We are back with part two of the recon drone build challenge so were going to pick up right where we left off and were going to carry on looking at the next five of the most voted for creations and then finally announce a winner of this challenge. That all said lets get straight into it and get started with this episode, so starting off the next most photo for creation. We have the mq50 griffin nice looking uh little drone. Obviously this is a helicopter type. Drone looks like weve got a gimbal camera front facing left and right facing cameras too. Very nice, oh, looks like a little service hatch on the side. Another one over here weve got some propellers here at the back too thats pretty cool, so the ship got quite fast looks like we got jet engines also now this is pretty cool, so the whole control station looks like its kind of camouflaged inside of this color Container thats nice totally not how to enter okay. So this is how you get inside and then it looks like we just got connectors. Okay, lets go and get inside here, so weve got heater, got a circuit breaker. This is pretty cool, so it looks like weve got station here and then another station over here at two different stations, possibly okay, lets get in the first one, so turn the station on very bright. Do we need to maybe turn something on on the actual drone? Aha, do not use zero, so lets use frequency one for now well get the power on also – and we can close this little hatch, i think cool.

Then we can go back inside the station. Aha there we go and lets use frequency, one cool perfect. So now weve got power. This is pretty cool. I, like the 180 degree view thats pretty cool. You can see a lot okay. We also got these nice little touches screens and things here. So engine hold alt, gimbal infrared stabilization, laser track, nav lights, spotlights. If we wanted little map screen here altitude that we can set if we wanted left and right, what does that do not too sure, maybe when we have the gabon, possibly not too sure i guess well find out in a few minutes, so lets go and climb Up so there we go and were flying very cool. I, like the i, like the artificial horizon, looks very clean, very minimalist, very nice. Okay lets carry on going up very nice, very yeah, very good, so far cool and there we go. Obviously we can set an alt sheet if we want to like 1000 and then what set it there and we should climb up to a thousand nice okay lets check out the gimbal camera and see how this works so gimbal and then surely we should be able To well, i think its zoomed in quite a bit. Yes, it is cool. Okay, so weve got a little gimbal camera here that we can go and obviously rotate and things nice. Okay, i like it pretty cool. How do we go into get rid of the gimbal camera so what type of speed can we get from this creation? That is a good question.

Im thinking, okay, thats, not bad! If thats a knots, then its not bad at all, oh yeah, there we go now. It kicked in, you can see the propellers at the back of kitten, so were now really doing good speed, wow and look at that there we go thats nice. I really like the screens like this radio has really done a good job, especially for a recon. You know if youre trying to spot something having all these screens is very useful and then we can obviously jump over to camera and then obviously we only have the screen for the camera, but thats fine and then you can go and zoom in there. For example, like just there, and then we could uh do a laser and we could also track it. I dont know why the tracking kind of throws itself off the hard like jumps back there. If we were to just move the tracking a bit yeah tracking just goes back to that point, maybe were a little bit too far away im, not too sure, or maybe its just a little bit of a bug at the moment. With a couple cameras, i know we had that issue with one of the other creations before well cool, i think its a its a really cool creation. I really think this is cool speed. It goes to just overall design is really good. Nice, one to start off part two with lets, go and move on to the next one and moving on to the next creation we have the xr47b um very nice gain a nice large, almost plain size, uh drone here really cool.

It looks like theyve also gone for the container or the actual station, so well have a look at that in a few minutes. Its a little walk around so landing here at the front. Looks like weve got a bunch of cameras here underneath it. Where is the gimbal camera? Maybe it pops out from here possibly landing gear, recharging things, weve got a little service, hatch online gear and then what im guessing would be wings that would fold out. Okay, weve also got the container just got some doors, thats cool. Does that have anything in the front? Okay, just a bunch of equipment! Very useful! Okay lets go and get inside here. I guess so. We can actually change the frequency and it says if you do that, make sure you come over here and we can change it here. If we want to okay uh, what else do we have so activate scoot motors total lights? Okay, weve got backup battery. If we want it, weve got throttle cruise landing taxi: okay, okay, key button, very cool, nice; okay. So we look a little waypoint map system over here looks like weve got artificial horizon Music data here and then engine power, gyroscope landing gear gear brakes other cam and wings okay. So what if we would get this on? What 0.15 engine power as well get gyroscope on now too landing is good. Brakes will leave off on a camera whats that dude not too sure.

Yet we can also what fold should we unfold the wings not yet lets taxi a bit and then well unfold it? This little screen here is pretty cool of lights, exterior lights, gear, wheel, lights, violet, camera ir, reverse cam, nice. I like that uh lets go forwards. I guess this is taxi speed, apparently its quite fast lets just keep on going not too fast. It seems like its turning quite well. Oh lets uh, try and line ourselves on the runway here, oh okay, so we need to do full throttle now. I dont know if im actually controlling the throttle. I am okay, so my up and down looks like youre controlling the throttle, interesting and you can see the drawing just there in the background. Okay, we need to get our brakes on and we need to get our throttle up a little bit. We also need to unfold our wings. There we go nice. Okay, lets do gear brakes off and lets do full throttle. I guess, lift lift nice there we go whoa. This thing is quick. Look at that eight whoa. The speed that were doing on this thing is insane wow nice, though okay, we need to get our landing gear, which is three so thats there. So we need to get that. Okay, that activated activated okay, so that activated that noise and disappeared alrighty. So we can still control everything. Weve got our stabilizer on it from correct, so were good with that.

We can obviously set a waypoint and old holes and those kind of things a parachute. If we wanted okay, how do we get to the gimbal camera? Ah camera? There we go, oh thats, pretty cool, so you can still see that and then you can just play with this nice. Okay, you can completely rotate that we are really quite far away from where we were earlier on. Uh, nice. Okay, we got stabilizing track. We got the ui that we can get rid of. If we want is any way to zoom in ies. Here, oh nice, we are really. I think that autopilot is very useful because how fast were going yeah, it looks like i dont know why this tracking thing is bugged. At the moment it seems like were getting the same issue with all the creations theres. Some bug with the with the tracking i dont know why you dont know yeah it just tracks it back there all right, um, i like it. I think the craze has done a fantastic job, really good lets go ahead. Lets move on to the next one and spawning in the next creation. We have the ufo interesting design to this one. Okay, quite large, it does fit inside the tte helicopter base. This one comes with some vehicles, so it looks like weve got a generator trailer. Weve got our command station. Trailer and weve got a little tow, a little towing car truck okay cool uh.

I wonder if we need to get this connected or check this now lets check out. The drone so looks like we got some propellers and things yes, okay, cool, interesting, not much else on the outside, though you know, i did see another hatch here at the back. Theres, actually a door to go inside this one. This ones got some seats in it. Interesting little ladder goes up to uh cool and medical beds, fuel cool, okay. What else do we have so lets? Get this thing running its the main power. Stop start electrical cable and then yellow im guessing goes to yellow okay, and you can also get the landing gear there. Cool lets go inside this alright, so lets get inside here and see whats going on so straight away. A ton of screens wow, okay, uh, looks like weve got some controls here. A little seat. Weve got a monitor, some more controls and artificial horizon okay. So there is a starting procedure on this one, so well try and follow as best as we can so master power generator uh on there weve got alt target that we can set up. We undo we challenges due to manual flight, so were not going to touch that uh weve got vertical speed stuff, we wont touch that heading wont, touch uh, ap master, no okay, so none of that stuff because were not testing out autopilot systems. Today, completely manual looks like weve got map screen, we got a radar and we got double camera: okay cool.

What is this for not too sure what that does, whether the prop gears pitch up and down thrust and forward tilt tilt up and forwards? Okay. So apparently we need to get this up to three or four green bars, apparently to the crater. So lets do three bars. Okay, so were on three bars and then we need to get us to blue on the ground. Everything seems fine, okay, so were on blue. Now so we should be able to go up and down yes, we can definitely do that: oh its very sensitive and keep its nose up a bit there. Okay, so its got no gyro scope or anything like that. This is pure manual flight. I think ive hit the hangar okay. I wish that thing had some type of gyro lets. Try lets, try it again, so we should be able to. I would like a rps. Okay were already taking off here. I would love a setting here to go and see our rps, and things like that so were really climbing up. I would also like some type of gyro. This is going okay. This is pretty good, now, im quite level. I guess this is. This is manageable. Uh and then i guess we can go into vertical line before we do that. I want to check out the gimbal camera, so that is there: okay, so thats the gimbal camera. And then you can move it up down. Oh thats, sensitive, uh, up down, left and right.

Okay, i think were about to crash the resort or crash. This thing would really like to see some type of gyro for stabilization things. I mean its okay lets just get this throttle down about one. Maybe three is the better thing: ew all right: cool yeah lets level it off okay, so this is pretty cool. We got zoom in zoom out got reset, and then we got night vision where, where is the three tool going wow this thing? Okay, what if we were to go till forwards? What, if we just tilt forwards, lets just go into forwards: flight modes? Okay, so thats that bar there whoa okay. I would also like this camera to kind of maybe stay where were facing. Yeah lets bring the nose up here were losing quite a lot of alt uh, maybe more throttle. We need to push up yes, okay, so were getting all to hold back now. Im holding up on my keyboard seems like were getting our hope back, which is good. I mean, i think this thing kind of just needs the autopilot stuff and i think it would control it will really handle so much better anyway, guys um, another creation, really cool, lets, go ahead and lets move on to the next one and moving on to the Next creation, we have the ua11 mosquito another really cool drone. This one looks like its got a couple things on the outside: okay, so what i would guess to be refueling, yes, and a little generator too got the drone.

Got some power to pylons, got some weapons on him: okay, thats, pretty cool. What im guessing would be bombs and you can switch these out and then this is what little little tractor to maybe move these bombs and things off. Oh, okay, very interesting design, uh left hardpoint release, so you can release them and put the other things on. Okay, pretty cool looks like weve got an access code, its unlocked by default, which is great uh we can get in. This – is looking really cool. What do we have here? So we got unlock control power station, sure, okay, so you can actually turn that on and off uh master strobe lights, uh deploy antenna, raise camera mast, red mode lights, lock door, okay, dollar locker, control station. There weve got desk lights heater. This is really detailed and really cool. I like it really quite nice. This one does have a little starting procedure, turn on the generator outside the command station, so were going to do that. One first done: okay, uh flip the drone power breaker on the right side of the drone, all right that one cool we did that okay enter the design frequency on the left side of the drone. Okay, so frequency lets do 11. Why not? Okay! So now we need to go inside and there should be a frequency thing right. Ah, there we go eleven cool turn the keypad on okay, so thats this and we get access to all of our screens.

Oh, this is pretty cool whats. This thing spotlight our pitch mode: okay, so this is for gimbal, camera. Okay, so weve got lets get engines there. We go okay, so engines, oh thats, cool okay, so we got that up and running apparently need to set an emergency landing spot. Where do we set that target computer altitude, gps input targeting targeting thing and autoreturn, not all pilots? Okay? So we have to put this in apparently okay and targeting alt. So that would be our guess, our current all that right now cool so thats it and thats, not not an autopilot. Apparently, okay weve got nav lights, anti collision lights that we can set get that on our landing modes. You can talk over the drone. Okay, jettison winch up and down activate, auto return, engage autopilot, set, return, coordinates sure lets do that. Now laser frequency. We got right hard points. Oh thats, cool vehicle data, nice orange camera, cool left, hardpoint map screen come okay, i, like you, can change it. Thats, pretty cool. I would keep this here and ill. Keep that there personally nice, okay uh. How do we fly? I guess just up down left and right? Okay, so our drone is here we can definitely control. Oh there we go now. Its working cool looks really cool its like a little helicopter, very nice, very cool, probably, and there you can see just over there, nice, okay, interesting so flying looks pretty easy, actually get a hang of it, and then you can actually find the missiles and things thats.

Pretty cool, obviously thats, not part of the challenge, so were not going to adjust the knot. Now, how do we control the gimbal camera touch screen? Ah, its touch screen, okay, its quite nice, and then you can see there. We can go down, we zoom in. How would we zoom in though punch up winch down auto return, stabilization or stabilization on track tracking is working 100 thats good? Is there laser on? You can turn the laser on off? You can get a frequency 2 if you want uh zoom in ah there we go thats cool. The crease has done a great job with that and obviously we can fly our drone and it should just keep its position locked, not the quickest of drones, but i think its still good to be honest, very sneaky little drone, because its very quiet, its pretty cool. I like it, i love how detailed this little control station is. Screens, look really cool lets get used to it. I guess in terms of flight controls, i, like the the little weapons things. I think i saw a little touch as an extra little add on. I think thats really cool and then you can see the drone just over there. So yeah the crate has done a great job. Really nice really really cool. So another lovely one lets go ahead. Lets move on to the next one for the episode and moving on to the last one. We have the rq15 stealth drone, so fully blacked out drone, really pretty cool, looking, obviously getting to the plane size once again, but thats fine bits inside the hangar, which was great well gumball.

Camera here looks like jet engines, storage, okay, so theres some equipment. Things looks like refueling recharging, back exhaust and thats pretty much about it. Okay, a little control station here so once again it looks kind of like an iso container uh, not the exact same specs, but okay. It looks like weve got a little generator system in here, too, lets go and get inside the control room, so weve got two beds and then our large control room here so generator backup power, heaters, exterior lights, main lights, with exterior lights; okay, its just those cool Drone pilot wow thats, pretty cool a bunch of controls here, pretty much everything we need so control station on thats, nice, nice little loading screen very nice, okay, so fuel things looks like artificial horizon Music, some more things there and then ill. Give a camera up here. Okay got a warning sign on our screen, not sure what that does. Okay. So what else do we need to do so? Activate the engine, one turn the brakes off two and then on apparently on the middle screen. You can see the throttle sort of idle zero. Okay, we should be able to go forward. Shouldnt, we, okay, cool, more or less on the runway here lets go and full forward thrust. I guess. Oh! This is quick, wow, very quick, very, very quick, wow, a 70 throttle. Okay, so controls nice, very nice jet pretty much its a jet, but i like look at that.

I love this. You can leave it rolling like that. Thats really cool like precision pointing it that is really good. Trolls are done fantastically on this one, so we could set it like that very nice and a good job of the controls there really good. Okay. What else do we have so weve got nav lights, taxi light signing anti collision old hold if we want it holds current alt. If no hold is set. Okay, weve got roll stabilizer, oh okay, uh, not lock door brakes. Gimbal camera done tracking stabilize zoom in out map. Alt go control station switch to oh, you can switch these screens around. Oh thats, nice thats, very cool gear engine landing gear. We can get up. I like it. I like it. A lot actually lets just go and angle it towards us and then lets try this gimbal camera out. So we can do what up down and then right and then up and then lets do right and then track yeah its got the bug again, its got the silly bug on it, but thats fine, its a gimbal camera im. Sure almost 700 will work. Thats really cool. I like it, i really like uh how well this thing controls. I also like that you can switch his screens around. Oh, where is that now there we go, should map replace this gimbal camera? Oh nice! I really like how controllable this thing is. I didnt see anything about it, um, an actual like waypoint, designator or anything like that, so it doesnt have any autopiloting stuff on it.

If im correct, i could be wrong though, but i mean this: controls are like really good, really, really nice actually repointing it right. There this thing would make a great bomber – oh yeah, another fantastically lovely creation. We still got all hold on dont. We, i think no, we havent lets just put that on now. I guess that will hold our current alt and we can obviously put our roll stabilizer on too and were pretty much good to go. Otherwise, you can enter and old goal there lovely creation, i like it. I really really like this one very cool, very cool, so another lovely one, so thats it lets, go and gather up all the creations and lets go and choose a winner challenge. So guys theres been some absolutely incredible creations for this challenge. You know its really once again its really hard, because this is the the top of the top of the creations, and you know we saw some really good ones, some very innovative designs. You know this drone, you know the star wars thing, it was really cool. I thought this idea of launching it was great. However, this did not fit in the build area, so we did take a few marks off for that, but, besides that it was really nice creation. Oh, what else did i really like, so i loved the control of this plane. Slash drone at the end. Control was fantastic on this one i thought.

Well, probably the best best best flight controls ever is on this one over here uh. This was a really really like outer box, no pun intended about man really cool. I really enjoyed that one that was really fun for me, um, the ufo one was cool. I think it was really cool. The camera system was great. It was really hard to fly and i know i tried my best, but it was really hard to find that one um, but otherwise it was really good. I like the little – i think it was the mosquito and also the small helicopter drone here. This was really cool. I actually thought the design of this was really smart, uh and both of the control things using. You know all the guys that decided to use containers as their control rooms its a very smart idea, because you can load that up on ships. You can load it on a train uh. You can pretty much load, it anywhere, so very smart, very, very smart to do that if any uh this creator couldnt control that control room inside there. That could be fully your whole drone inside the container. On the back of a train, for example like how inconspicuous is that but um yeah guys, of course we do have to choose a winner of this challenge, uh, unfortunately, so its a its always a tough one. It is always a tough one, but i think personally, i think, im gon na have to give it to the creator of the stealth stealth drone.

Here it was such delight to fly. This was so so nice, the flights, the controls were spot on uh the gimbal procedure. Everything was really good on that. If i was to give a prize for other box thinking and just something that made me smile was this one over here. You know that was a really small idea to go and make a whole drone inside that and obviously fitting that the amount of logic that probably went into it inside that small little space so really good job on that one uh really really good job on that. One and then uh yeah pretty much guys. As you always know, all the creations have done so great and if i could, i would give a prize to every single one ill make each one of them a winner um. But unfortunately, i just think the controls on this one was a little better, so guys um. Hopefully you have enjoyed the build series. Obviously i think its a great a great way to get some really cool creations out on the workshop. That are, you know, working really. Well, and are designed really well thats. The whole joy of these build challenges is to get really cool creations on the workshop. As always, if you want to participate in any of these make sure you do join my discord server, we do put all the rules. We do all the voting and we announce everything over on discord.