This is kind of new ive, never seen anything like this before its from a company called cobotix. They sent along some extra colored uh car body shells here got some white blue black and i think the one here is red, so lets get everything out of the box and see what we got. Okay, so got everything out of the boxes and packaging. So i didnt want to show you me unwrapping a bunch of plastic heres, the red version of the body, shell, nice and glossy uh yeah a little bit of some shocks here on the car. This is a different kind of rc car ive, never seen anything like this before heres the bottom, and you got some warnings, your qr code, so you need a real eraser app. So this reminds me a lot of the sort of the toy drones that youre that fly with those smartphone apps. I imagine this is probably using some sort of wi fi video back to a smartphone and i think um a screwdriver here, i think of maybe some batteries going there. I dont know what to find out here, but yeah. It looks pretty nice. You got a little fpv camera right here, looks like a i dont know. A pretty wide angle lens looks like and Music. We got some instructions here and i probably ought to look these over, but theres everything that comes with it got some got a headset or goggles, and then we have the rechargeable battery packs thats.

Probably what that screwdriver sort of to take that out. So you can charge it up and you get a charger controller, of course, and it comes disassembled in the box. Uh not a big deal. Just stick this on here and you got your traditional controls. You got your steering. Dual rates steering trim, throttle dual rates, and you have uh looks like a photo button here and a video button here so definitely give me that toy drone vibes. You got an auxiliary button here this on off switch here. There is a button here that i think releases this battery tray yeah. It looks like it uses. Four aaa batteries get a screwdriver for releasing the rechargeable battery in the car, and this is the usb charger that charges the battery a little lens cloth for the goggles, and this is what the headset looks like so standard its got. Three straps for your head looks like its got two lenses here and you got some lens protection here, so this is. This reminds me a lot of that uh, drone mask and okay button over here interesting lets. Just do okay, okay, i got some dial here and this okay, this adjusts the focus it looks like yeah, so you can use this to adjust the focus. The phone goes in in the in the ti in the front here so theres a button here, theres a dial here: okay, that just thats another focused adjustment here, so the phone goes in there.

It looks like this is as far as it opens and you got those lenses and lets see what this does here. This is uh, you know the top dial adjusts the the ipd or the the pupil distance. So you can adjust that and then these dials on the side are just to focus frontwards and backwards. So you can look at the screen but looks pretty nice pretty nice. Nice soft touch leather here so obviously put your phone in here, uh dont. Once you get the app and drive it fpv, so thats gon na be pretty cool. Heres um one of the shelves heres the silver one, its not as glossy as the red and some screws there to install it. I mean its a fairly durable feeling: shell, not flimsy theres, the black one, and then you have a white one and a blue one. All right lets go ahead and pop the battery outside got ta release this screw. Yes, this is just the door and the battery pops out and yeah, because the screw just does not come out, so you uh wont, lose it thats, good and yeah. The battery was just kind of sitting here like this, and i can pop up but theres a jst connector here and one over here on the battery thats, how you charge it as well. So obviously youre going to plug that in like so and then close up the door, i dont like the screws so much.

I wish uh something else would be there, but i guess thats the way they designed it and you have an on off switch over here. So go ahead, ill download the app and um ill give you some screen recordings. Obviously its gon na be hard to see what that looks like through the goggles because of the lenses um but ill. Give you my impressions on that and well drive it around see what kind of footage we can get. Okay. So before i get into the driving characteristics on the fpv of this car, do you want to let you know that i was not able to get my phone inside the goggles. My phone was just too big to get in here, uh, so theres a limit to the size of the phone you can use, and i know a lot of the phones. These days are kind of on the bigger side. So something to be aware of so im not able to really talk about how this works with the phone, because it doesnt work with my phone um. But i think i wouldnt id imagine that if you can get your phone here, the screen will look a lot bigger, be very immersive like a lot of these sort of vr type headsets. Another thing to note is that, in order to get the micro sd card out, you do have to take the shell off its on the inside here. Uh yeah thats a bit annoying because you have to take four screws out and uh to get that sd card out to look at the video, but the video quality isnt amazing uh its like 720p video.

The field of view of this camera is fairly narrow, so it just barely covers the front edge of the car if, when youre, just driving the car around a line of sight, its very controllable with the trigger control, of course, id recommend reducing the steering dual rate To as low as possible, if youre doing fpv, because if, if your, if your rate is too high, it just kind of darts back and forth really quickly and makes it kind of hard to drive fpv the camera itself in terms of the video quality, i think Its going to be better geared for more indoor use, we have more consistent lighting. I found that when you i use this outdoors when you go from sun to shade the video quality really suffered its kind of hard to actually drive this in outdoor lighting. So this is definitely gon na, be better, i think, for indoor lighting or somewhere we have more in more consistent lighting. The camera seems to be geared more towards indoor use, in my opinion, but you know you know im showing here with you. The video footage here indoors and outdoors as youve seen here and it is drivable uh and in both situations i just find that indoor lighting is a little bit easier and if you are going to be using the fpv mode, i would recommend reducing your steering dual Rate to as low as possible line of sight, it doesnt really matter as much.

If you want more agility, you know it will dart back and forth or whatever you know have as much radius. You want its still pretty fast and so like. I actually prefer to fly. I prefer to drive this um a little bit slower. It just makes the uh, because the video theres a little bit of lag in the video it just makes it a little bit easier to control and um, because the narrow field of view you cant, really see everything thats to the sides. So, overall, you know its its workable, but like a lot of like basically, these wi fi type cameras, video quality is pretty you know, so so my opinion, not the best video quality. Now, obviously, i wouldnt like to have seen a more expensive camera thats. Why im? At least a 1080p camera, if not higher, um a little bit better dynamic range and a wider field of view, i think than that, especially for fpv. The wider field of view is going to be very helpful in terms of controlling it via fpv, so thats gon na. Do it for this video got your questions.