This costs more than dune by a lot of justice league series, 165 million dollars wow. That goes to show you uh how treasured the visuals uh from villanue is is uh because uh this film does not look quite as good as dune anyways. Moving on from that side track, uh in the world of international crime, an interpol agent attempts to hunt down and capture the worlds, most uh wanted art thief, so we have a sort of a a caper thats cool thats. Why im wearing my aviators today yeah cool and sliding aging agent aj, who can also uh tomb raid and go on indiana jones, like adventures across the world, searching for uh, cleopatras, eggs and uh they get into some hijinks uh ryan reynolds is a uh art thief And so is uh gal gadot and we have our interpol agent, uh, dwayne, johnson, uh john hartley hes, easily highly thats, the spanish fbi, thats right and then a and then and an interpol agent here, thats trying to catch the art thief so um. What did you guys think of red notice well for a movie that has no acting and no writing? It was a decent time. Uh ryan reynolds plays ryan reynolds, so uh. That is my first note here. Ryan is the same in everything yeah its always the rock and uh yeah, but but and but heres the thing i still like, the rock i still like ryan, so im, not saying its just its just yeah lets see that you just have to point it out.

Yeah cause theyre not doing anything different theyre just carrying over their personalities from previous wardrobes, and he wears all the exact same thing in the rundown and all the other jungle cruise movies. The rock has probably has an adventure ware company, in addition to his tequila company, that he showed off and ryan reynolds a gin company, and this movie was just a series of plugs and like backhanded jokes at the expense of people. They dont like theres, a great vin diesel joke which theyre on vin diesel. I wonder if thats true, whether vin diesel actually did audition for cats or not thats, a very thats funny. I would like to see that audition, but for the you know, for the year this, this movie, i dont, think, was written by a human being. It feels like it was written by an ai that watched a lot of adventure and heist movies in the 90s uh written and directed by the same person, ralston marshall yeah. What else did they do uh? What else has ross? He has done dodgeball true hundred story. Yeah were the millers central intelligence, guys central intelligence, yes, skyscraper. Also guess what hes gon na do the division movie based on the video game, but okay, so you uh thought the writing was poor, but did you have any fun? I did yeah, as i said, for a movie that has no writing and no acting. I had a good time with this movie yeah.

I had a good time too uh and i must admit it its its dumb object, its uh. You know this is a movie that critics are going to hate because its literally every trope, you can think of smashed together, its trite, its a cliche. It is all of that stuff and i cant lie, but i will say i love the charisma of ryan reynolds. You know the heart of free guy, hes, the same character and free guy, its the same character in deadpool. He is basically ryan reynolds and same thing with dwayne johnson. So you have these very two charismatic characters and gal gadot holds her own in this shes. Annoying. Sometimes please dont sing shes like the war singer in the world, but other than that uh. You know. I think that these these three playing off each other uh was interesting enough, ive, seen worse type of uh heist, caper films and uh. This one sort of gets the job done, though i dont know where all the money went. 200 million. So i know where this money went right all right. This is a heist movie paychecks for the actor. Yes, the the real heist got out of there. The real heist in this movie is that uh, the rock and ryan reynolds and gal gadot walked away with probably a hundred million dollars and thats who the real heist movie is its these three actors, stealing from netflix, because this, oh my god, its not, and they Set up a they set up a sequel here, uh.

They definitely want to do it again and i think, but i think theyll give them less money this time, um joe well im glad i actually saw this one on netflix its a good platform for them to do that, because if i would have seen this in The movie theater, i would have been like yeah, no okay. No, it didnt really work for me, but since they did do it on netflix, i i am being a little biased like okay. Well, it was fine for what it was. Not that much. I dont understand. Well, i guess the actors again, but everything was super tropey um yeah. There were some great funny scenes that i liked, but overall there was nothing that really stood out to me. Like honestly, it was a good watch for netflix im gon na not remember this right. A throwaway yeah yeah, its a popcorn flip turn your brain off watch it on the weekend. I will, i will say i made a lot of notes throughout it and i was picking at it. You know, i know i you know usually nitpick and i hate it when things dont make sense. Im like thats impossible number one. You know, but i will theres an explanation for everything at the end theres a twist and then you know another twist and then another quiz, and then it actually kind of cleans up most of the problems that i wrote down with the film im like okay touche.

Now it it would have been a much worse film if they didnt, you know, wrap those things up and and have make sense so well have to talk about that in spoilers, because i dont want to ruin anything because you know it does get uh twisty there Towards the end, um anyways, i was surprised by the budget because that that the film does have some bad cgi, some of the the tracking shots and the creative its like theyre. I guess its a drone shot, but it it looked kind of weird and then youve got the cgi bull that looks terrible and the rock getting hit by a boy just gets up and walks like nothings wrong. The jungle worst jungle in the history of film, its like a single set, its like very yeah and then um yeah, so the cgi is kind of bad and then theres theres, a cave uh chase uh with old, nazi memorabilia and cars that you know kind of Doesnt really look all that great, but uh you know like, like the boys, were saying its funny. It gets the job done, theres enough charisma between these three theres, a reason why these these actors are popular right now, um and they manage to carry the film. Even if the film uh doesnt offer anything super new or interesting. You know um and also i dont believe the career. The chemistry between two two characters well talk about uh, only at the end, so anyways um what else anyone else the same thing in the non spoiler section or i mean look.

This is the guy who gave a skyscraper the most uninspired, this ones better than skyscrapers yeah, but so, like the guy who wrote he kind of wrote skyscraper by right skyscraper i mean he got. He convinced the rock to be in the movie and then he said. Oh, i didnt think hed say yes, lets rip off die hard and every other movie from that era and then ill just piece, something together and thats what he did and this time hes like well that didnt work rock couldnt, carry it so lets get ryan reynolds And gal gadot in this, and still i imagine, he couldnt believe that those three people said yes and went. Oh, we got to film a movie next week. I thought theyd say no um and so thats. What this movie is written like not it doesnt, really make a whole lot of sense, even with some of the explanations in the back its just it aint great, but look if youre drinking a lot and youre not really paying attention and youre also editing on your Phone yeah or youre in a stuck in an airplane you cant, move turn it on. So we i think netflix is notorious for putting out films thats great on a netflix scale, not really a theater scale. This one is good on a netflix scale, one of their best uh, but unfortunately, if you were to put this in theaters its uh, its only slightly above average uh, maybe kind of thing um right now, critics hate it its at 36 percent on the tomato meter, Rotten and audience want to venture against joe 85 92.

audience. I i dont know if ive seen that big of a thing between the audience and my two halves are like that its. Like my, i just want to turn off my brain and have fun. I did enjoy it, but then also, i see all of the faults and its like man. If you didnt have these three particular actors, this would be no, it does not work. Itll be another terrible, adam sandler, netflix yeah. Exactly so lets go ahead and lets get final verdicts make it a short one and then well talk a little bit in the spoilers okay uh this one, like i said it was everything was like average, nothing really stood out. The actors were fine playing themselves as they do every time, um the twist didnt. Really. I saw that twist. I was like whatever, but some of this stuff didnt make sense, but i guess i am going to go with the six because its a little bit slighter than average yeah so again. Staying on that movie scale, i i am because, like its just like all right im on im, just chilling at the house im gon na throw this on, i was like it wasnt too bad yeah yeah. I didnt have to go out and waste my gas and then go to the theaters. I would have thats what joe says when he gets pissed like you made me waste, my guess my time. Okay, we watched it here and it was fine alex um.

This movie lacks any of the cleverness that i love in heist movies. I love watching. You know the i love like the ocean series and things but theres theres cleverness, and they they really. You know they do fun stuff, and this doesnt have any of that stuff. It has all of the bad things of like the mission impossible movies. The technology doesnt make any sense um and it doesnt theyre all mcguffins yeah. They even reference a macguffin in the line themselves, theyre very self aware on how bad you know. All of this stuff is um and it is entirely carried by three very charismatic actors and actresses that that did everything yeah um. I think this movie even on the netflix scale, is probably average um. You can have a great time with it if youre just looking for a turn, your brain off action – adventure movie – you could do worse than this – yes, but it is not a good movie and i think, im gon na give it a five okay im very proud Of you guys, because i thought that maybe you would go on the netflix scale and its like. No okay were you know, were critics here and uh im also going to do, i think its slightly above average. It really only gets a lot of those points because of the leading cast so money well spent. I guess i dont know if netflix is gon na make it all up.

It is number one right now on the watch list. 200. yeah, but its theres no way this is a 92 movie. You know what i mean i i would not give it a 92., so im, im gon na end up at a slightly above average, based on the actress, so six out of ten uh, its its. Not 36, what were they expecting like a masterpiece action, its an action comedy and as an action comedy, it gets the job done. I just wish there was a little bit more creativity, a better bad guy, because the bad guy is non existent. Its more about the three characters, but you know it could have been more interesting if there was a little more at stake. Anyways uh, so thatll be a quick review for red notice. The largest budget action uh comedy flick. That netflix has ever done: dude thats 165. because crazy, its crazy yeah. So that just goes to show you the difference in directing visuals and uh acting and uh dont. Remember any music from this movie. Anyways lets go into our spoilers discussion for the rest of you. Go check it out on netflix, you got netflix shut up, go watch, it yeah all right, see you guys. Okay, welcome to the spoiler section, so a lot of things got uh, so obviously uh at the beginning of the film the film opens rock is a on the side of interpol, hes, an fbi agent.

He just shows up because they were given orders that this guys going to help out. He knows where the bishop has communicated with him, that theres going to be a robbery, uh ryan reynolds shows up robs one of the uh eggs and uh chase sequence. A little fight on the rap uh like what is he? What do you call it? Rapper scaffolding thats, what im looking for um and then uh? Basically, they get arrested, um ryan gets arrested and then also the bishop. Then uh double crosses uh. You know the rocks character, hartley and he gets arrested too and its like. Well dont. You think its convenient that you showed up and then somebody deposits, eight million dollars into his account, because the ace right when theyre you know putting everything in the trucks the egg gets missing, god damn it and its a fake, a god, and so they accuse the Rock of doing it uh, so they both go to jail theyre in this russian jail, some more funny bits and everything, and then and then they escape from the russian jail. After talking with the bishop, the bishop is gal, gadots character and she was putting the um putting these guys in difficult situations and uh. They basically sort of talk with each other to work out uh a way to steal the second egg and the second egg is with this drug lord area um, and so then they break out, and then they figure out a way to get the second egg and Then you have the bishop whos, also trying to get the second egg, so she shows up in a sexy red dress and shes gon na do her own thing.

While the boys are gon na, try to figure out the normal heist thing, its like. Okay, we got ta get his thumbprint, we got ta get his voice, we got ta time it right between the cameras, and so you get the high stuff there and just ridiculous. Obviously – and i dont know what the was going on, you know, i, i wrote down a bunch of things and it makes sense and then the rock slam at the last minute when they break into the uh vault, where they have to use a thumb print and A voice print the rock just slams into ryan reynolds, and he drops the glass because theyre using a glass, and they just like i was like – was that on purpose like it didnt make anything because, like the whole plan, is destroyed right there. But yet the glass has the perfect thumbprint on it still, and so then they use that they open it. They get the egg. Just then uh, you know what is it theyre in the vault and just then the bad guys show up, and it turns out that she betrayed the team. She was actually with the bad guy ha ha and they are theyre doing a long con where she was theyre in love or whatever, and so they just yeah. So then they so they they get tied up. They get tied up and they, instead of killing them or whatever they go to a bull fight and so theyre tied up underground in a bull fight and theyre, basically trying to punch him and get information out of where the is the third eight, because its cleopatras Three eggs: okay, so because ryan reynolds knows where the third egg is and so gal gadot is torturing.

His friend uh, the rock, who you know theres banter between the two. This is the the strongest part of the film, the banter between rock and ryan. Reynolds, as they say were friends, no were not friends, blah blah blah, and then they are friends because they brian reynolds grows to like him and and vice vice versa, so gives her. The location of the egg and under duress from his friend being tortured, and then she leaves uh or is about to leave and then uh. It turns out that she was doing an even longer con, because then she betrays lets celebrate with the champagne. So she drinks with the bad guy that shes supposedly been with and haha. She didnt really care about him. He gets knocked out and then she has the location of the third egg. So she goes to the location and then the boys are like the guy wakes up and he starts shooting at him. Cant kill him. Apparently the gun shoots. The cuff. I was like that. No, this didnt happen im not gon na. Let this go but well talk about that later, so the rock is able to get out of his handcuffs and free everybody and they start running because then the guy gets a machine gun and then they go. Oh heres an escape hatch and then now theyre in the middle of a bullfight and thats. What the cgi is so bad. Why were they even there because i mean theres bad guys more money, but they were already in valencia.

Fine were already in valencia. You want to go underneath them, i dont know. I saw that no one wrote this movie. So then, ryan reynolds thinks that he remembers bulls cant see very well, so you have to just stop and not do anything and right and and dwaynes like look thats jurassic park and hes like no its not and theyre arguing over and the rock is hit by A bull it looks terrible, but its still funny and then uh and then the bad guy opens the hatch and gets out because hes about to shoot them. But then the bull comes from behind and that was the one funny part or another funny part. And then uh, okay, so then they go to. He says i lied to her. Obviously you can tell oh my mother did this well, lady. Earlier we heard him say his mother was a swedish cop or something so we knew he was lying to gal gadots character. So its actually, this convoluted thing with these fake pictures of a guy next to hitler, and it turns out this guy has all the nazi memorabilia and and artifacts and and he had the third egg and he went to argentina as the nazi germany fell apart. But the only way to find it they never found out how to find it. Everybody was searching for it, but apparently at an auction. Somebody just bought his watch, and this watch dad knew his dad was a ryan reynolds.

Dad knew about it and he you know ryan reynolds was like yeah im, a dad its the only thing you cared about. I didnt care about me, a sad backstory dwayne says he has a sad backstory too, but he doesnt want to talk about it. Oh wait! No, his father was thief and left and whatever they were just lying, yeah theyre, just lying more lying yeah and then finally uh. So they find they go into the jungle, because in a in a flashback, ryan throws the watch against the wall because hes fed up with it. But then it reveals uh the latitude longitude of where it is conveniently and then so then they go there. Theyre in the middle of the jungle and the rocks was like this is ridiculous – were out here in the middle of nowhere and he throws something on the ground and conveniently, and he flings conveniently it clangs and its the top of the bunker and theres no security. For this bunker, at all, it conveniently opens up and then they go inside and then they look at the uh. They find a door theres conveniently power. Still it must be hydropower and then the door is there and then hes like how do we open this door? We can get it open and then conveniently the watch broke he broke it, but then he fixed it conveniently because its that he needed it conveniently opens up and it has the most crazy treasures in it.

But theyre only interested in the egg uh, but ryan finds his bad ass. I dont know what it is as a mercedes: german, german engineering thats a badass car thats, almost like a tank uh, though open top convertible, its defeats. The whole purpose of saying, okay so, but they set that up so that later on, they can have a chase sequence with plenty of bullets and its all ricocheting off the car and stuff so anyways. They find the egg. But then the uh here comes gal, gadot and hes. Like god, your entrances are, and i was like. Yes, they are, but it turns out. Shes like i didnt, believe your stupid story. It was just following you and then the interpol agent is like. I dont believe your stupid story im following yall and they come in with it and then the chase sequence happens and the rock is firing at them like. Why is the rock shooting bullets at the goddamn police? It is explained. A lot of these things are explained. Hold on and then they drive off and then at the end of this tunnel as a waterfall. They come out and the car crashes uh, but ryan manages to get the egg, but he cant find the rock or gal gadot. He doesnt care about gal gadots character. The the bishop, but he does ultimately care about the rock he puts the egg down to go back into the water, to try to save him and the rocks already there hes like what are you doing? Well, you actually choose me over the egg.

You know more funny charismatic stuff between the two uh buddy cop and buddy stuff movies. It turns out uh and then gal gadot comes out of the water and theyre like hi. We got you, you know, go ahead and uh, you get a consolation prize, a free prison forever, and so the rock goes over to a restaurant like here comes because the whole time, then we talk about long cons and everything and im like okay. The rock is here he has to have one of the longest cons and, just as he puts the handcuffs on her, he kisses her and im like oh, they were in thats the long con. They were in cahoots theyre, both the bishop and so thats. Why a lot of these things didnt make sense why the rock didnt get a phone call in the russian prison its like? Well, if he really is an agent and hes going to prison, and it was gal gadots character that intercepted the phone call so that she could act as the cia, it wasnt to tell the interpol that he wasnt a whatever. If fbi is that he was an fbi right, and so that made sense, because this is making sense, but now it makes sense and then all the different things that happen she hands him a key its not that the gun shot off the cuff when they were Handcuffed under the coliseum and a bunch of other little things like that they do these flashbacks, so you see them they do, but so the movie doesnt make any sense.

The very first opening scene, brian reynolds, has already stolen a priceless artifact and hes hanging out in the room within his backpack thats how this movie starts: hes already stolen the egg hes just sitting there with his thumb in his ass in this room, hes going. I stole that you just leave just leave, he tried. Maybe it was like he was her. Their entire plan is is based on the rock getting shot by two rockets: multiple uh uh. You know some sort of whatever russian guns they were saying he could have got killed in the um prison because everybody, he you know ryan, says hes. A cop hes gon na be shot in the prison a bunch of times and then the drunk dude that magically gets up 30 seconds after getting knocked out shoots at him. Remember hes an arms specialist. He should be a good shot like this double cross. With his wife and they make off with the egg, they handcuff him to a tree out in the fake jungle and then they leave and they sell the egg for 300 million dollars to a egyptian prince. Who wants to give it to his daughter – and i was like well, this badass wedding present for this chick, but she doesnt really care about it, because ed sheeran is that best part of the whole movie best part of the whole movie. She like ignores the egg and go over the edge here, but all of a sudden, the police show up like how did police know, and then they arrested this egyptian dude.

It was a double cross, they got the money and they got to. You know tell interpol to go, get the eggs but turns out then theyre gon na celebrate on a boat uh. They kiss they do the exiting from the boat scene, the rock with his muscles and then gal gadot with their body, and they get in its oh thats. A happy ending, oh ryan, reynolds is on the boat hes, like your cheese sucks and its this uncooked pork. This then cheese and hes like okay, well, whatever anyways uh, you guys got ta work with me on this third k or this caper otherwise youre going to jail, because i told her about your little plan and then she found your uh came in or you she Found your account overseas and took all your money and then they checked their account. They have zero dollars, god damn it so everybodys all washed its, even so they put all of their eggs in one basket. Huh. Why didnt we get that one! That was a good one because they said it was dumb action, terrible its terrible, dumb action, thats fun its a bit of fun. So then they bait the sequel and then theyre walking. I i i dont. Remember they let them live in the, so you failed to mention that when they handcuffed him to a tree that its not a tree that goes up in the air, its a tree that stops killing him theyre, not killing him.

I thought that was on purpose, because i noticed that too, it was like all gon na climb and get up well yeah, but its its only like two feet above him so like why even handcuff him to the tree, if all he has to do, is all He has to do is do this and then hes free, because they need to hold him for a bit about it. This whole movie thing that you brought up before was way more valid than just im gon na handcuff, my friend, everything about this movie is stupid. Yeah, no, i get it its very stupid, um thats, why you gave it a five and thats why joe gave it to six but its still fun and then and on on the netflix scale, its a nine apparently two anyways um, so thats thats, the plot um. I liked the rapport between uh ryan, reynolds and dwayne johnson, but i think, im always gon na, like either of those guys and whatever their movie. They are in cant, wait to see them fight each other in the black adam right. Its gon na be great theyre. Not gon na fight each other in black panther thats, two different uh marvel thats marvel vs dc, but uh the rock was saying, wait, wait we can make it happen, a crossover between tomorrow. He was recently asked about that and he said. Maybe we can make that happen uh. I wouldnt doubt in the rockstar power to make something like that happen, but i think its too early for that.

Oh yeah anyways just focus on making the the black adam film a good film and then meeting superman and getting henry back into the role thats. All i want anyways, you got ta, throw that in there i got ta, throw it in were talking about red notice, and we got in superman. They are uh cornered by, i dont know diaz or daz or whatever. So i guess they want another movie where you have these three thieves working together and uh, interpol chasing them or something so anyways. I didnt believe, oh by the way, i didnt believe the chemistry between the rock and gal gadot. I dont believe that theyre coupled, but i mean i know the whole film theyre acting like theyre, not a couple but just doesnt work for me, um yeah. If they do do a sequel, they need to uh ramp up the villain, make it more yeah like have some more tension or something the next thing. Yeah and and have the heisting not be so written so poorly like convenient conveniently this conveniently that just earn those steps more and make it a little more serious in that way, but still have all the great jokes, and i think you got a great film, so Yeah, hopefully, itll get better from here, instead of worse, because its doing well, i think, were probably going to get a sequel, so i dont know anyways thats our opinion on red lotus. Let us know what you guys think and in the comments and thank you so much for watching.