It was a little bit of a shocker, but i assume it was just dumb luck with this batch of arms i received they are four millimeters thick and a little thin in with so that’s understandable for a 560 grams quad. Overall. What i was very impressed with was the customer service. After my arm snapping, i contacted ready to sky. After contacting customer service, i received an email in a few hours and was sent a replacement arm with no questions asked reditosky was very supportive and backed up their product 100. On a side note before the incident, this frame flew very smooth and it felt very good evwn on stock beta flight pits. I was so happy with the overall build. I decided not to give up on it and epoxy the carbon edges, possibly hydro dip. The frame and keep it up in the air. Thank you ready to sky very pleased. First off, i know it’s a clone, but it’s only thirty dollars and i don’t have the budget to afford the actual nova frame, like any other cheap frame clone.