This is a quad thats powered by a one cell 18650 battery. So this is a really unique design. The recommended battery is a sony battery vtc 6 3000 milliamp hour battery. This is so cool. You get that satisfying click and the battery snaps in and its ready to go. The wrecking 3 is crazy, lightweight at just 66.28 grams and with an 18650 battery 3 000 milliampere hours were at 113 grams. So were talking a really lightweight platform here. What can you actually do with this? What can you do with this platform? So im going to speak to you from my experience and keep in mind, i got this for free. This was sent to me to review theres no gps on this quadcopter. So if you take this out and something happens, uh maybe get caught in a crosswind or you lose video or you fail safe for any reason that may be the end of it. You may not recover it, and so that made me anxious about sending it out on a flight mission, but i finally did get over that and i took it down the riverside here, just kind of stayed along the bank. I figured if i was gon na drop. I would at least at least be able to hopefully find it by going for a long walk, and i was able to get close to a mile out before i felt like i needed to come back and start flying back only because of the battery life.

I was getting anywhere between five to eight minutes of battery life, depending on the conditions, and so this is where the the whole nano long range platform is kind of an interesting kind of an interesting category for it, because theres really only so far that youre going To be able to go out with this because of the battery life and it has no gps, so you also need to keep that in mind that you may send this out and its not going to come back, and i think that for a lot of people That puts this model into a category that makes it more of a novelty than something for practical use and im not trying to bash it by any means, but its not a cheap quad, its anywhere from 100 to 150 bucks, depending on where you get it. And what can you, what can you really actually do with it yeah you could take it out, get some analog video and bring it back its quiet. I, like that, its a very quiet quadcopter. You could also use it to scout an area you could always have it on. You always keep it in your bag and throw it up in the air. I do love that about it, but in terms of practical use, i really feel like without the gps it. I dont have that confidence to send it out and feel like im going to get it back. I ive gotten – maybe ive just gotten so used to flying the flywheel explorer or i can just send this out and if something happens in the video cuts or theres something wrong with my link, the gps will always take me back home.

Unfortunately, i just dont have that confidence with this platform. So for me for me personally and possibly for you, this model may be just something that you have as a novelty uh i mean it is really cool to be able to take this and throw it in the air. Do some proximity flying with it and show somebody? Oh look. This thing runs off of this little 18650. People love that every time ive shown this to somebody in the field they go. Oh you got one of those thats, so cool. Let me check that out. You know that people think its cool and – and i like owning it its this is. This is a fun quad to own uh, so im, probably not going to sell im going to keep it, but would i buy it? Would i buy it for myself to use uh to have a practical use case for it? Probably not. The answer would be, probably not. It has limited practical use because it doesnt have a gps. The the one cell battery and design is part of the magic of it, but that also means that theres really not much room to add even a lightweight camera like the insta 360. Go you just really cant. Do it on this model. So what your options are to use this for long range is limited, took a few more words about construction of this quadcopter here, and should you freestyle this? Should you do any freestyle with this, and the answer is no? No! No! No do not freestyle this quad.

It not only doesnt really have the power to do the freestyle. What i would notice is during heavy throttle use, especially when the battery was at its lower point. This camera has a tendency to totally gray itself out and then sometimes it wont even come back. So you definitely do not want to freestyle this. You want to be gentle on the throttle, especially as you take the take the battery down to its lower level, and i would even recommend being careful taking the battery down low just flying it long range. As a general rule, i tried to come back around 3.2 volts 3.3 and i know an 18650 can go much longer than that, but that was my experience with this model. I just didnt feel comfortable really really running this battery. All the way down, because i was experiencing the greyed out camera as i would go below 3.0 volts down to like 2.8, so i really couldnt use the 18650 to its fullest, keep in mind the battery goes in like this. The positive side needs to be in this side. Negative side needs to be in the back pay attention to it. You dont want to blow this up, it will burn and just die. If you dont pay attention, the other thing id recommend is getting a strap. I would get a little strap, even though this battery is locked in really really tight. In fact, it can be uncomfortably tight yeah.

I can hardly get this thing out and thats why you see these little scratches on the battery here, because i will use a tool like this to just gently pry the battery up, if youre out in the field, you got nothing else or you forgot to bring Your tool with you, you can actually use a prop ive just used one of my five inch props to pry the battery up, but yeah. This battery can be a little tight, although i will still use a strap as well as a or a rubber band, or something just because i dont want impact to jostle the battery loose, because that can happen, and i would also be concerned if you were to Freestyle, this or just you know, do anything too risky in general, because these arms, these arms are so thin. These arms are so very thin, so you dont want to do anything that would cause you to crash with them on because probably not going to survive a crash all right so thats it guys. Let me know if you have any questions about the reckon. Fpv reckon three: i hope you found this review informative as well as balanced. I dont hate this little guy. In conclusion, i just feel that its probably more of a novelty quad than it is a quad to have for practical purposes, although you can get some practical use out of it depending on what you choose to do with it, and maybe just maybe you want to Own this cool little guy because hey its a its an fpv quad that runs from an 18650 battery thats really cool.

I mean its really really cool so uh with that being said, you guys have a great day and im gon na do some flying.