Now i downloaded one or two of these and i plan to make one, but i just never got around to it, but now rec and fpv have taken this idea and produced this super lightweight long range, micro, drone and the reason it’s taken me so long to Get this review done is because this is very convenient and it’s. Just great fun, just fill your pockets up with 18 650 cells, and you can go flying with this for ages and that’s. What’S distracted me for the last couple of weeks, hello and welcome to the worldly blog Music channel Applause, Music, Music. Everything about this little cutie is about convenience, which takes all the pain out of fpv flying once it’s set up. All you need to do is pop. In an 18650 cell turn, your radio and goggles on and you’ve got an easy 10 to 15 minutes, fly time and it’s, so quiet you’re not going to disturb anyone and you’re up way to this. Well, let’s have a look 112 grams, so this isn’t going to cause anyone or anything any damage if it hits it just get that out of there. Here we go and the convenience of using this isn’t just popping batteries in it’s got built in wi fi. So you don’t even need to take a laptop and usb cable out with you. Just connect it using your phone using wi fi and use the awesome speedy b, app to tweak your setup, it’s, very simple, and just because it’s small, that doesn’t mean it’s, slow and boring.

You can zip around pretty fast with this it’s really designed for smooth flight. So if you start doing all the flippy floppy with hard throttle, punch outs and acro you’ll seriously limit your flight time now, there’s a lot of 3d printed parts on this to keep the weight down. But the frame itself is two millimeter carbon on the top there’s. A battery holder and that’s what it is, a real battery holder, that’s been repurposed and bolted on there. All the electronics are bolted underneath with this 3d printed cage section on the bottom now buried in here is a zeus: 5, all in one flight controller and a four in one esc up front we’ve got a cadex nano and fpv camera, and this is connected to A zeus: nano vtx that’s switchable from 25 milliwatts right up to 350 milliwatts, which is impressive stuff. These little motors they are wrecking 120 2.5. 11. 600 kv. With these gem fan 3018 three inch, two blade props, very lightweight, and i ordered mine with a tbs crossfire receiver, with the immortal t antenna mounted up front, which is the best place for it all. The other usual options are available for receiver as well. Xm plus rxsr, and so on now it flies pretty nicely straight out of the box. Mine came flash with betaflight 4.2 and reckon have set the warning and the minimum cell voltage to 3 volts now that’s about right, but you can let lithium ion cells get down to about 2.

84 volts or even 2.5 in theory, although i wouldn’t recommend it, it doesn’t. Really matter what battery chemistry you use charging, or rather discharging down to the theoretical minimum, just isn’t good for the long life of the cell. Now the range of this is fantastic, especially with crossfire so that’s, not a problem and the 350 milliwatt vtx is good, but there is a bit more video noise on there than i’d like it’s by no means terrible, but recent bind and fly mini quads. The analog vtx’s have been pretty good. The calyx nano ant camera is one of my favorite micro analog cameras, so that’s a perfect choice in my book price on this is about 145 pounds, which is around 190 dollars. For this crossfire version and the xm plus receiver option is cheaper it’s about 130 pounds, but i’ll leave links in the description, so you can check out the latest prices now that’s, not super cheap, but it’s. Okay and you will have hours of fun with us when you turn your quad on you’ll find. If you look in your settings, you’ve got a network called hdlrc hermes, something or other. If you just connect to that, and then you start the speedybee app and use wi fi connect fantastic, so i’ve got my quad connected. You can see it whizzing around there we can set up our pids let’s have a look at what we got here. All very nice, so you can use this out in the field, no cables, no laptop absolute doddle to use.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind, though. Lithium ion cells behave quite differently to lipos, so if you’re not used to using them, don’t leave them lying around after you’ve charged them up. They do self discharge quicker than lipos, and i tend to keep mine on trickle charge right up until i use them, and the discharge profile of these is very different. They’Ll drop pretty quickly down from 4.2 to about 3.8 as soon as you start flying and they discharge fairly linearly down to about 3.2 volts, but they hang on for ages in that 3 to 3.2 volt range if they dip below 3 volts. Just back off the throttle for a few seconds and you’ll find it’ll recover and if you start throwing this around with hard throttle, punches and acro, these will die quite quickly but that’s. Not what this little quad is about. It’S for long range and long distance cruising and you’ll easily get 10 minutes cruising on one of these on one charge and depending on your battery, anything up to 15 minutes or more and i’d recommend using sony, vtc6 or the equivalent 18650s for the best performance. These ones i was using, they were a little bit tired, but i was easily getting 12 minutes. The other thing to watch out for is hard landings. So when you get that land now warning land more make sure you’re over some grass, this bottom cage is 3d printed in pet g, which is a pretty strong, 3d filament, but it’s quite brittle.

So a hard landing on a hard surface will probably crack or even break this, but reckon do have a download link on their website to the stl files. So you can print your own. If you want, maybe nylon might be a better material, but it’s heavier than pla or patchy. Now do make sure that you plug this battery in the right way around there’s a little 3d printed plus on that side. If you get it wrong, there’s, no reverse polarity protection on this board and it’ll fry the flight stack and there’s no buzzer on this. So if you drop it in some long grass it’ll be pretty hard to find you could strap on a drone finder. If you want or just use the dvr in your goals, to find it now, i love this little thing way way more than i expected, mainly because if i just feel like going for a quick fly, i can with no trouble choice of flying spots is made. So much easier because it’s so quiet and so light fantastic as always thanks for watching and if you found that useful. Give me a thumbs up and leave a comment.