Thank you so much real me. Sorry, then guys, i have never been this excited in my life, because i guess you will need a number one smartphone brand favorite real men is a massive leap over the realme 8 series, too much power super plus guys subscribers pro 5g thats right. My five gina on room 9 pro series last year, but this year it has 5g. The good news is snapdragon, snapdragon 695g, which is pretty much every 5g processor, not nearly behold for the last four or five videos. Yes, it imaginability oppo, redmi poco. The mid range phones 5g, but what you need to know is that this is the fastest snapdragon 6955g processor than the what is even reviews guys for the first time ever manager magic, no, which is extended ram right down the high eight one to eight channel. Eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage, 128 gigabytes of ram and five gigabytes dont put in a convert into ram, so eight plus five, thirteen gigabytes and kanyang you produce on this phone simply american 13 gigabytes ram, and apart from that ration, 120 hertz ultra Smooth display 64 mp nightscape camera wii 5000 milliamperes massive battery, so in the battery massive battery that and so much more candles, nothing so roomy, nine pro 5g absolutes and youre watching unboxed. Ladies Music, Music. Previous years, roomie 9 pro 5g is aurora green welcome. I lets embrace a new journey family information guide, the quick start guide and the smoke gel Music merediths, usb type c, cable at 33 watts long guys last year, 50 watts my own 33 watts very battery management, five thousand milliamperes compared to four thousand five hundred milliamperes Body exposure feast, your eyes on this beautiful, magnificent design from rumi looks familiar well actually mentioned something familiar.

So real me. Six now, speaking of the camera 64 mp last year, 108 mp main camera so divided by two 64 yuan. Oh no, on camera 64 mp main sensor, 8mp, ultrawide angle, lens and 2mp macro lens, watching dip sensor period, pyrobean steeper last year for young cameras, not sure why led flash is of the red means. The real me six again yes, ingredient back effect, aurora mono ray affects a liquid. It looks like a gem, no uh liquid, shampoo plastic, filling with like a semi premium, ion semi premium curved back very ergonomic. But yes, it still looks like a regular real new phone. Coming, i thought thats a really phone from uh six, seven, eight, nine really fun from the shape you can placement the camera and jump in gradient effect is telling us that this is really a roomy phone actually in 2022, its totally okay to have this kind of Design, but also compared to other mid range phones, its totally okay. It actually looks really cool so right now, fingerprint scanner is on a microphone. Headphone jack microphone, usb type support, and you cannot speak and the sim tray, which is a dedicated nano, sim card slot and machine hybrid card slot for expandability, either stuff on sim card or its an sd card, nice. Okay, so it opens. This is going to be a major surprise for all of you. Realme 8 pro fans out there cassettes ruby 9 pro i in the ambulance, guys at the pro i 6.

6 inch: 1080p full hd, plus 120 hertz, refresh rate display number making whites indigenous white. But yes, finally, miranda high refresh rate display 120 hertz spa in the united mobile legends states check that in now, personally, not if youre coming from an lcd display or hylanto, it is a very high resolution display sharpness of brightness coolant as a color pair. If youre, coming from an ammo display telegram guys im telling is 128 gigs of rome depends on selection ram expansion, which is five gigabytes and its going to transfer it and add it to the ram, which is eight gigabytes. So eight plus five is 13 gigabytes. Thats right, meron, 13 gigabytes just like that, with an upgrade upgrade. Also, this 2022. plus three plus two gigabytes of ram pero is just adjusting, which is but of course, pretty much the same as the other snapdragon 610, 55g or some medium graphics, center 30 frames per. Second, smooth noise setting 60 frames per second well, i suggest you buy the pro plus version were also uh, actually to be fair, no, it feels pretty much the same to me, details, quality and well. I think in a sense i dont think the camera here is like a massive difference feeling with the same lanyard. Megapixel is just there for marketing, but if you ask me right now is pretty much almost no, if not better than the roommate pro pero. Since real me for extra control and guys on the night mode, i put them zoom in and also ultraviolet thats, nice 30 frames per second 60 frames per second youll not be limit.

The snapdragon 695g 1080p 30 frames per second better going to get them on cinematographer. You can now vlog its totally okay, because at 1080p, 30 frames per second for most people is already okay. I doubt marathon without 4k, is iso shutter speed white balance. Now some video pedal limited class at 30 frames per second. So, oh well example a 16 megapixel selfie camera and uh, oh nice, very smooth, very detailed and the voice is not the best looking selfie camera i have tested. So how much is the roomy nine pro 5g? Eight one, two eight. Sixteen thousand nine hundred and ninety pesos on the srp but well same price, that im going to really improve. But if you want something better plus version of 50 megapixel sony, imx, 766 processor itll be the same camera. The oppo find x5 pro flagship. Smartphone metamatch has 60 watts, not charging 90 here super amoled and 500 000 points and two to benchmark by 5g. This is their ultimate phone in 2022., better off the next video in the end, by the way, item price, eight, two: five, six, twenty three thousand nine hundred and ninety pesos only yen possible real me, nine pro plus soap yeah. If youre interested check it out now nancy lazada shoppie and if youre interested the roomie nine pro plus my subscribe below, hit the bell icon so that you dont miss this full review of the real me.