This is the 533 heads up motor and i smacked it at the night spot. So you can see it does not spin freely anymore. It binds up right there, but i have a new belt right here that comes in one of these packages, and that also comes with some spare c clips. Now, if you have a motor with a screw on the bottom, its very easy to replace a belt like that, you just unscrew it put the new bill on and youre off to go. But if you do have a motor with a c clip, it can be a little challenging to be able to swap so what youre going to want to do in order to get that off is just get a pair of pliers needle nose. If you have them and rip this thing off were not going to worry about reusing this c clip these bells come with replacement c clips, so just get this off any way that you can dont worry about. If you rip it a little pair of snips or something to lift these little tabs up makes them a little bit easier to grab so im going to pull it like that, and you can see that now its bent. So this is a bit basically going to be trash and boy that suckers now heres the little washer you can reuse. This part can be a little challenging to pull it apart. So im going to use these, and now we have it out.

This is now our bad bell that were going to put to the side. They are going to start making these with screws, so this process will be easier, but for anybody that has a c clip motor. This is what youre going to want to do. Youre going to take the new bell, put it on now before you put everything back together, youre going to want to try to spin it make sure that it spins freely just in case this base got damaged, but it spins freely and its fine. So it doesnt need to. It still sounds great, so the bearing is totally fine youre going to want to put that washer back in there and now were ready to actually put the c clip itself. So were going to take one of these c clips and in order to fit it on there im going to need to open it up a little bit so im going to take it and im going to take the other side with these snips and be careful Not to actually cut it im just going to use it to grip it. If you had two sets of pliers, that would work better, so you just want to separate it enough to where it fits over. This then youre gon na use your needle nose to seal it back. So if you have some tweezers, you can kind of line it up right there and you want to be able to push it over that post and its a little tricky so heres.

Another trick that you can do is put some tweezers in there until its a little tight and then just kind of pull. Now its open a little bit wider. Its right in there make sure it fits it down there now its on there, but its not tight. So now we can take this on the outside and push it closed. Push it closed. Now we can take the needle nose get on the outside and push it closed once theyre kind of touching. Then you can see that its done and were going to give it a yank, make sure that its on there firmly it is, were going to give it a spin. Now this is good as new. This is going to go into my spares bag that i keep for swapping motors quickly in the field. This is the mr30 version of this 533 heads up motor, which makes field swapping motors super super fast and thats. How you do it guys so yeah what we got here. We got a piece of the racer 4 url quad. That looks like a piece of the canopy and i found it over there where that yellow gate is in between the trees on the ground. So all im trying to figure out is which one i dont know yvonne said: neil broke two of them. Ah, okay, i know yeah so like here it is im. Sorry we could have glued it taped it with it. I dont know i dont think so.

A little duct tape yeah the glue right yeah.