So this is the seven inch uh design from dave cfpb, its kind of a you know, blown up version of their the four inch micro, long range uh, pretty classic frame design. Here dead cat with your front arms, uh sort of further apart here and then the back arms uh further back and closer together, pretty classic in terms of a dead cat design very similar in looks to the four inch micro long range and also some of the Other models that dc has come out with a few interesting changes here, specifically for seven inch: um six millimeter arms. Of course, we have a 30 by 30 stack f7 flight controller, 48 amp um build healthy s esc and we have a 30 by 30 board for the vtx. This is the analog version. This is a 800 milliwatt video transmitter. You got your long extra extra long, vtx antenna here right hand circuit polarized. You have an m80 gps in the back here with a pretty large antenna, so a little bit extra weight, but youre gon na get better um reliability on your gps signal, 2806.5 motors. Very classic size for seven inch, so 28, 28, 06.5 im, sorry 1250 kv so not 1300, like a lot of other ones. Out there uh yeah, i said again: six millimeter arms uh its a very sort of a slam, sort of stack here, uh between the top plates and this sandwich plate here its about 20 millimeters.

So these standoffs for 120 millimeters tall, but you can see its a pretty compact setup here. The two 3030 boards do fit in there pretty nicely. As you can see, the flick control does have a usb type c, port, six millimeter arms and then the uh capacitor is sticking in this little pocket here and the bottom. As you can see its kind of hanging down like that, but its not really. All that secure, i think they need to like use some vhp or something to prevent it from vibrating um. This, i think, will eventually vibrate enough to the point where the solder will crack and this will probably pop off at some point or you need to maybe just put some foam in here. I would say just if you get it like this, stick a piece of foam like this in here and just put some tape on the bottom so that it doesnt this doesnt flop around um its other than that its fine. So because its not secured its going to move around and eventually probably will fall off, you do have a one of those um lost model alarm buzzers over here and between these two standoffs in the front where the xt60 comes out. So it does have the button you have to press um after you unplug the battery, otherwise itll start beeping. After about 30 seconds, pretty standard there cad x, retail 2 for the camera. You have a double plate here in the front.

So since um this is kind of exposed, you dont want this hitting concrete and stuff its going to get all chipped up, and this will eventually fray and break. So you have a double layer here in the front, so its pretty nice a little tpu part here for holding on a gopro mount. This is a standard like hero, 6, 7 cage cooper, cage. Stick that on there two battery straps here and then they come with these dowel f7 v2 folding props, which i like to use, because i just crank crews around, which is fine and they do come with the jump fan three bladed. You know regular propellers, no, not folding propellers. If you want to go with something, maybe you would feel be a little bit more reliable and less likely to break, but ive never had any issues with the v2s. I have the v1z explode on me. One time out of the many sets ive had but uh the v2s have been okay now on the product page. This says that this weighs 460 four grams without a receiver, and this has a receiver in it. This is the this has actually two antennas. Its got. A crossfire diversity, receiver with two immortal t antennas – you can see, got one here in the back and then we have another one here in the front, and this is adjustable. You can adjust this angle so its vertical so its right there uh. So my first um crossfire uh diversity receiver ever used.

Although i did get a and youll see in the flight demo that i just hit a rx loss in the osd. I dont know why i didnt lose control or didnt go to fail safe, but ive never seen an rx loss in a crossfire receiver on any of my quads ever uh its the first. I was a little shocking to see thats the first time i saw that, but anyway in the product page, it says this weighs 464 grams without a receiver. So this has a receiver and the antennas plus the gopro cage and with all that extra weight, its coming in at 570 and a half grams. So this is the flying weight or the not the flying weight, but the the weight without the battery and the gopro. On there – and i did um not fly with what i would usually fly with on a 6s – would be this big one here, because i wanted to see how long it would fly compared to the khmer 7, which you can see back there. I cant really do a fair comparison because thats a dgi version and i they sent me the analog version and, as you guys have, i know you guys have noticed theyve been asking me why hglrc keeps sending me the analog versions, because they dont have the tgi Or enough dji parts available for reviewers, so uh, you probably noticed that all the reviewers are getting analog versions, not sure if that means anything in terms of people um in terms of customers getting dji versions.

If you order a dji version, im pretty sure youre going to get one but im not sure what the delays are and everything with the chip short anyway, i did not fly with the long battery here, because this does not fit on the truck bed here in The back so this top plate is not long enough to hold this longer battery, while, as the camaro seven can hold in no problem. The custom seven inch wheel that i uh showed you last week, uh the one with the light blue tpu parts that one holds this battery no problem as well, so yeah. We would now be able to get this battery on here. You know with the gopro because that the gopro gets in the way or the vtx kind of gets in the way um. I ended up using this 6l lithium ion pack. Instead, this is the i full send 3000 milliamp hour. 6S pack fly spine with this one. No problem, and obviously this is shorter in length, so it fits on here no problem and then the xc60 is right there, it just plugs in no problem. You put the gopro in there everythings good now in terms of the way it flies uh. The pitching out of the box is uh its a little wobbly in the wind. It was windy that day i flew this. I flew this. On the same day, i flew the custom, build the custom 7 inch.

I showed you last week so if you want to see how this flies in comparison to the custom 7 inch belt with the stolen pins from the khmer 7 go check out. That video from last week, thatll give you an idea, its on the exact same day with the same type of wind conditions, and this one here has a little bit more wobbles. Now it doesnt really show up once you once you apply real steady, go on the hero, 6 footage, but youll see it in the unstable i switch, which i will im going to show you the unstabilized footage, because no one really cares about the real steady go Fridge, it always looks real, steady good, always looks good anyway, so im never going to show that again, because you guys always complain about that. But anyway yeah i just you know the out of the box pit tune was a little bit wobbly. I dont know if they had the exact same pitch for this one and the dji version or theyre different again. I didnt i didnt test the dji version at all, and the dji version does come with the air unit with two antennas, just like the camaro seven. So while this ones, like 573 grams analog version here, the khmer 7, my commercial with the dji air unit uh without the gopro and battery, is 660 grams, so its um quite a bit heavier. But you know these big motors can handle the weight, no problem, which is that, with this analog setup and lower all lower overall weight, you can fly longer on the same battery, but because i didnt fly the same battery.

I flew this one. Instead, um flight times are going to be a little bit better because its got a little bit less weight. But overall, you know in terms of the way it flies um. If you didnt tell me if it was analog or dgr or whatever, wherever the weight was. If youre just cruising around youre not going to be able to tell a whole lot of difference now, if youre doing like crazy, acro and freestyle with it, youre probably going to be able to tell the difference because uh theres a little bit, i mean obviously the Weights going to make a difference in terms of how it performs, but you know um youre, going to need a really solid tune to do those kind of like aggressive type of flying and youre going to need the right frame. So i dont know if this is the right frame for that either. This is fine for cruising around, but in terms of seven inch freestyle, i dont know if thats a thing or not, but if thats your thing, um yeah, i dont thats, not my thing. So i couldnt really evaluate it based on that and i dont really fly these uh, you know doing uh power, loops and maddie flips in that kind of stuff. I dont think that this size category is really all really meant for that kind of flying. So if i hear into that sorry im not evaluating this based on that type of flying, okay, so some of the things i thought were kind of nice.

I thought that the larger gps here is definitely better youre, going to pick up your satellites, much quicker, not not sitting on the ground as long now. I do know that, on the newer versions of the khmer 7, they have upgraded the the gps. I have the first batch, which has like the worst gps possible, but i know the newer ones have much faster locks. I dont have that version, so i cant compare it directly. I know that that antenna is smaller than this one. This ones a huge antenna, but also weighs more in terms of the crossfire diversity. Um again, i didnt go along super long range on this one, and i cannot get an rx losses wasnt. It was kind of weird i didnt know why i was getting that, but i was using. You know the same firmware that was on my transmitter and i didnt get any errors or anything like that. I didnt get a fail safe, so you know im not exactly sure what that meant. Youll see that in the flight demo, if you guys know why i got an rx loss there to. Let me know down in the comments i do like that they are using these m4 screws here. So these are much larger screws here for the arms to hold them on, instead of using multiple screws theyre using one larger m4, with a with a press fit nut on the other side, which is right right there.

So it should be pretty solid in terms of holding the arm on um. I dont like the old school um camera mount here. So obviously they got the old school here. Uh carbon plates side plates here for mounting the camera, its gon na, be nice and solid. Obviously, youre not gon na get any jello its gon na hold the camera really well, but downside here with these old, this old school style of camera mounting, is that these standoffs here in the corners, show up in your fpv feed because uh its a wide angle Field of view camera um. Yes, i think they could have done something better here. You know, move the camera more forward, maybe use some tpu parts here in the front standoff to give it that camera protection. You know it doesnt have a whole lot of weight at this size just to get the parts of the quad out of the camera review. I would recommend that highly on a future revision of this quad uh, the esc is only blheli s yeah. It is 48 amps, thats sufficient, but um. The khmer 7 comes with a 50 amp 32 bdsc didnt check. If this has rpm filter or anything that enabled i just ran the stock pit unit and make any changes. I dont think it does um but yeah. I think the camaro 7 does come out of the box with rpm filtering and 48 bit pwm enabled out of the box on their setup, so maybe a little bit better on their tuning on their part on that model versus this one.

Okay, so i think thats going to cover for this video ill have a link down in the description to the narrated flight footage, and you can check it out and let me know what you guys think both the gopro and the analog video feed, as you can See there in the top part of the video thats, my new camira, 4 v2 build. I know its long, its been sitting on this for a while ive been kind of working on it here and there when i had time but yeah this one lets say you know this video is coming out eventually with those 1504 motors that you guys are asking Me about thats gon na.