. Its a long range 5 inch fpv drone. It was designed by dave c and built by hglrc, so decent quad lets take a look okay. So this is a long range five inch quad and i felt it flew a lot like my four inchers uh, the difference being you know, obviously bigger motors, bigger propellers. You can carry a little bit more. So if you wanted to use a full size gopro, you could actually use the naked gopro mount and kind of jammed in my smo 4k camera, which is you know it works, so were looking at 2004 3000 kv motors uh. This is the 4s analog version which is going to cost you about 240 bucks. A couple of things to note: weve got a nice tpu mount up front to hold the camera and protect the camera. We have a gps unit in the back. Weve got some nice bolts on the bottom, theyre supposed to be stronger and better than screws, and that makes some sense got an external buzzer here, which is nice. If you crash itll beep. If the battery gets connected, itll beep, you just kind of have to hold down this button to reset it. If you forget to it, gets kind of annoying, but it is nice to have. There is even a fancy mount for your antenna that kind of pivots. You know this is a better position for reception, but then you can kind of fold it down to kind of store it better.

I do really like the electronics to put in here very cleanly. Weve got an f7 flight controller and a 30 amp all in one esc. The vtx is power switchable up to 800 milliwatts, which is cool, especially if youre doing long range. You can get this with or without a receiver. They offer all in ones built with crossfire or r9. This is actually an r9. I havent flown r9 in a while, but still works and works. Well, even done little things like soldering on this wire, so you can plug your gopro right in power it right up. I dont have a gopro or a naked gopro, like i said, im using this smo 4k camera, which is awesome, and i just kind of built an adapter so that i can power it off the balance sleeve, which works just as well. I did install the optional arm. Braces should help with stability also help us with some vibration dampening and in a crash might help you out just a little bit more. All right lets take a look at some of the flight footage and talk a little bit about this drone. Okay, so lets talk a little bit about this drone. So, first of all, it is less than 250 grams, like 230 235 ish uh. Depending on what accessories you put on there uh but thats, not including the battery right, so once you add any sort of battery its going to be over 250 grams, so you have to keep that in mind now being a five inch drone with some bigger motors.

You can carry a full size, gopro and thats pretty nice, but naked gopros and these smoke smo cameras uh work, pretty darn. Well right, so i dont – i dont know i dont know in terms of like long range flying. I dont know that you know thats, not my cup of tea, but you know maybe its yours in terms of performance. I was actually expecting it to perform a little bit more like a freestyle quad than my four inch drones and – and maybe it does just a little bit but its not a ripper by any stretch of the imagination right so yeah its basically like a four inch. Drone uh, but its gon na push you past. The four inch long range drone its good, but its gon na push it past the 250 gram limit. So you got to keep that in mind now. If you really want to carry a full size, gopro, then yeah sure this is a decent option. Now you could get a flight time of up to 25 minutes if youre, using the 18 650 uh lithium ion packs, but again youre going to lose some performance over. You know kind of a standard lithium ion battery right. I was running 850s and 1100 uh standard 4s batteries. With this guy, i did like the way that it kind of performed on those i prefer them to the lithium ion. 18. 650 packs. You know those are more for slow cruising now.

This isnt again, like i said, a ripper and its its marginally better in terms of performance than a 4 inch long range drone, but you lose the ability to get this under 250 grams. So if that is important to you, you have to keep that in mind. You know that the gps worked well enough. The gps is nice because, even if you dont want to use it for return to home, which these gps units are notoriously flaky, for it will give you a readout of where your location is, and you can get some information in terms of distance and where you Are and flight speed and stuff like that, so it is nice to have, but you know youre not going to use it like a return to home like you would a a standard, dji drum it does return to home, but not quite as reliable, hey. So hopefully this was helpful if it was check us out on halfgrown.com weve got all sorts of social media that you can follow well give you updates from time to time whats going on on the channel, make sure you check out our patreon.