They extend this rod out and the plane comes and attaches, and essentially it refills them out. How are we going to do it yeah, so magnet drone from a previous episode is back and were going to lock magnet drone onto this airplane. With these four pads that ive installed on here and then two metal pads that have positive and negative attached from underneath, there is a 6s battery underneath the plane that is going to recharge the 6s battery on magnetron when it lands on there. One battery to another battery base yeah were literally hooking one battery directly to another battery siphoning the uh electrons. Have you ever done this plug one battery into another battery i have. Is it? Does it go pretty quick? It goes like almost instantaneously. Okay, so its going to just even out what each battery has exactly and it happens like so fast. This is not the right way to target it, its not the right way, but its like have you ever jump started the car yeah thats all youre doing we did another episode where we landed a quad on an airplane and drew made a comment that episode that It was sort of like refueling a jet plane, and i thought that would be an awesome concept to try to actually pull off with a quadcopter so thats. Why? I designed this project. This is a flight test, kraken its the largest plane, that i have plans for to make a big foam board airplane and it does a really great job of carrying a load, so i think its a perfect plane for this project.

How long can this fly for this should be able to fly for about 10 minutes, at least so a lot longer than our drones? So if we can get on there, quick get a two minute flight hang out for eight minutes and then get another two minute: flight Music. This is going great so far once this gets hit, which it just did theres no telling which direction this motor is actually facing and thats. The problem i was having earlier with the maiden you have to put another prop on it and see if its facing the right direction or not Applause, Music. Okay, i got it. I got it right, yall, right yall. I think your right motor is producing more thrust. There we go: oh boy, all right, keep it stable, im, filling it out. Okay, jeff hit it. Oh almost you can go for another pass im feeling it out like speed up slow down Applause. No, you saved it yeah, but the props arent happy one motor is not on really yeah now um still not, but you dont want to because the props, oh Applause, i shouldnt, be laughing but cut everything. I almost got it. You stick to it. I stuck onto it yeah. Do you think the battery made connection i dont know, but i stuck onto it and i saw the plane do this from my point of view so im like i should get off, so i could help him out yeah because i didnt land on its center.

I landed on it sideways like this yeah, so luckily the plane crashed in the grass yeah so the last time i built one of these. It flew really well, but i put inev on this in hopes to get a better flying plane and it did the opposite. It flies really horrible cant get this one to cooperate and theres not a whole lot of documentation on the differential thrust. Differential thrust is: when you have two motors spinning props in the opposite direction. You can put more power to one motor than the other and it will steer and give the plane rudder its like yall, without having a rudder and thats, where i think im having the issues. I just still think that, when van over landed on you it really disrupted the plane, is there anything you can do to the build to make the plane more stable once its got the added weight of a drone, and all that i put the drone exactly in The center of the cg, so it shouldnt change the cg i mean i technically could move it forward. If it screwed the cg up, it would be better to have it forward than backwards better. Have it more nose heavy than tail heavy. It looked to me like watching the replay that as soon as he got on it, it just kicked the nose. So i think that its not exactly i mean that being said, he didnt necessarily land on it, perfect right, so maybe he landed a little rear of it.

I dont know: hey welcome to road ride, guys, Music Applause, Music. This is kraken charge, drone v2 because the first one wasnt salvageable Music. I dont know why its doing that yeah he needs to he wasnt fine, speeding, gopro, all the video halley at one time. We have never been this place. Double check, triple check, yep drupal check. Now we got two wings, though so the drone has been through multiple, multiple revisions and the plane, and the landing mechanism has been through multiple, multiple revisions. So whatever you got, what do you got so now? I built two of them, its no big deal. They only take like 12 hours each to make so i mean no big deal, but you get only your life and time yeah thats. What we do number two wait. So does it charge it while youre flying yeah yeah? Oh it charges. Have you not been here? No, i remember the old revision had two prongs here by the way cool, so the drone is not right now plug it in dont, plug it in not plugged in thats, so cool, i will say sean. You definitely have uh learns from the previous krakens youve. Definitely reinforced it. I can tell oh yeah its got: sparse crazy, the drones taking off with a voltage of 24.2, so its not fully charged to start right. Yes, okay, yes, its, like 24 ish yeah. What is fully charged is 25 volts. 25. Okay, landing is 20 21 21.

Okay, take it off. Blade is up, oh no, all right, so sean crash. The plan on the first go seans a great playing pilot. Was it the planes fault or was it as well? He has tested this plane a lot. He sent me a lot of videos showing that, like it flies its good to go, the plane is locked in. I honestly just think that, like hes put so much time into this, that, like by the time it comes to like do the thing nerve, explain: nerves get you van over doesnt care about crashing trumps plate, so hes hes, not gon na, be nervous at all. So hes gon na fly great so were switching pilots van overs gon na give it a go van over flies real planes like with his body in the plane and hes still here, so he can probably handle uh foamy ill go up on the quad all right. So lets barbie hows your perching skills between the two of us, who do you think, should try to land ill, try to land it you want it. You think you can do it. Yeah all right attempt two plane. Two just had to say plane. Two Music plane is up all right, so is that is that your approach youre going to be right there and im just going to try to be going back and forth on this field cool its turning one motor is getting more power than the other.

So this is super sketchy, so im gon na give it a stand. Let us know when youre dubbing youre on it, nick okay bobby whenever youre ready, oh man, nice and easy – probably nice and easy for you – bubby stable, as i can im going to keep going im going to tell you when i turn all right, ima! Wait! If you go around the other way, no watch those props, bubby yeah turn it around turn around. You dont want to take out the props on the plane, so yeah sean one motor is definitely getting more power than the other. I dont know if its something in the radio but were flying were here we go hes on it. Lineup looks good, oh my god, dont go fast for it just nice and easy. This is hard yeah, its taking us years, yeah thats, good bobby nice, and just let it happen, let it happen. Oh hes, on the plane. Oh, he was, he was on the plane, but he didnt get the magnets. He was on the plane, bubby all right im. Turning around all right, that was good buddy. What do i land for success? Im 122 volts when you get youre good, youre good when were going to recharge this nice and slow nice and easy nice and easy, let it youre so close, youre! So close, oh my god. This is like youre like two inches too short. Oh turn it around turn around last.

Try last try on this back all right: hes, not 21.5, its pretty low, though why, until it drops? Oh no, the drone is valuable too weve got only one of those, oh Applause, its not flying very good, its not flying altitude, getting some altitude because it is not happy. It is really. Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh, this is so good. Oh god, you get this thing. Oh, i love this so much. Dude 22.2 yeah Laughter. Oh my god! This is not a time! Oh my gosh dude! This is so funny. Oh, my god, youre just kidding. Can anyone else keep through the goggles yeah im watching you buddy spectator, now, yeah im just like? I think the batteries have equalized, though, because youve just settled at twenty two point: two: twenty yeah all right! Well, why dont you take off buddy right so arm it. One click up and then just pitch forward. Actually you know its crazy im going to land hes flying at 20. No just keep flying bubba you just charged. Why would you oh? That was the whole point you can keep flying now. You can finish your race. I got i can finish my race, i cant believe it all right come on man, you got this, you got the landing. You got this its mannys time, beautiful landing. I got it. Yes, we did the episode lets. Do it again. I got more ideas. No so heres what i want to do want bobby to land it.

Okay, then give him your goggles. This is great because, if youre flying your drone – and you need to do a longer mission than your battery can go, you can recharge in the air. And then you know in an extreme scenario, youre out on a really far long range mission, land on the plane and the plane can just bring you back, because planes have really long flight time. These things can fly like 15 20 minutes. You can fly your drone way out there, no hope of return, just land on the plane, its easy and then the plane can just bring it back. The entire flight i was having to hold because the motors, for whatever reason, are not putting out equal amounts of throttle so im holding almost full. I had to trim it all the way i was holding full left because its differential thrust, that was super sketchy to fly, but i finally found a good rhythm with it, where i could keep it stable and then once youre on it. I just gave it a little bit more power and it flew just fine thats it yeah fpv from the drone on the plane. Im ready go for it go, go, go, go! Go! Oh! My gosh dont worry youre just right over water sean. I need someone to adjust the goggles on my face because i cannot um. Oh yeah there you go a little lower, perfect perfect. Oh my gosh im flying it up tv, thats hilarious.

I see his props too. Oh, this is great. I see her. Take him out there just go for it: no were going for a spin, yeah, thats hilarious, so van overs flying the plane from the fbv camera thats on the drone thats on the plane, flyby yeah right here, oh bash, oh thats, so cool thats awesome! All right were going on a little trip. If you can get here, this is so sick were doing it. Okay, well dont totally leave im flying in passenger mode right alex. Do you think you can shoot this gap right here which gap theres a gap right ahead of us, so i know its trying. I know which one youre talking about. I know i see it. Oh, my god, here we go Music, wait all right! Here we go winston, you got it getting air speed, dive, dive, dive, dive Applause, the quad was just shaking in case. You fall off all right. Whoa whats happening oh hurry up here we are. Did you really just save Music? Oh my gosh, hey! This is one of the best running episodes ever bro. We got the kraken, i tried to go and burden and all of a sudden i go upside down and my fpv just goes and im like. Where is it, i dont know where i am its just in a splat spin. I know it was worth it. It was worth all the effort. Definitely i mean to see it actually happen.

Finally, after two years, probably my favorite road rate episode, though to be fair just because its the one we put the most time into, i havent felt that much excitement me too in such a long time. You guys dont understand, like all this time and energy like weve flown across the country, trying to do this like multiple times. I was not a married man when this project started now. I am just to see this succeed and then we literally we shot a gap. We landed on it, we took off and land like we just looped it. We did everything with it like its nothing else to do. I still cant believe we got it. I i still cant wait to get started with that instant, oh yeah. It was like. I was like thank god. I made two of them thats all you needed to do beforehand, yeah actually before and just handed you the controller, we would have been good, thats been par. For course, every time weve tried this concept. The plane has gotten instantly destroyed or the drone has failed to stick at all, or we have video issues or just more things than i can count as usual, immediately boom playing right on the ground having a second one. What do they say? Have one two is one: one is none yeah thats right, two is one one is none. I was obviously pretty surprised that you were able to actually land it.

On the first battery i mean, i think, a few of us have tried to land on it and granted. Maybe the circumstances were a little bit different, but its still incredibly impressive, good job landing it on the plane. That was really hard to do. I was really impressed, while you did the loop and the drone stayed on. That was like one of the coolest things ive seen on this planet. Honestly, i had so much fun. I mean just flying the plane, fpv from the quadcopter that landed on it. Honestly, the scariest of the most funny parts when you fell off and i tried to roll – and i was like: oh, i got ta find it. This was like a really cool proof of concept, and i have so many fantasies about like what you could actually do with this. If you actually like developed it like with the drone on the plane, fly out, there get some distance take off and then the plane could go into like an autonomous hover mode. You can fly. Do your drone thing, oh for, like land back on the plane, take back control of the plane, bring it back. You know, like thatd, be so sweet to take the advantages of both crafts. You know, planes have very long. Flight time can cover great distances, but theyre, not so acrobatic drones, super acrobatic, very capable short flight times. Stick them together with magnets awesome footage from nerf by the way yeah dude.

You got that chase on point the gap shots the dive shot following bubby all the way to the ground, smashing to the ground like. Oh, it took more attempts than i can count or want to believe it took, but it was absolutely worth it. It was an absolute blast, shawn persevered through this. It made it happen. I think it was two over two years. This is the longest road right now took two years in production holy crap. Well, i hope, after all, this you enjoyed it. You better, you better, like you better, like this video. If youre new here hit the subscribe button, we make videos like this every monday and if you dont, want to miss a single one right by the subscribe button. Theres a bell thanks for watching guys, well see you guys next time on rhoda riot lets.