It for the last two weeks or so and of course, show you some flight footage, first of all, just like most of the other quadcopters by reckon fpv, which is by the way in case youre. Not aware of it is a result of a cooperation between dave c, a very talented guy and agroc. The raken 7 pro is available in both analog and digital versions. In this video im going to show you the analog version, which is bundled with the codex retail 2 and the agrec zeus, btx, and the digital version is bundled with the codex dji air unit, digital transmission system and the codex polar camera. In addition, you can also purchase the frame separately and both analog and digital versions are available, with multiple ready receiver options and ive got the one that comes with the pbs crossfire diversity, receiver. As for packaging, the reckon 7 pro comes inside a pretty big box and inside, along with the quadcopter youre, getting some reckon fpv stickers. Two 25 centimeters long reckon fpv branded battery velcro straps. Some spare screws, the user manuals of the agroc am80 pro gps and f722 flight controller, an m4 screw and nut that will enable you to mount an action camera on the top of the quadcopter. Using this provided 3d printed tpu part. A single set of hq prop 7 inch, propellers and another set of dalprop f7 v2 full propellers, which are actually my favorite because they make the transportation of this quadcopter very simple and also, according to my experience, they will provide you with a relatively smooth light and They handle prop wash really well.

As for its packs, the reckon 7 pro features reckon fpv branded 28 to 6.5 1250 kv motors, which are, according to my test, pretty efficient and will provide you with plenty of power, especially when powering the drone using 6s batteries. On the center of the frame, you can find the stack which is based on the 48 amperes bles4 in one usc and an f7 flight controller, both of course manufactured by aglrc, a 35 volts 1000 microfarad capacitor is pre soldered to the battery pads and placed inside Its own dedicated cutout, its using an xt60 battery connector and the battery is going to be mounted on the top plate inside the frame mounted inside the 3d printed tpu part you can find a self powered buzzer. Its position is pretty much going to make sure that the buzzer is not going to be blocked and once the main battery is going to be unplugged, the buzzer is going to start beeping and its on board led unit is going to start flashing, which, in conjunction With the gps unit is going to, hopefully enable you to recover the drone in case of a crash. In my experience, youll be able to hear the buzzer from approximately 50 meters, depending on the environment and each time that you are going to unplug. A battery is going to be activated. So youll need to press this button over here for about three seconds. In order to disarm the buzzer, as i mentioned before, the analog version of the reckon 7 pro comes with the calyx vertel 2, a great fpb camera and the agrocs usb tx, which i also have previously tested.

And, according to my experience, it is a very good video transmitter. It has a maximum output power of 800 milliwatts. It supports our sig from protocol and it is using an m6 antenna connector, which is pre connected to an sma antenna connector on the back of the quadcopter. This antenna, connector is mounted inside a 3d printed tpu part, which also holds the ajrc m80 pro gps unit, which features a built in compass that, by the way, is disabled on bit of flight due to some issues that they had. But in case youd like to you can use the reckon 7 pro with inab. It also holds an immortal t antenna and the analog version of the reckon 7 pro also comes with the 15 centimeters long rcp version of the ajrc hammer antenna. Besides the motel t antenna on the back of the frame youll also be able to mount another antenna on the front. Using this adjustable mount and in case youve got the version that comes with the crossfire diversity. Receiver. Two antennas are mounted on the drone, which is going to make sure that, regardless of the orientation of the drone, youre going to have a better radio link which, in turn, going to extend your ready range. As for the frame, its wheelbase is 324 millimeters. And it features a deadcat pattern, so the propellers are not going to appear in your fbb feed, nor in your hd footage the thickness of each replaceable carbon fiber arm is 6 millimeters.

Its width is 10.5 millimeters. It provides some protection to the motor and it is secured between the middle and bottom plates using an m4 screw. The thickness of the bottom middle and top plates is two millimeters. The frame supports both 30.5 by 30.5 and 20 by 20 millimeter stacks. However, only the later are accessible from the bottom of the frame as the 20 by 20 millimeters mounting holes are blocked by the bottom plate on the front side of the bottom plate. You can find some reinforcement that will hopefully will reduce the chances of the frame. Breaking in case of a crash on the back of the frame, you can find 20 by 20 millimeters and two mounting holes and 30.5 by 30.5 millimeters and three mounting holes for mounting the vtx. In addition, the frame features a pretty slim profile, so the distance between the middle and two plates is 20 millimeters and it also features a pretty big top plate which will enable you to mount big batteries on the quadcopter. The width of the top plate is about 40.4 millimeters and the total length of the area where youll be able to mount your battery is about 130 millimeters. As for its weight without the battery, the reckon 7 pro weighs about 528 grams. The next thing that ive done is to head outdoors and test the reckon 7 pro overall after testing it out. I can tell you that its build quality and design are great, which is not surprising, as this frame was designed by devc.

It features high quality components, including this powerful, but yet efficient, and not very loud, of course, relatively motors, and also the ajrc m80 gps, which features a pretty big ceramic antenna according to max pairs. This gps is very reliable and it got the gps lock. Each time very fast, as for flight time and performance ive tested the reckon 7 pro using different batteries, including this very big lithium ion battery peg by zedo hd and my homemade 18650 and 21700 4s battery packs, and unfortunately, these packs didnt work well with this quadcopter. As the motors were just too demanding, so in order to achieve the maximum flight time, i would recommend to use a 6s lithium ion battery pack, which, according to dave c, should provide you with over 20 minutes of flight time. Unfortunately, i do not have this battery yet, but i plan to build one so once i will acquire this battery im going to test this quadcopter again and see how long and how far i can get as for normal batteries, you shouldnt use forest batteries because then The quadcopter is going to be underpowered, but, according to my experience, 5s batteries are going to be ok, especially if you are not going to mount an action camera on the quadcopter and for best enjoying the performance of this quadcopter. You should use 6s battery packs ive used relatively small ones, so they only got me about 4 minutes of flight time.

So in order to maximize your flight time, you should use bigger battery packs. Probably the best 6s batteries are going to be between 2 000 to 3 000 billion pr. In addition, ive only tested the reckon 7 pro with the runcam 5 orange, which is a relatively light camera, but since it is a very powerful setup, it can handle a full sized camera like the gopro 9. Without any problem. As a side note, i can tell you that currently im testing the rancom 5 orange again since recently it got a new firmware update that exports, the gyro data to a separate csv file, in addition to the flight footage. So it enables you to stabilize the footage in post processing using the javaflow software, so stay tuned for the upcoming video now in case youre, debating which one is the right, long range platform for you, in my opinion, out of the current options by reckon fpv. In case you just want to fly long range and you dont need to mount an action camera. The reckon 4 is going to be a pretty good option, just keep in mind that it wont be able to fight heavy wings in case you need something more powerful and you would like to mount a lightweight action camera. The reckon 5 is a good option. Then, in turn, if youd like to mount a full sized action camera – and you need something more powerful – the reckon 6 is going to be a good option.

And if youd like to get the most powerful setup that will be able to fight heavy wings and also carry a full sized action camera, the reckon 7 is going to be the best option and keep in mind that it also comes with the dual antenna setup, Which is going to be especially useful in case youre, going to use the crossfire diversity receiver anyway, now im going to wrap up this video with some flight footage and by the way you can expect to see more of this quadcopter in upcoming videos, because ive decided That its going to be my new platform for testing long range, video transmitters, i hope you will enjoy the rest of this video and, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.