I am at my office by myself and i am getting ready for first friday, which is going to be tonight, but i wanted to remind everyone about a contest that i'm having for uh the ready set drone song and what i'm doing is basically asking people to Remix the ready set drone song and then send it to me now. People have done that a few people three and send it to me and i've got the final contestants. Those three who actually sent me songs are all set up and on youtube and the winner of the best song as voted by you, the audience is going to win a mavic air 2.. So it's a big deal to win that mavic air 2.. So basically, these guys have a 1 3 shot because there's only three contestants. What i'm asking you to do is go to the links below i've got three links: they're all unlisted videos on youtube, but they're public, but unlisted um. You go there and, if you like, the song give it a thumbs up i'm only gon na count the thumbs up. I'M, not gon na count, comments and i'm, not gon na count thumbs downs only the thumbs up. So if you like, the song, give it a thumbs up, and i will count the number of thumbs ups that are given to each one at the end of the contest and announce it during spin up on september 12th, announce who the winner is and give them The mavic air 2.

so again, three links in the description below go to each one, give them each a listen, they're all three different, unique styles of the song. I didn't want to say who the um authors of the song were, because i wanted it to be a fair contest and not a popularity contest, more of just uh, which song you like best so pick the one you like best, give it a thumbs up. If you like, all three give them all the all three thumbs up and the one with the most thumbs up, uh come spin up. September 12th will be the winner.