Saying send me your drone videos and let me review them and i thought i’d get about five or six people doing this, but wow. I was inundated with loads of different videos from you guys, and can i just say some of you have taken such great videos and it’s great to see that you’ve learned from this channel and using your own cinematography and taking some great videos anyway. So let’s go over the videos now i’m going to give you some feedback. Some tips go over some of the videos, don’t be disheartened or anything there’s, no offense there whatsoever. This is a learning curve for everybody, we’re, all learning so honestly, i’m. Not doing anything to have a go at anybody if there’s somebody’s, constructive criticism and i’ve picked 10 videos 10 of you featured on here, if you’re not on it, i will be doing follow up videos of this, so stick around to the end to find out how To get involved so let’s get into this right, desert drone pilot. Take it away. This is with the air 2s, so it better be good. Nice opener! I like the bars good top down shot nice Music. I love that look tight spaces. You always look good he’s. Asus nice good reveal shot there. That’S really good desert drone pilot good job, good job man there’s nothing, much really to say about that. Just try and keep it all of consistent speed. You sped up right near the end if it’s in music change then do that.

But aside from that, try and keep it all the same speed unless that music changes and there’s a reason overall, great job well done who’s next right, the next one in the philippines by bn, so let’s go find out. How good you are. This is with the mini 2 4k let’s go nice like that text, that’s good nice circle shot. I like that nice reveal shot. You see, as he’s turned the gimbal up towards the sun, brilliant nice bn, good job, that’s good. That again, the only criticism i would say is, although the sound effects was really good, just use ones which are actually appropriate for this scene. So the one with the church was brilliant and the one with the water. It was quite a harsh water, but you’ve got a really smooth, hardly any waves on that water whatsoever, so try and pick a sound effect for the water like a really smooth, rippling sound don’t have a large wave because it just doesn’t fit with that. But overall great job man, brilliant, so the next one is on instagram a guy flying his drone in denmark, so let’s take it away: Music, okay, Music, all right so i’m, just going to stop it there. I i denmark is a beautiful place and i like that, the sun sets in the distance just when you’re taking shots like this everything’s got to be smooth, so don’t, be too harsh on them sticks if you’re going to be doing a circle shot, do it, but Don’T keep doing the circle shot because we’ll all be dizzy, watching it so get a circle shot to start with and then stop find a different angle, start filming again, stop start again, stop but it’s a great location.

It looks really nice. I would just ease off on the sticks, put it into cine, smooth mode practice on your gimbal work and then you’ll get a lot better good job, though all right, this one’s by 76 sulaco. Sorry, if i get any of the names wrong, but take it away, that’s a nice opener everything looks brilliant when it’s close to an object that tight spaces has such a big impact. That’S a lovely top down shot there really good. How about this film? Which country resisting this looks nice that looks really sharp great quality there it’s a mini 2 as well excellent, good job 76, that’s great this nice and simple, like the music choice, everything was just smooth and cinematic really good, nothing wrong with that all right. The next video is by a guy called rahul, so take it away over to you wow. This is a good location. This looks nice wow. This is a good shot. Nice well done nice! Oh yeah, you see the cinematics it’s everything’s flowing perfect good sound effects, wow that’s the best so far mate well done well done – was that with the mini two well, that was good. I loved the sound effects on it as well. Everything was great. I wanted one more shot that shot where you’re just setting off in the jeep, and you fast forward into it, that’s great that and i think, you’re going over some trees as a top down shot.

The next shot would look excellent if you’re. Actually, the drone is going backwards and the cars going towards the drone so as you’re going towards the drone fly it backwards. So you’ve got a shot where it’s following the car you speed forward in the drone and then you actually pull back as the car is going towards. It that’d be a great transition for all three, but you got two of them nailed, but that the whole part of it, the color grading, the sound effects wow. That just shows you that you can use your own camera and a drone together and you’ll get amazing results. Excellent, great job there well done so. The next one is by this is cornwall, and this is a stunning place in the uk and i’ll be really jealous, because you’ve got some awesome beaches compared to where i am but take it away. Wow is that cpl filter that’s good, look at them blues very nice, oh yeah, excellent it’s all flowing nicely, so i mean there’s, nothing, jerky, no jerky movements, everything just transitions into the next scene, good sound effects. This is cornwall excellent wow. Is that just let me know in the comments was that a cpl filter or is that what it actually looks like out of the drone, that is amazing, dji mini 2 spot on absolutely brilliant? Well done all right! Next video! This is titled four seasons in switzerland, switzerland, again a stunning country.

But what actually made me intrigued about this title is it’s from the original dji mavic mini, so let’s just see how good this is. I’M, loving the consistency there’s, so many good sound effects being used as well. You know you guys need to be doing what this i’m doing i’m. This is brilliant! Oh good, shot! Nice whoa! Look at that bridge. What actually go on that? Oh man! This is good. Oh, that is excellent. Well done again, sound effects, the cinematics getting close to buildings. It has such a great impact, but i was filming the mavic mini the first one. It just shows you you do not need the top of the line, best drones out there. This is on the first mavic mini that bridge. Do you know one thing that could have been added onto that, so you’ve got the reveal shot of the bridge. Here then you’ve got. Is it you or somebody walking across it and then a another shot there at the bridge, if you just even in a quick shot, just have the drone circling around you or a helix, whilst you’re walking over that bridge a quite a far out shot showing you That bridge with the amazing landscape that just looks stunning, but the shots you’ve got just to start with, are excellent. Overall perfect i mean the last i mean they’ve all been good so far, but the last three videos have just been absolute, unbelievable right next, one i’m.

Sorry, i can’t pronounce your name, but this is a hospital it filmed on instagram. So let’s have a look at this one. Take it away! Good luck! Okay, so is this like a or where you work or something it’s like a pull out shot of the hospital? You can tell it’s sunsetting or it’s golden hour. It’S a nice shot got sunset, that’s nice, all right great! I mean it gets the point across that is that is that an advertisement for the hospital? Do you work there overall? Well done man great a few little points for you if you’re going to be having text like what you’ve got on the black bars here, just make sure it’s lined up because it’s not straight so, if you’re going to be potentially using this for the bit. For the business or selling it, it needs to be straight that it’s all off center um. Aside from that, though, you know it’s good, i would just maybe have a a few more actual different compositions of that hospital. So you’ve got you’ve, got the first shot here, where you’re close by and you’re pulling out a bit here and then you’ve got a far distance one. You could maybe have one in the distance even more and then show a bit more of the beach. It seems to be quite close to the beach doesn’t. It show a bit more of the area as well or some of the area around it.

So overall, good job, mate, yeah well done all right. Next one is pie, rob the drone guy, so let’s. Take this away. Whereabouts. Is this film? What city is this from? Let me know. I mean it’s good that you got a signal like this in this area, because there’s a lot of tall buildings just slow everything down a little bit: the the panning movements but nice. What a gorgeous city! This is some great buildings, but yeah good job, just slow everything down a bit so with your gimbal movements, have every gimbal movement, so it’s, not in the frame. So if you’re, turning location or you’re moving the gimbal on purpose and it’s, not a smooth pan cut. All them out so at the start of it here you can see that gimbal drops that shouldn’t be in. You need to actually cut that out and i have a transition into that with, like a cross dissolve or a fader black or just a straight clear cut, cut them out and if you’re going to be turning the drone again, if it’s not on purpose – and you Just want to change a different angle or location cut, all them out, so we don’t we don’t, want to see anything like that. It needs to be absolute cut to perfection, so we don’t see any sudden movements or jerky movements of the drone that’s to improve on either. This is actually great um, but if you want to actually keep progressing, just try and cut out any of that jerky movement.

So it’s all fluid and it transitions perfectly into each different scene and what i would do with this area here. You’Ve got some stunning buildings like this building. Here with you can see that clock on it just have a circular movement or actually pan around it and show the whole area rather than just one straight line overall good job, okay and last one is by drone shots on the dji mini 2. So take it away, no pressure, you see that see that reveal shot, it’s excellent point down on something and then all you’ve got to do is pull back on the gimbal and then turn the gimbal upwards. Excellent reveal shot really good Music nice and then he sped up at the end that’s good nice. What area is that in? Let me know in the comment, which varies that from one one point on that you can spend a bit too long on one scene. So this shot here is a perfect example: you’ve got the top down shot, and then you reveal the scene once that scene is now revealed. You can see that stunning town and the mountain in the background then change the scene on them on like a beat of the music, so let’s do a pan shot so around the whole area. Well, let’s see what else is around this sea? Is any boats do different shots? You can spend a bit too long on one area, but it it’s a stunning area and it’s great, and i like that.

You’Ve used that uh fast foot fast forward at the end of it as well, but just try and choose a few more scenes and make this whole area into a 30 second clip showing the whole area off rather than 30 seconds on just that one area there. Overall, great video and a really stunning area to let me know where that is that’s nice. So thanks so much for sending them in some great efforts and it’s so good to see everyone having such great fun and using this drone to the best of its ability. Taking some great shots, we’ve seen on that mavic mini one still able to produce amazing content. Look i want to do follow up videos of this, because i know how popular it is. So if you want to be involved again, what i want this time is: i want another 30 second video, any dji drone you can use edit it to either the best of your ability, but everyone is a beginner at some point, so i will show videos whether You’Re, a beginner or advanced i’ll just pick them all at random. The challenge for this one is: you have to edit it upload it to youtube. You can either keep it private and just send me a link to it. That’S, absolutely fine, but the music has got to be non copyright music, so you could use no copyright sounds or a different youtube channel i’ll do non copyright, music or you can use youtube’s audio library as well, but it’s got to be one of them.

So then it’s fair for everybody, because some videos might look better because it’s got a really decent soundtrack and someone else is using a really crappy sound. But so let’s have it fair and then go into instagram. Follow the disney five on instagram and then send me. The link to that youtube, video welcome to everybody who featured so thanks.