Huge thank you to Lumenier and XHover for providing the parts to make this episode happen!

You know you're in a fast-moving industry when "retro" means… about 3 years ago. Nonetheless, we wiped the dust off these old antiques to find out how they hold up!

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-Pilots / Hosts-
Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]

DJ "Doug Crasher" [BOTGRINDER]

Corey Tapp [Cricket FPV]

Jeff Orta [VORT3X]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Dan Maffett – Camera
Christian Kapper – Editor

By: Nightime Burnout

Mare Undarum
By: Hylian Lemon
(Paper Mario Remix)

By: Morgan Hicks

By: The Universe Express

Elements of Creation
By: As Above, So Below