So this is basically the six inch version of the recon 5 that i reviewed not too long ago, and here it is right here, um, essentially the only difference between the five and the six other than the difference in the prop size, which is obvious, the um Three bladed uh five inch prop on the recon five. Now you have a two bladed six six inch prop on the recon six. The motors are different. Of course you have a 2004 motor on the recon five, and now we have this new 20. What is this h, 2105.5 1500 kv motor and the prop nut is all different here, so they have this two millimeter shaft with two millimeter prop nut um. Instead of the t mount prop so that’s pretty different. This is a new gem fan prop by the way. 60 26 is the size in the pitch and the obviously the six inch arms same thickness, four millimeters, thick and it’s, a single arm here for the front and the back looking basically the same design as the recon six, the body or the uh. The main body here is the same: you got the same tpu part here in the front: uh same f7, f7 flight controller and 28 amp esd stack and, of course this has the vista. In the back there and the m80 gp gps, they moved the the crossbar antenna mount, which was here on the recon 5. As you can see, i moved it to the other side.

It’S over here and it’s got the same sort of mechanism where it can rotate but um it’s kind of in an odd spot, so it’s a little hard to get it vertical and launch the quad. I haven’t quite figured that out yet but yeah that’s, where they mounted this time on this one and, of course the weight’s going to be different. So let’s just get the weight here all right, we’re, coming in at 200, 259.7 grams and uh recon five, i don’t. I don’t remember what that weighed let’s see here that one weighs 232 grams obviously can gain a little bit of weight um because of the bigger arms and motors. Of course. Now i flew mine with this uh 2000 milliamp hour, lithium lithium ion pack. It came with an xd60 and the xd60 for both of these uh. My three thousand milliampere packs have an xd30, so i just went with this one now they’re claiming um up to 25 minutes of flight time on this with a with an 18650 pack, but they didn’t indicate as to which size it was, and i didn’t really do Any flight time testing, because i just can’t, fly for that long. I can probably go like five six minutes and that’s about it. These days, just uh, i can’t fly that long anymore. This is too tiring and i need to land so i’ll leave the flight time. Testing up to some other people, the um interesting thing is this is 25 minutes and you can definitely carry more weight with this one with a bigger, prop and bigger motor.

I think that if you want to carry a full size gopro instead of a naked gopro, this one can do that with the mount system. Here they showed some photos of it actually carrying a full size gopro. So, if you’re, having trouble carrying a full size gopro with the five inch version, move up to the six inch version you can, you can definitely carry the extra weight, no problem. Of course you know more. We carry around the getting a hitch at flight time. Of course um, you know, you know how much stuff, how about hit that’ll be it’s hard to know, and i think that on the five inch version on the same lithium ion pack there, i think they were advertising 30 minutes of flight time. So it’s interesting that it’s actually less on the six inch version versus the five inch version, but i think that you know this is kind of the question. Why would you want to go with a six inch version versus a five inch version? Why would you want to move up to a bigger size and more weight and the answer is you’re going to be able to cover more ground in that same amount of flight time, so the cruising speed of the five inch is it’s. Basically, the five inch is slower than the six inch, because it’s got a smaller prop and a smaller motor, so the cruising speed is less on the five inch.

So in the same amount of flight time you know roughly 25 30 minutes. You can go further on the six inch than on the five inch, because the cruising speed is much faster on the bigger prop and you can’t really tell this from the flight footage at all. It looks pretty much the same. You can go faster and basically, at the same sort of throttle level, you’re gon na be able to cover more ground in the same amount of time. So, given the same similar flight time, if you want to be able to go a little bit further than on the five inch, then you should probably move up to the six inch. So you can go a little bit further in distance. If you, if your goal is to go, you know to you, know, hit a like a distance target for example, or you just want to fly it longer. I’M. Sorry, if you want to fly further away or cover more ground um in the same amount of time, and basically, if you want to be able to um, you know cover more area. So, if you’re flying in a much larger area, for example um, you want to move up to a bigger pop, so that’s, why you know, i think, that’s why the main reason why people fly the seven inches, because you know, while you can get similar flight times On you know five inch, maybe not quite as much but you can.

The seven inch is so much faster in terms of the cruising speed than a five inch that’s. Why people prefer seven inch because they’re trying to cover large areas of flying so that’s? Basically, why you would, you know, choose a six inch over the five inch if you’re kind of wondering well, why you know why make a six inch and that’s the reason? Why is if you want to be able to cover more ground in the same amount of flight time now, as you’ve noticed um? The version that i had here with the um on the recon 5 was with the nebula pro camera and they’ve actually changed the camera. Like all other models here to the nebula nano so um, actually now, if you’re trying to order the recon 5, it doesn’t come with a nebula pro anymore and they’ve switched it to the nebula nano they’ve done that i think every manufacturer has done it because, basically, The nebula pro camera doesn’t exist anymore. You can’t get it anywhere um. If you guys heated my warning way back and stocked up on some of those negative programs. Congratulations. You have extra noise for those of you that didn’t uh too bad they’re, they’re, not they’re. Nowhere to be found they’re all stocked everywhere and you can’t even get them in binding flies anymore, because they’re being replaced by the nebula nano camera, and i don’t know when the chip shortage is going to end i’m hearing it’s going to be sometime in 2022 um.

So yeah we’re gon na have to wait a while uh if you’re looking for better cameras other than the nebula nano. Hopefully, you know things will improve sooner than later, but yeah that’s, what the situation’s looking at right now, anyway, um here’s, some more you know the rest of this flight. That i’m just kind of cruising around here this is, you know, cruisers, not a freestyler. I would not recommend uh putting a full size gopro on here and 18650 battery and expecting much freestyle performance out of this it’s going to be very heavy, especially with a just a two bladed six inch prop i’m, not aware of any three bladed six inch props. Yet in this size is a very unique prop, so just come in one set of spares you’re, probably gon na, have to get some mores if you, if you do crash and break some props um but yeah if you’re just cruising around and not really flying proximity. Probably not gon na be crashing this too much, so i wouldn’t worry about that too much anyway, that’s gon na. Do it for this video.