So we saw perfect balance, total concentration and absolute discipline here on the ground its a windy day, so the wind definitely plays a role in getting the balance right and we now move from these beautiful moves. The first formation commander s junkers wing commander wing commander salami formation leader, pn, ready special provision has been made to give you aerial shots too. So normally we take a look at the fly pass from ground gallery. Music to Music Music is of saluting base. All very nice pilot traditionally flypasts also serve as an aerial salute. They show respect, display aircraft and showcase flying skills and delight the public. This formation, comprising one dakota aircraft in the lead with two dornier aircraft in echelon flying in big formation, will fly past at a height of 300 meters over the water channel north of rajput. The dakota is being flown by wing commander ss gehelot, the dorniers by wing commander, mishra and wing commander abhishek display with cameras specially positioned deals, never been seen before. Yeah ive never seen before. Maybe taking you up close to the Music commander Music for these men in blue of the indian air force, the blue sky seems to be just an extension of them, as they take wing and vanish into the blue first special number yeah. We now look forward to the next formation. This is the netra formation captain pranjal singh with squad leader, rahul yada, the su 30s group captain arkbit khanna with squadron leader, aditya sinha wing, commander varun with flight lifting and abhishek bhandari and the so slowly as the fly past progresses speeds will increase heights.

Music. Music excitement galore at the republic day for rate right now, speed, pulse daring and, of course, there Music entail approaching the saluting base comprising five rafael aircraft, arrowhead formation, 300 meters, Music, Music, all eyes up in the sky, heads turn: skywards gay searches for the glimmer of Silver, a message goes out to the future. We see you and were preparing to meet you especially record it for you visuals here after the buzz. We now look forward to the threshold formation comprising three su 30 mki aircraft, which will fly past in vic formation at 900, kilometers per hour, maintaining 300 meters aol over water channel north of graduate Music Music threshold formation under the command of group. Captain the other pilot captain commander, god of sharma jordan Music in the words of a pilot, the roar and the thunder, can be actually felt in the pounding of your heart. As these visuals tell you absolute concentration, absolute precision, different places, all coordinated to perfection, and now we have the vijay formation. One profile aircraft will be flying in 900 kilometers per hour behind the tiranga formation. Maintaining 300 meters aol well execute two and a half turns group. Captain m jam in this aircraft you can see carrying out the vertical charlie is splendid display. It is for the first time we also have some naval colleagues of the indian armed forces flying with their air force. Colleagues of our national identity, a nation on the move.

Men and their machines defining the sky space Music, magnificent men in their flying machines head towards their landing base. Our hearts also land back to ground up is Music.