Just gon na show you a little behind the scene of my new fpv. Video rafael is up there, just heading back up and im going to show you a little bit how we work together, how we got this incredible footage, what material we use so the gopro hero9 and the gopro max lets. Do it? Yes, Applause! I can drop fair, flip, yeah, okay, steam shovel – oh, that was good messed up a bit. The big stepper, but pretty tired, been filming 10 hours a day for three days, so lets check out the footage now: Music, foreign wow, foreign, Music, okay, guys, i just came down that supernally shoot stopped here, reset it on the battery lets go second part off honeydrop. So the drone crashed in three days of filming. That is the first time that rafa crashes, the drone hes a legend. Oh you got stuck buddy whoa lets go back down for one more awesome, im, sorry buddy! That was a very bad move to stop here. Okay, lets head to the last shot of the day. Lets do this one im gon na follow ralph see if he can ride with uh this crazy backpack, yeah, buddy, youre gon na need to put more tire pressure on that Music. Oh, look at this guy im super tired im hungry im over this lets. Get it done lets do it so dont huh, oh im done for today, yo yo, yo buddy. I think im done for today.

Last one was pretty good except the last jump, but thats. How she goes awesome, perfect. Well, no worries, i think it looks freaking awesome. The whole thing the whole time, so awesome ill wait for you at the fire road. Okay, thanks a lot guys for watching that video.