury feel to this infinity for sure, and then you have auto climate control here, which is dual zone and otherwise you know you have heated seats here and just the nice shifter that Surrounds a few different uh center bins here. So as far as storage goes, you have in the middle here your usual cigarette lighter ashtray kind of space there and then behind the shifter youll see your two cup holders, which are nicely hidden away with this leather kind of padded material. And then you have a center armrest, which is uh your average typical size of this era, and has you know another power lit in there, as well as that, usb jack and so great to have all that youll also see little pockets on the doors with a Bottle holder bottle holders were still not super common, even in 2012, so its really nice that we have that here, and so i think, as far as storage space goes its really good. You also have memory seats here so thats, another nice little touch going off to the back seats here, though, in the g37 um its a pretty good amount of space again for vehicles of this time.

Um, you know in this segment. I think its pretty good. So, im five foot, nine sitting behind myself. I have about two inches of rear legroom to spare. Obviously, some of the newer sports it ends these days, which have grown a lot in size, will be a little bit more spacious, but you know still totally fine for four adults as long as theyre, not too tall good amount of headroom as well still and its Also nice for those backseat documents, they have their own air vents, theres a full down center armrest with two cup holders that pop out nice. From that standpoint as well – and so i mean overall its a very nice – you know, little luxury sedan to live with the trunk is also pretty practical. Youll see, you know good amount of space nice wide opening there for golf bags. Things like that, but also goes. You know a good length back there. So yeah i mean you, know the materials and stuff arent going to still be as premium as you got on again one of the german competitors of this time. But you know as long as youre. Okay with that, i think this is still really nice interior all right. So lets start up and go for a drive. The g37 here runs the familiar infinity key, which they still have been using right up until about a year or two ago, but you can see the nice metal kind of buttons here on the front, and i just love how small it is with keys.

These days. Being enormous, this is really a nice little key, but of course it is keyless access, keys entry and push button start here, even in a 2012 its you know, theyre really kind of high tech with all that, so leave the key in your pocket hit the engine Start button – and it starts right up and youll notice – that the whole gauge cluster and everything uh slides down along with the steering wheel here, which is a very cool little touch. So you have a really good driving position here in the g37, all right so setting off here in the g37x. So the first thing that i think im noticing is that you have some uh pretty light, steering thats one thing that ive kind of noticed. It definitely has a good little bit of weight to it, but its um, its very eager feeling. It feels like it kind of really wants to dive in and so well see how it feels on a back road, but other things here. You have great visibility in the g37s and a nice view forward view out of the back is great in typical. You know sedan fashion, but i really like how the dashboard kind of drops down a little bit lower than some of the competitors, and so you really do have a good view forward. Other things here, you have a very responsive throttle. I mean just a little bit of pressure and it immediately starts to go um and, of course, this one now does have 112 000 miles on it, so the brakes have a little bit of travel to them before they really start to bite um.

But in reviews that i read of these when they were brand new um, they were actually super, responsive and right towards the top of the pedal there. You get some good response, so that will obviously come down to you know the individual vehicle that youre uh checking out here. You know these days because theyll vary wildly, but um still feels good in that regard. This one, i also have to say i love the exhaust, even just here at low rpms, that v6 verbal sounds really good, but, as you can hear, whenever you get up to speed here, it is worth noting that if you do have a muffler delete, it does Have a little bit of drone to it so just be prepared for that, but um! You know, i think, thats a small price to pay as long as you dont mind the drone to have you know the much nicer sounds of this exhaust, although even from the factory. These did sound pretty good, even though it was a little bit muted. You still got a good bit of that v6 coming through the cabin youre, also running a seven speed automatic transmission here in the g37s, and so it basically just gives you that extra overdrive gear, so its not like the ears, are super closely spaced together. Itll, be you know similar in gearing to any other. You know kind of six speed automatic, but its uh been pretty responsive so far.

You know it doesnt take a lot of pedal travel before it starts giving me a downshift, and you also do have a sport mode here. Whenever you slap the gear shifter over, which will make it a little more responsive – and you also again have the paddle shifters here, which well try out in a minute but im gon na go ahead and put it up into the sport mode here for the transmission Lets turn down onto this back road and see how it does, and here we go very responsive all right wow. It pulls nicely nice and strong acceleration from this 3.7 liter. Naturally aspirated v6 engine. It has 328 horsepower 269 pound feet of torque and this thing rips at 7, 500 rpms by the way. So this motor likes to rub. It actually makes peak power right around 7 400 rpm. So if you actually want that full horsepower, you got to wring it out. So this is a motor that you know the torque figure isnt huge, and so you know it has a good amount of grunt. But you know you really find the sweet spot in those upper rpms where its really going to want to you know scream, and so its i mean especially these days. You know what other sports sedans even rubbed at 7, 500 rpms anymore. So i mean this is kind of a cool thing, thats aged very well in that regard, but you know even in the sport mode.

Here, though, you know it was very responsive, but then you know its right there ready to spring into action. If i even just lean on the gas a little bit more but its uh, you know also doesnt force you to be staying at 4, 000 rpms. The entire time, like some of the other setups like youll, see with lexus when you have those in their sport plus mode its like they just want to sit in redline and theyll, never chill out. So i kind of like how this is kind of a sweet spot with that, but anyway were going to try out the paddle shifters here see how the manual shifting does. I love the call mounted paddle shifters too, so its pretty responsive again for especially a vehicle thats, nine years old in a vehicle that you know nine years ago, this tech wasnt super advanced or anything, but its pretty responsive, especially for a torque converter automatic. I mean they can only be so quick. I mean this is still going to be slower than you know what you see on newer stuff these days, but but i mean honestly its plenty quick enough to have fun with yeah. It feels great, but were cutting up. Some corners here and lets see how the g37x handles them nice and flat. It just feels so small, especially by modern standards. This is so nice to have something that just for a luxury sedan to be so compact and agile feels really nice and flat.

This one, in addition, it has like i said, the sway bars, which certainly will help to calm down the body roll a little bit, and it feels really sharp and other things about this that are going to help. It feel pretty good in the corners is that it only weighs about 3 800 pounds, which is still pretty good these days. Most of these luxury sports sedans are around 4 000 pounds. You know somebody even a little more than that, but all wheel drive luxury sedan. 3800 pounds isnt bad in my book. This one also does have a tire upgrade, so this has michelin pilot sport. All season tires here and theyre 225 wide, which is the standard width, but having that pilot sport, even though it is the all season. Compound, is a really great tire, and so it gives you a lot of grip here and also the all wheel drive system here. In the g37x is a rear bias, all wheel drive system, so unless it detects slip um, in which case it will send about 50 of the available torque to the front, but otherwise its basically rear wheel drive most of the time, so its uh going to give You that rear wheel drive based kind of feeling where you know its going to play around with you a little bit and you know feel pretty sporty and as were slowing down. The brakes also feel nice and responsive, and i kind of like that they have a little bit of dead travel to them, because it means theyre very easy to modulate without being rough or unsmooth, and so that all feels good but uh yeah.

This thing just is a really nice cruiser and its just a vehicle that just feels really good on backwards, while still having a nice and comfortable ride. By the way i mean this road isnt, the smoothest here, and it still, you know, hasnt been beating me up over potholes or anything like that. Theres really not much road noise either. So they did a really good job of you know, keeping it pretty luxurious and quiet here, while still again giving you the nice just sharp handling and uh yeah its just pretty impressive. Just how polished it is because honestly thats something i read in some of the reviews back on these renew – is that you know the polish wasnt quite as good as the germans, and that might be the case, but it certainly isnt bad. It still does feel luxurious. It feels a good bit quieter than you know. The average uh sedan does even these days, and also, while were just kind of stuck behind traffic here. You know now that the revs have come down a little bit here and that it really doesnt really have too much of that drone. Its really only whenever youre, just accelerating you know, between like two and three thousand, where you kind of get some of that, and otherwise you know its nice and quiet and it doesnt really bother you and uh the owner even says out on the highway. You know you dont, have any kind of droning really so thats, where its really important, because drone on the highway really sucks, and so the fact this doesnt have that isnt.

You know it means its a really nice setup and kind of a best of both world scenario, but lets do an acceleration with the windows cracked here to hear how this exhaust sounds sounds really good. Now we have the hills here to kind of reverberate off of yeah. I think its a really nice sound. I think this axle back definitely is a happy medium as well. I mean you can do more aggressive exhaust and things, but i think it sounds really nice and one other little thing i want to mention here while were driving a little more spiritedly. Is that if you uh, you know wanted to do a manual transmission, you can get those here. They offered a manual, i believe in all trims of the g37, all throughout its lifespan. So, even with all wheel drive you can get manual transmission, which is great, and so you know if youre someone who wants that combination, which is again very rare these days, its awesome that you were able to get that manual and the manual by the way will Be very similar to probably what youll see in like a 370z as far as feel and stuff, like that, ive never driven a manual, so i cant say but just another option, its really great and so uh. You know they might be a little bit more expensive. A little bit harder to find, of course, with the manual, but it is just a really great option to have, and that is something that, of course you can get with some of the other rivals as well, but uh these days you cant, it says another thing: Reviewing this here in 2021, that makes this car extra special.

If you can find one with the manual thats gon na, be a very cool combo. Oh there we go got a little bit of back end kicking out there, especially the manual mode, is where youre really going to get um. You know this vehicle wanting to misbehave a little bit more because the automatic you know it still does like to kind of you know up shift a little bit early, sometimes so. Keep in that manual mode give a little bit of gas coming out of the corner and it really will do a little bit of rotation on you there and uh its very lively handling, so yeah so much fun. This g37, all right so ive been driving the g37x for a little while longer here, and i still love how this thing pulls a redline and just its just so cool to have a red line that high its something that, as i review mostly newer cars. These days, its its really a treat to see something that goes over 6 500 rpms, but anyway, um other things that i really love is how you get a little bit of wheel spin. Actually, whenever youre, accelerating, especially with the wheels, turned um from a stop and its kind of funny, because you know its an all drive system, that should be reacting pretty immediately to wheel spin. But it still allows you to get a little bit of spin every once. In a while, its you know, for only a couple of milliseconds before it does kick in there, but youll see the dashboard light up with the trash control light and all that to you know let you know that it is actually spinning a little bit.

Even if you dont hear it but uh, you know, especially with these tires, it does a really good job, putting the power to the ground and um. You know even on you know these fantastic backgrounds that were on here. It still does a really good job with the handling. I will say that it would be nice to have slightly quicker steering, and that is something that you do get with. Um. Like the sport package, you got on the rear, wheel, drive g37s. I believe all wheel, drive ones, didnt get all the same mechanical upgrades for its sport package, but if you were open to a rear wheel drive one of these, you could get the faster steering in that sport package, as well as a sport tuned suspension. I believe they got slightly larger brakes and a few other little details as well to help make them feel a little bit. Sportier, like i said you got the adjustable bolstering on the seats on those sport models as well, but uh you know, so i think i could definitely see myself appreciating the quicker steering, possibly but thats, really my only critique about the handling here in this. Otherwise, its just really solid, very competent, very capable handling and feels you know really great out here and uh so yeah. I think you know the the main thing about the infinities, and this is something ever since they were new, has been a really solid thing.

Is the value proposition of these and thats? Really? The last thing to talk about is how these are really good deal, even here in this insane time were living in here in 2021, with this crazy used car market that were in um, if youre not scared of high mileage models, you can actually get one of These things, even i just checked auto trader today, you can get some for around six seven thousand dollars, probably in rough condition, but you can get them and then theres. You know some. If you want a super low mileage, one thats in pristine shape. You know some of those could potentially go for slightly over twenty thousand dollars, so theres a big range there, but just i mean the fact that you know again if youre open to a higher mileage, i mean this one 112 000 miles no issues running really strong. Um, if youre open to you know something like this, you can have a really fun, really luxurious nice driving sports sedan here, for you know, probably 10. You know maybe 15 000 at tops, but i mean thats a really good value these days and again, youre still, you have all wheel drive and you have an actually aspirated motor, which those two things even combined these days is really rare and to have 328 horsepower Again, this thing will still outrun, you know. Probably a modern lexus is 350, with this car having a 5.4 second zero to 60 time, thats, still very impressive, even these days and so yeah, i think its a really solid vehicle that has aged really well.

As far as what it offers and uh, even if it was more expensive, i think just you know something like this is still a rare experience because of the higher red line, the engine and just having all that these compact dimensions, i think, is just its a Really enjoyable thing to drive and uh. You know i will say that you know i think the g37 felt a little more tail happy in its coupe version. So obviously the all wheel, drive version here is going to calm it down, but i think maybe theres also the tires on the one that i reviewed a few years back. But that thing just felt a lot more tail happy and a little more playful id be very curious to review one of these with rear wheel, drive and see how that feels. But if youre someone who you know wants the all wheel drive traction. This is a really great happy medium and i love that it is also again a rear bias. All drive system not like you know the competitors with audi and stuff like that, where you have a front front wheel, drive kind of base system having the rear buy system is great. In this and one other thing i will say, thats going to either be an age thing or just because of you know a vehicle being uh from nine years ago. Is that the transmission still every once in a while isnt, quite as responsive as i would like.

It to be theres, there was a couple times where you know i put the pedal down and i was waiting a little bit longer than i would like, but you know i cant really fault it for that. If you do want to have that immediate gear that youre looking for you know, you cant just pop it into this manual mode and immediately have that downshift and so overall yeah it just. It sounds so good its really. I love how it pulls so smoothly too. It has a buttery smooth engine, and that is something again with everything else being so turbocharged these days to have that smooth power that revs as high as this does it really is fantastic and yes, the reliability might not be quite as stellar as alexis, but i Still think youre going to come out way ahead with this versus the german competitors, which nine year old, bmw out of your mercedes. I wish you the best of luck. If you buy one of those um, you never know, i mean some people have good luck with them, but generally youre gon na have at least a lot of electoral gremlins and just a lot of expensive things. You need to replace down the road and stuff because all those german parts arent cheap and so um yeah. I just think that this is a very underappreciated vehicle when they were new. A lot of people slept on them and now you know as theyre used.

I think theyre gon na start getting a little more and more sought after so yeah. I think thats about all of my thoughts here on the g37x and uh so anyway, huge thanks once again to that washer nerd for allowing me to review his infinity here and let me know your thoughts on the g37x in the comments below be sure to check Out the cooperview food uh, you know id like to see what thats like and also you know. This is very similar as far as the platform and stuff to the 370z, so check out my 370z reviews. If you want to see you know what this feels like with this engine being turned up a little bit more being a little bit crazier, those are a ton of fun as well, but yeah. Thank you guys very much for watching ill, see you on the next one.