You are shredding girl. This thing is really lit all right, so heres, my yrz crew. Here we have enzo m. We have full throttle: fpv, kai, crafted quads out of time fpv and keema newton. This is kind of my baby. Um i took old qx7 that i havent used in a long time took it apart, made it designed up this side place in the faceplate grabbed some arcade buttons grabbed the screen grabbed the vrx made a fpv flying arcade right here. We have this module on the side, this vrx and then you use the app to view it on a screen. This is analog, but if you also want to do digital, you can plug in um your dji goggles and use digiview or fpvy. So the control link that we have on this is express lores, its a newer control link, its open source, which makes it really cool and really versatile. So what we have is we have a five inch quad running express lrs in here, and we have a jr module on the inside connected to the controller. So this one just turns it on um the power button and then im hoping in the future that i can set this up uh to work with sim um and also work with actual retro games. So you can plug us in and actually use this like an actual gaming console, so these are actual just gimbals. Yes like what is this qx? What are the balls like? Are these actual arcade ones? No, so actually i have a resin 3d printer, oh thats, 3d printed yeah, so its uh i took actually the night before i came to rampage um.

I designed these balls theyre 35 millimeters in diameter, 3d printed them up and i glued a stand off inside of them. Its a smooth print too man, yeah yeah, its 3d printed. I havent flown with a screen in freaking forever. Its gon na be fun. If you guys want to see more of the internals and how we actually set it all, were gon na have kind of uh how we built this on our channel. Our channel is youngrippersfpv therell, be a link in the description to that channel. Make sure to go check out that channel, because we have some really fun vlog content and kind of crazy, so i think you guys will enjoy it so now were getting a live feed onto the arcade cabinet. As you can see, there is a little bit of latency, but its still flyable lets do it. I want to do it. Yes, you ready, for anybody else. Do these buttons do anything, no im not but act like youre, hitting them. Okay, yep there you go. Oh there we go theres a little bit of latency. You can feel it okay, he can feel latency. I guess for me personally, i cant feel lazy at all, so it wasnt an issue for me. Okay, try not to break it or kill anyone, yeah or kill anyone fill out. The video link fill out the video link. This definitely feels like its the 80s yeah. It looks like its 80s too.

It looks like it feels like an 80s video were back here at retro 88. Oh whats, my video doing oh, my gosh, maybe ill bring it back. Why is it getting so bad? It was fine. Now it started getting bad. Oh you got it. You got the one hand nice nice, nice man. How was that? How was that? It was uh, terrifying, terrified here we go taking off all right lets, go bubby got a gap. This kids got reflexes its in his blood. I want to try again now that i see whats possible. I didnt want to break it on my first drive, but on my second try i think i want to break it exactly man, thats thats, thats, the life theres. A full set of life is a good life. I love how the gimbals are creaking as youre using the cabinet. You know what i was gon na do. I was gon na make it ratcheting gimbals. I know i know. Oh, let me try. Let me try bobby give me a new battery out. I want to try again, i think, with a chair ill, do better im gon na have a power with this pipe. Okay, you want to one up me and maddie flip it. You got this yeah bro. If youve got video dive, the tower is that the tower, if youve got video, do it yeah lets hope this works its like old school, its not going to honestly joshuas going to be the best at this because he did play these old video style games.

So i used to have to go to the mall to mall whats, the mall, the mall. It was a football. A mall is a place its like amazon, but in a building really mm hmm, it seems like thats a lot of work, though yeah all right lets go ahead and go there. You go lets hope for no rx loss. I can barely see the gd. No, no! No, no, no, that was a full black screen were going to do. The batty were going to try the maddie youre going to turn the maddie heck lets go. I was losing video like bad badly Music, oh wow, so much latency, so much latency. I was trying to come over this pipe and just split s into the pipe, but then i was like oh im a little too low. I need to pitch back and throttle up and then, by the time i pitch back and throttle it up. I heard it smack the building and now im watching it approach the building and im like im like im. So far back in time. I know people are going to be like lol. Bard will crash it, but, like i literally i can fly, i can fly in a straight line. I am capable of that im going to really take it easy bartle. I have flown drones across the atlantic ocean in other countries, okay with the quarter. Secondly, youre saying your skype: sonic experience is going to really pay off.

I had seconds of latency thats my problem, bad. Its rough im so used to ultra low latency high performance control links again thanks to the dji digital fpv system available on this little monitor and then its a whole different thing. Youre hurting me: okay, hes got it hes in the air, oh hes, in the air. The videos gon na get real hes doing a roll hows, the video, oh it it starts getting sketchy about. There lets see what hes going to do over here. I cant tell if um the throttle is like weird curve or its just. It just feels weird because its stick doesnt it yeah. This is oh its fun, though man, its like a stock made a fight im so happy for you, okay, youre shredding, whoa Music, oh my god. If this really does feel like, like an old video game, the way that the resolution comes out yeah its like 260 turn left turn left yeah there. He goes yeah its like tony hawks pro skater right. This legit looks like a tony hawk were just going to say no ones singing that lady Music. Oh yeah, look at that power loop! Look at that power loop through this Music. Here we go come on. Ladies no, i love you. I lost video wheres turtle mode. Thats fun guys thats fun, it is, it is pretty fun lets. Take this sucker apart. Take that screen out get it just punch the back wall boom perfect.

All right. We got the back wall out the guard – oh my god, thats youre right, that is terrifying theres. So much electrical tape. I think that uh, the good measure of any electrical project is how much electrical tape there is and theres a lot. So first off another module right there, yeah happy model slim pro. This right here is actually thats. Bubbis power battery um rc car battery – and this is the main board from a qx7 yeah. I can try a chair and take it out. Will that come out? Oh thats, not bad! There. We go. Oh yes right. Yes, your standard main board for 2×7 um. It doesnt have a screen but plugged into gimbals right here um. These are also stock gimbals and then one switch um thats, just the arm thats our arm switch it plugs in, and then we got these arcade style switches here, which is so these are. These are 30 millimeter, arcade switches for this one. I just desoldered the tactile button that powers on the radio um. I soldered it to the switch nice, really cool, really cool. So what if somebody wants to make one of these for themselves uh? How could they follow? In your footsteps so ill actually post these plans, um and then on the yrz fpv channel. We will be posting kind of a breakdown um some build videos, um and kind of a walk through and talk through of how we made this and and kind of get other people going if they want to do that too.

Yeah young rippers yrz fpv channel linked in the video description. What does on fleek mean its a good question? No see heres the yeah heres the thing heres the thing about these kids: they have all these things, but they dont actually know what it means. Okay, true story: have we told you guys this story? This is a legitimately true story were driving down the road past exit and i saw it exit 69 and bubby. Just goes nice and im, like i didnt, do you do you know what that means, and he goes oh, its just a thing when you, when you see the number 69, you just go nice and im like, but do you know why its like its just a Meme dont, you know what a meme is. How do you not know about this im like no, i know what the meme is. I dont know if you know what the meme is: youre, like 4 20. hes, like yeah thats, another one, um, Music Applause. Okay, give me a give me a give me a power loop over the pipe under the pipe. Oh, you want, like you, did yeah yeah, oh yeah. No, i did the whole thing, not video. It was bad. Yeah dont go all the way on the other side, but yeah okay, yeah battery is just like yay fourteen thirteen, nine thirteen, eight thirty yeah battery at three point: oh my god, julie, youre good! I got ta get the power now land now land.

Now you get the power loop there yeah lets go. Oh, my split ass come on come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on r.i.p my battery game Applause, Music. After we told him, the video wont hold out yeah. I cant do it in time there we go okay, im getting it im, dialing it in hes, getting you sticking Music, thats cool; oh all, right bardwell, that was snazzy, bro thats, pretty all right! Rubiks cube; okay, okay, right on a fleece! Here we go, i mean were going to lose video and just lose it. No here were just going to move this closer yep there we go just closer. Oh we got, it were just moving it closer and not bad man, not bad. There were wires there, but there was i was like. Did it all right? Can i go under here? Oh no! No! No! No! You saved it one more time, one more time. Oh my gosh. Here we go okay, three, five: Music Music. You cannot retire bardwell. Okay. I like this thing again its not right like it again, well heres what i like about it when i first started flying every flight was a nail biter, because i didnt know what the hell i was doing. It was exciting. It was thrilling. Now i go to fly and im like yeah im having a im on an okay time yeah. This brings all that terror back to me again, i a slightly janky setup or like sketchy setup.

I think it adds a new level of fear and something you got to think about when youre flying. It also makes me really appreciate just how good old pilots like sharpu and the ridgy ogs were because they were flying with latency closer to this yeah, because their control links were crappy and they still did amazing things. Yeah episodes are over kids, getting the bus youre going to school, all right, theres, a great school project, a plus guys. Thank you. So much for joining. You want to check out more from the young rippers check the link in the description to check out everything that theyre doing. If youre new here hit the subscribe button and the like button to, let us know you had a great time guys im la drip and ill see you next time on rhoda riot Applause, Music, yall, sit down and be quiet were going to rip.