I do have the recon five, the hg llc uh, dave c inspired long ranger drive blade props a couple of reviews on this already last time i was here. I was flying the 18650 pack just to see how long i would fly for and look the recon five im saying around 20 minutes is 20. Maybe 25 is actually the best youre gon na get but were not doing a battery test today today were just going to do an old fashioned range test. Last time i was out here, i think i flew around one and a half kilometers without any issue at all so im hoping to probably push fingers crossed to about 2k for this analog setup, which will be pretty fantastic, 800 milliwatt vtx. This thing sports ill put the camera down a bit so that we can shoot along. So this will probably be a fairly fast video im only envisioning this 1500 lipo on the roof here to last for about 10 minutes. So lets see how we go good to see you thumbs up. Guys drop me a comment. Thanks for stopping by lets, see how far the recon 5 will actually go. Lets go Music running the tbs diamond thingamajigamy antenna on the radio master, the tbs patch on the front there with a double header, axi luminaire. I need to remember i need to keep facing this way. I tend to always seem to look the wrong way when im going long range.

Of course, these patch antennas, you need to say, focus where your quad is. Otherwise you can lose your long range capabilities. Okay, 17 satellites with the warm up battery so ill plug the 1500 straight in get the goggles recording. Looking good altitude, 184 comes in our distance from home. Okay got that antenna bent lets, take off and see how far the recon 5 will actually fly a little bit heavier with the boris on top. This 4s is actually lighter than our 18 650 lion, so thats interesting to know lets just make sure im facing the right way and my head is actually looking up. Music, hello and yes range test lets, go 100 meters maintain an altitude of what is it about? Five meters – okay, 300 meters. I said im not cruising guys. I am punching straight down there, its a little bit windy, isnt a battery test. This is a range test. Lets go 600. I said the other day, 37 meters high its pretty good lets head over to the island. The other day i got 1.2 no problem at all cant see today being too much different lets. Just get a bit of height, really certain im still looking the right direction. Okay, okay, theres a kilometer, 1.1 okay. This is as far as i went last time with the lion pack before i turned around. Music were gon na stick around three meters: 1.5 meter, 1.5. Kilometers. Sorry going fairly well, like i said, two kilometers im pretty happy to turn around over towards that road and yep its 2k.

Its just starting to break up get a bit of altitude. Okay were starting to get a bit fuzzy. How much further shall i go? 3.1. 2.2 kilometers guys wow 2.2, 2.3. Okay, i can go further but im not going to im a hell of a long way from home. Im really happy with 2.3 k. So im really really happy with that. Big question is: am i going to be able to get home with this lipo pack thats going to be the question, i hope so nervous, silence, folks, im, afraid sorry nervous silence its home driving somewhere over here. I think id love to have a little play around here, but im not going to because i just want to get back two and a half kilometers folks yeah feel free to smash that keyboard while youre watching. Let me know what you think have you gone further? I could have actually gone further, but i was looking at my voltage meter and i am very mindful of the fact that im not going to get back and luckily i can hear her and im pretty sure. Im just down here – welcome home recon. What a fly yeah little ripper – that was really good, guys im, really impressed massively impressed still got a bit of battery power left too. How long have we been flying for? Ok, five minutes, not too shabby under normal conditions being fairly gentle. You can get about 10 minutes from this lipo 1500 milliamp uh dinergy.

I believe it is ill. Have all the links down below. Of course, all right lets bring it home. Well, have a look at that guys welcome recon 5., so that was decent guys. The dyna g 1500 130c. This is the graphene a bit lighter than your ion pack good for 10 minutes good for range test, wasnt uh, this windy. I would have gone a little bit further and especially now i can see that i had an extra few minutes. Probably two minutes of flight time, so i got back and without any hassle, im actually gon na, throw it out and say this analog. Recon 5 will go three kilometers away its about two and a half ks, and it only just started to break up five out of five stars, guys thats really decent thumbs up drop me a comment see you again soon skypolo catch later on guys. Take it easy.