This is my neighborhood, and one thing i love about canada is that if you fly a drone under 250 grams like this one that i’m going to show you today, you can fly it pretty much anywhere. We don’t have any restrictions. We just have the common sense rule. The common sense rule in canada is basically if your drone is under 250 grams. Common sense is that be responsible and don’t fly around somebody’s face uh around a moving car or around uh airports, common sense stuff, but everything else yeah. I can fly to my neighborhood as i’m about to do today. So this is the recon 3. it’s, a very tiny, tiny drone, and they call it the three because it has three inch props at least that’s. What i believe they are it’s got a little uh cadx nano ant camera on the front. This thing only weighs like it weighs next to nothing. Now it probably looks pretty strange to you. You know: it’s got this huge cavity right up front here. It just doesn’t, look like a normal drone that’s because it flies on an 18650 battery. So if i take this battery right here and stick it in it’s, just like buying some little uh, i don’t know your remote control, your tv, remote control. Let me just stick it in watch. What happens there? We go it’s powered on it’s, ready to fly it’s that simple. This is something very new on the market.

People have been playing with things like this for a while, and now you can actually buy it. You can actually order it as of now and get one of these they’re pretty sweet, now i’ve flown around my house, and it flies really well. It is definitely not a freestyle quad, you can do freestyle, but when you do freestyle, you kind of like give it a lot of gas and the voltage drops because of this battery it’s very, very low voltage, so it might fall out of the air. So you don’t want to do freestyle. It is long range. It’S got a 350 yeah it’s got a 350 milliwatt. I had to think about that for a sec yeah. It does for the vtx the video transmission system. So you can go a fair distance. I shouldn’t have any problems here: i’m, going to fly it using my fat sharks and the radio. I am going to use uh when this one came to me: there’s an fr sky, xm plus receiver in it. So the radio i’m going to use is this one. Here and yeah it’s early morning, shouldn’t be any people around my neighborhood, so let’s go take it for a flight. Here we go all right, so i’ve got my radio on the jeep and i’ve got my fat trucks on the jeeps and they’re both plugged in so i just take this battery little 18650 battery and i stick it in here and make sure it’s in secure yep.

So that’s ready to go it’s that simple now i don’t know. If i mentioned it, you do get 15 minutes of flight time on an 18650 battery, which is an awful lot of flight time for something this small. The other thing i forgot to mention is that this is so very quiet. The motors do not spin very fast um it’s, probably one of the quietest. Little fpv drones i’ve ever seen. So when i fly it around, i don’t even think people are gon na notice. It so here we go all right, so the image you see recorded is recorded in my fat shark, so it’s not gon na be high res. This will be the first outdoor flight get my goggles on there. We go. I have an image so if i haven’t mentioned it already, the image you see as well is what’s recorded in these fat sharks, so uh let’s arm the motors. I can’t even hear it running, it’s so quiet, but here we go Music. This is it oh look at this it’s fast, oh, my god, okay, this is fast faster than i thought, that’s pretty fast for a little 18650 battery on a drone i’m just going up and down my street here. Can i get it to go any slower there? We go so there’s, my house and the beautiful morning – sunshine, it’s very early in the morning, it’s about 7 a.m. Here so just go up and down the sear lawns.

One thing i notice already is that um yeah, the reason they say you can’t do freestyle is because, if i give it throttle there’s a little bit of a delay if i’m aiming at the ground and about to thunder in uh yeah, i got a bit of A delay there so – and it is long range as you can see – i’m sort of blocked by trees and stuff so i’m going to slow it down here and just go. I can’t go too far because i can’t be irresponsible and fly it way around the corner. Here, yeah, you can see see my videos are going kind of goofy saying see this house is blocking my reception because i’m over on the other area over here, but other than that for 350 milliwatts it’s doing quite well. Now, if you see any glitches in the video, i always have to mention this with fat sharks. If you see any glitches in the video like say, the video looks like it’s fuzzy or it’s there’s bands of color going across or anything like that. Those are my fat shark goggles doing that, the way it records it’s, trying to use the uh rapid fire system and the legacy system of uh the systems that are on uh drones and it’s, putting them together and yeah. You get this little weird banding thing happening. So here’s i’m just checking – i don’t, see any cars coming, so i can go this way.

So this way i could probably go a little farther there. We go go down that part of my street. Nobody around pretty weird eh it’s, like oh zombie, wonderland here, like where’s everybody gone, come on all back up to me all right, so this is pretty sweet. I noticed too, if i gun it and give it a lot of throttle. I’Ll get a low battery warning. Now uh recon hglrc has told me that they say if you gun it a lot and you get that low battery. You have to be careful because you might gun it uh too hard and if it goes really low, you know you’ll just drop the voltage and you won’t get any more video. The screen will just go to snow and then you’ll think, like oh, no i’ve lost my drone, but no it’s still flying it’s, just that it doesn’t have enough power to push out the 350 milliwatts to the vtx. So, for that reason, yeah don’t gun it too much down here. Let’S just go one. Last time down, my street let’s go down. I’Ll, go right to the end of this, not that street as far as you see but i’ll just go over to here right over here. Look at that and there’s a bird freaked out and now let’s bring it on back to me. There we go alright, so turn around bring it down to me, slow it down nice and slow, bring it down to my feet and uh.

Well, what can i say guys is that this is the year 2021 and we have cool things like this on the market. Now this is pretty sweet there. We are, i love it, so that was a pretty cool flight with this little baby. So what i want to show you now is: what comes in the box check this out and now for your viewing pleasure, the very famous captain drone unboxing, so uh this is a box. This is what the drone comes in. This is the side of the box, and here is the tiny little recon 3 nano very small, have a look at the inside of the drone. You’Ll see a green upside down cross, which is actually a plus sign as in positive the positive side of the battery that’s. So you put the battery in correctly and not set the drone on fire. You’Ll know you’ve inserted the battery correctly when you don’t see any smoke and the lights all work. The flight controller on the recon 3 is a zeus, 5 flight controller, and it is inserted on an angle that’s why it sticks out the sides. They do include a manual to help you out in case you want to solder any other items onto the board. My drone came with an fr sky, xm plus receiver, so they included a manual to show you how to bind the receiver to your radio. The video transmitter is a zeus nano and it starts off at 25 milliwatts and goes all the way up to 350 milliwatts.

The pilot’s camera is a cadx nano and fpv camera for motors. This super tiny drone has the recon 1202.5 kv 11600 brushless motors two sets of quality gem fan inch props are included, see that card. It shows you how the props turn it is incorrect. At least it was incorrect for me because i put the props on the way they said to, and then i connected the drone to betaflight and betaflight shows the props turned the opposite direction. So then i took them off and put the props on the way. Betaflight says, and it works, fine weight of the drone is 63 grams and with the battery it’s about 110 grams, now you can’t have an fpv drone without stickers, so stickers are included. This drone has a built in module so that it works with speedy b. Speedy b is an app you put on your phone and it’s like having betaflight on your phone, so you can configure it in the field. So here you can see i’m it’s i’m. Pretty much using betaflight and i can go in and set up anything all right, so final thoughts of this little guy well i’ve never seen anything like it before so obviously i love it and i think it’s really well made it’s a good concept. It’S pretty cool! You know if you have a day that there’s no wind, i don’t, have very much wind today, so this is a non windy flying day drone.

If you have days like that, where you’re just sitting around lazy summer days, you could fly this thing for quite a distance as long as you don’t have any houses or anything blocking your video reception, and as i mentioned, you don’t don’t gun it too hard on The throttle, like blip it or anything like that, because you may reduce the voltage so much that you lose your video, but i didn’t have any of those problems. That’S just stuff i’ve read, i think, it’s pretty cool. I it’s not very expensive, uh there’s, a lot of people that want this, so they’ve had a difficult time of keeping them in stock. So if you really want one check the links below – and i think you’ll love it and if you want to see it fly again well here, i’ll just stick it on the ground over here and i’ll just fly it as i say goodbye. So here we go all right. One of these cameras should get it all right, i’m, going to bring you close to the jeep. Can you hear it? Can you hear that at all it’s, so quiet it’s such a quiet road here i don’t, know if i’m in the frame, if one of these cameras could pick me up, it’s uh one of a kind, all right so hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in a future video with many more drone reviews.

Until then, i say goodbye and watch this i’m going to catch it.