Cows check it out guys. Here we are back again with the ramen ater and the ATCC engine. I think my wife's gon na try to take a turn at the ramen ater today. Oh, this is a true look at how large, since the last video with the fifth scale boss here I've gone ahead and oiled this I'm a pipe that way it's going to help prevent against any rust. Everything has been basically tightened and updated. I did switch the gearing in this giant truck to a 30 tooth opinion and a 22 spur gear, which means it's the gon na go as fast as it can, although this is only the second tank of fuel engines like this, you normally, you know, I see About five six tanks through them to see the ultimate also my truck is stretch two inches longer than the original stock truck and my love, I see your shoes match the color of the truck today and so does your dress and so awesome. Well, I'll get this warmed up and we're going to do a speed test for you guys today. Okay, consider this your fair warning, ear plugs in volume buttons down or else all the real men can just leave it where it is. This is easily the loudest RC vehicle. I have ever heard: Music yeah, Music Applause. No one understands they're, like oh, my 19, pound Traxxas x. Max, will kick that things asked well earned road rash right there, okay, RC max! You need to build a thicker beef.

You roll bar for the pipe, although it did save the pipe yay mission accomplished. I say we leave it. Yeah Music there's a lot of power there Wow it can barely focus on it. You guys say it needed a two stage: transmission, but it's like watch. The power band kicked in it's like halfway across the field. Already I need that dual rear suspension back there just from the amount of power it's transferring to the ground Music, trying to pull it higher off to the ground. Halfway like across the field when they picked in here, we go, I run out of room so I'm still running it fairly rich, because this is only the second tank Music. Oh insane it's a lot of power I'm used to handling this much power, but not outside of my own body. Can'T even get the serger okay, I'm gon na go super far away and try to get full throttle towards that. Good luck, yeah that's! As far distance like that's God that's at least 150 yards here, we go powerband. I did not get it. Thank God. I have those sway bars over there. I'Ll come towards us. It'S got way way too much: power, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause in like powerslides as its accelerating because they can't get the proper traction. The trees, an amazing engine, Music I'll, try to do a little jump. We'Ll get on this side, turn it around and then I'll jump the other side here: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, I'm, a little nervous; Music, Oh Music, Applause, Laughter, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

So one thing I got ta say after that successful jump. Can you see me alright? Let me move around this way. Only one thing I can say it is not like driving an eighth scale or six scale, or I guess this is a fifth scale, but like normally I can tap the brakes and the rotating mass will help me bring my nose forward. This thing is so heavy that you pretty much got to hit the ramp perfectly and let off the throttle at the right time, or else it just kind of wants to pull back with the tall gears I'm. Not really surprised to see that. But I was kind of hoping to eliminate it, but there's not much torque twist in the first half it's, almost like stage one of the engine and then when it hits power band. It takes off and I'm, not even hitting the jump at power band. But I need lots more practice before I do that let's keep going. Oh did you turn off the kill switch right here on the handle of sorry. I should have mentioned that part right now: Applause, Music, the first time driving the ATCC 80 pounds of mom pickup, Music, she's, hesitant more gas whoa easy on the turns. Love hey, I know, are you okay, you're not responding to me it's very intense, to drive? Yes? Yes, I know a lot of people don't get it. Do they it's terrifying. If you hit us, it may will kill one of us.

Good luck throttle down. We want to see action. Music, alright, I'll! Take that from you. Are you, okay? I think you're having a breakdown you drove it before, though, but not with the ATCC machine yeah. What did you just say? Yes, that's adrenaline, yeah, yeah, that's adrenaline, so I'm, not gon na be able to find out how many Bushnell's it goes because it is way too fast to be pointing a radar going at it. But I will use an app on my iPhone strapping this to the top of my laminator will make this about 9500, for you guys, instead of my 132 dollar Bushnell gun, it says maximum speed in kilometers per hour I'm, Canadian, a to a terrifying machine that's the Way as long as I don't roll it over, it should be fine switch Applause, that's like as far away as I can get it ready. Three two one easing into the throttle: Music Applause, Music. I could not get the full throttle as soon as it starts to balance over one goes bold, yeah there. It becomes very challenging this to control because of the power band on it. Okay, here we go floating Applause, but what is it report now in my yard? It was going almost 60 kilometers in our yard, in our yard. That'S crazy, fast yeah, but all I could do is get to half throttle. I couldn't even I couldn't. I need like a long straightaway like a runway but like with the power it just starts to twist in torque, so to keep it straight is incredibly challenging, let's lean it out and see if we can get a little more power out of it.

I leaned out the high end needle one sixteenth of a turn: Applause, Music Laughter yeah, far away as I can go here. Eddie good luck, 3, 2, 1; full throttle right now or just wants to go towards the tree: Music; Applause, Music, Laughter, Music, Applause, Music Applause. Oh Music Applause well with dual shocks: they bent bullshark shafts, dude that's. What you get for putting on a show, I busted my cage. I busted my shock tariffs. Amazing, absolute amazing jumps, rollovers, broken parts screaming audience, exhausted earplugs. That was insanity. I am going to call it quits right there. Did you hear that pop? I wonder where that came from we'll have to check it out, but guys, hopefully you enjoyed it. Leave us a comment. Let you let us know what you think: yeah I'm, always the farthest away from the shop. I was gon na end it there did we end it. There that's, not sure that's, not true monster, true monster truck fashion until you get break it completely right. Can I put you, can I put you in charge of of doing the slow motion jump, the big one for these guys: Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, not going anywhere not going anywhere that's, not good, and now we're farther away from. I thought I was gon na. Do a final, huge jump for you guys that I went to run it around and uh. Are you filming me filming you filming it with paradox, it's gon na start something weird here, not sure what's gon na happen hop to investigate a little more.