The us military will deploy the deadly reaper drones to defend the city from an invading mercenary army. The us reaper drones will be supporting u.s military ground forces as they defend key objectives and go on the offensive to repel the invaders. If you want to be my next gta video and join the vana community make sure to join my discord. The link is in the description box down below, if you end up enjoying this video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe new to the channel, as were on a very ambitious road to hit eight hundred thousand subscribers by the end of the year. Reaper. One and reaper two on route to the ao air fire support is gon na be available to you guys in eta. One minute, picking up some heat signatures to the southeast of my location, going in to investigate yep, looks like weve got visual contact with the enemy enemy helicopter coming in going into engage enemy. Helo looks to be touching down going in for the strike engaging engaging shooting. My rockets at him guys ive got a hostile force landing at a field south of our position. Helicopter has landed on the road to the south road to the south, 194 posto helicopter down theres another one coming in east over the mountain east over the mountain. A lot of targets – east theyre, on the top of the mountain to the east side, i saw at least seven contacts coordinates located east of the highlands target grid 192.

. Roger that see the tracer see the tracers im engaging one down. Oh man, that was beautiful. I liked it i got multiples coming down the hill, all right, more goblins down the hill, engaging 50 yards off our position. Now 30 yards coming in for fire support, hold tight all right. Its beautiful good sprite bars im unleashing all my missiles on that road. If nice, you got a motion, theyre pushing it, they just pushed themselves out in the open and i dropped one good job. Thank you. Bad youre welcome, papi uh. We got issues. We got issues boys that was a close one. That could be a whole style coming into the yellow ring right now from north side of the compound engage boys yep theres one over there confirm confirm striking. I think hes down now one down okay im going up high to see if i can uh spot any helicopters, one heli coming in from which side was northwest going for the log going for the lock, oh um, uh reaper turned into kamikaze drone. I dont see any goblins in the mountain anymore whos on the roof ocean northeast northeast 10 plus bodies coming down the hill, oh northeast, coming in coming in coming in unloading. All my arsenal is going off boys im back engaging engaging engaging im going on the road right now to give you some yeah coming in. Once again, i think i can see the tracers the tree line tree line tree line, bring it in close to the right on top of us holy.

They went in for a proper flank, hold back, bring it in even closer all right hold on back down god. Dammit reaper three is down ten more: oh jesus, christus man, oh im, not sure. If thats a friendlier foe him how many of them are. You got helicopter coming into the air right now, its going on to the objective shoot down the hilly boys watch out all right troopers. Oh, i dont, like those thats, a friendly on the road im coming in from the bar coming in from the back. I hear a helicopter rooftop rooftop are those friendlies on the rooftop friendlys friendliest friendlies in the rooftop off rallies im going towards the silos are friendly at the silos. Uh weve got enemies coming down the mountain southeast. They landed a helicopter up there all right ill. Keep my eye on it. I can see at least three hostiles coming down. The mountain same cover reaper, four. Halfway down the mountain halfway down the mountain air support 192 south of the highlands theyre closing on a precision pass jet boys hold it together. Suppressing weve got hostiles on the road multiples, multiples, im pinned down the road down the road it flushes. Okay were out of drones, boys, nobody on the yellow anymore. Nobody on the yellow, yellow is uncontested right now, one whole style moving north – oh my god bro. I believe theres a horse down next to the exploded, uh fuel tank theres, no south north west.

Oh another fuel tank, just exploded, come on boys. We got ta push back the goblins down down down behind behind flying flanking. Yeah weve got another helicopter coming in guys. That position is getting lost, keep it together. We cant get to the objective. Thank you. I got some good hits on the person on the rooftop. I think it just came down hard bro, what the hell, oh, my god, holy multiples multiples. Oh my god, man dude! That was what a hot landing holy yeah theres a heli coming in heli coming in theyre, dropping people off im suppressing one. I hit him multiple times how the is he not dead, hes down hes down, sir, i dont know what youre talking about thats a witchcraft i think currently behind theyre coming in from the best. This is it we got, ta fall back. I dont think we can recapture the subjective right just keep your eyes peeled on like any ridges that might be coming up its going to be a perfect place for an ambush this one on this east right here. Oh yeah thats an enemy up there, all right hold your fire, hold your fire. No more contact rpg coming over south east south east theres, a mark theres a mark suppressing that position coming im. Moving infantry move along the ridge on the right side of the road. Keep moving trucks provide cover rpg on the ridge yeah crossing over the road with you moving forward.

Moving forward lets see if we can flank some of them and wrap, maybe focus where youre going yeah. Those are friendlies on the left side. Weve got to take out the rpg on the ridge on the right. Wait is that an enemy for people – oh uh, weve, got fire coming up from up the mountain lets. Move down, move down, move down, cougar at the front, is on fire and im out of fuel disembarking hostiles are all behind us. Oh my hes, literally right here somewhere one down one down reloading moving up. Oh oh holy, you gave me a fright. Oh, is the combo on the move, yeah? Okay, i can see you guys perfect. Just keep it slow. All right were gon na be kind of, like you know very cautious. With this. Oh, i see a lot of tracers im engaging those tracers engaging one target, one target down going in for another strike roger. Oh, my okay weve got an rpg position that just got exposed to the east rp coming in im, trying to suppress it. One on the hill. Also m raps, make sure you guys dont clump up okay, so we dont take splash damage im taking fire. What the theres a guy here somewhere, where in the bush in the boost in the bush, i got him. I just got shot im suppressing the left side on the hill all the way at the top agent. Could you get a drone up in the sky? Yeah southwest southwest on the ridge as well im coming in were gon na try to designate targets with shooting in a specific direction.

Oh rpg down the road rpg down the road suppressing their positions, looks like one of the mraps has been hit. Its still mobile, though, by designating targets down the road from us to the southeast good strike, good strikes all right and wraps keep moving up, keep moving up im getting shot at from the hill yeah im southwest me too. Just keep moving rocky rpg rpg down the road. I got him. I got him keep on moving up, suppress that position. Nice strike keep moving up, rpg got shot in the ass down another one on the on the mountain one down one down, i think my mrap is burning, though get in with me im in the third one, its all right ill, just stay on foot. I can engage. Some targets were only halfway. There, yeah contacts down the road up, the hill up, the hill up the hill dude, our objective for this one is basically we got ta strike. The enemy fob were gon na kill their general with the support of the m raps, as well as the drone and hopefully drive back the invaders. You got it, you understand any questions before you die. Can we uh take the general hostage? No, we kill him, wait. How about we just kind of like position ourselves on the other side of the train tracks with the m wraps and wait for the drill to strike the objective? I think that might be the best course of action.

All right. Infantry dont. Push in youve got three lives in total. We got ta, be tactical about this. All right stay off of the ridge, because theyll have rpgs coming in our way. All right were gon na wait for the drone to uh strike the compound before we move yeah all right. Almost there you guys are so close to this fog. This is this is danger close coming in all right, weve got the drone coming in. I can see it in the distance its coming from the southeast strike. It hard go crazy. Brother, go crazy, thats, good thats, good good hits, keep going helicopter down good strike, good strike just completely annihilate that base all right. Okay, now might be the time to slowly start moving in boys. Lets move up in front. Go, go, go, go! Look at me. Im shooting into the compound right now were moving in. Keep your distance and use your 50 cal range to your advantage. Launching the grenade launcher in there im unloading, im, unloading, im outside of the rpgs are down. I got. I think i got mikey dude good good thats. What we needed yeah you got mike all right. Drone keep a lookout for the helicopter reinforcements coming in from the southeast friendly friendly, friendly dont show dont forget im moving inside the base. Right now. Oh make sure we uh clear all the bunkers clear. All the bunkers abrupts destroyed. One is down all right: weve got friendlies inside of compound drone.

Please focus on any reinforcements coming in so far its all clear, dont see anything yeah we got ta hold off any counter attacks all right, general down enemy general is down boys paratrooper, theyre paratrooping. I see him yeah helicopter, coming in helicopter, coming in im, shooting out the helicopter good strike holy south hilo, south side, south side launcher missiles, brother good strike. That was a good one. Next to the rock next to the rock yep hes down beautiful boys, the rock is down no more big rocks only big bro. What any more helicopters coming in yeah helicopters going for the wind farm southeast south east? Are they all coming for the selfies its entirely possible ive got my grenade launcher lets see if i can do something, the biggest calculation come on. Oh theyre, jumping out, jumping out paratroopers coming in west side, west side west side got monkey multiples. West. Are we still in the base yeah? We still have full control of the base. We just have to be careful for any counter attacks. All right, guys, focus weve got more helis coming in big push coming in boys. Weve got a lot of bellies coming in boys. Wide head hit, these fools hit aboard hit him hard. That was not my intention to hit him like that. This is gon na, be a successful one. Oh hes, parachuting in im gon na get his parachute just shoot the pierce. Oh jesus, one down got tesco im clearing the compound northwest.

There seems to be a bit of resistance instead of them. That appears to be all of them boys. I think we successfully managed to uh.