Are you ready to see brother, your first time look at this that's, pure Canadian flannel right there that large a lot Wow? Yes, man body, is all hooked up after the install is done. It looks like a rocket ship now with that coming out the back right. So I did install the wheelie bar I'll get into it here in a moment to show you how we did that this is the rear, roll cage that protects the tip of the pipe which is just attached by the hardware that's included it's. A little tiny P clip that wraps around and you bolt it to the cage and then just into the back bolts here. So we do, we do need to put in the proper breather hole for the gas tank instead of my little plug there. Since now I have it and we should get this thing – braaap yeah, let's, take this off. We'Ll show you what it looks like inside all I'm gon na do is just slide this back and up, and you get to see the RC max for all. It is worth yeah it's. Not often we get to see something this amazing or you can. You believe, we're gon na have to get this dirty today, it's too, pretty just a profit just just to do it. So I did do the double shocks here. I did. Do the double shocks, if you guys are doing the wheelie bar there are – you can put it into the top thread right here and also there is a pre drilled hole in the frame already that another screw will go to right there as long as your callers Aren'T in the way you shouldn't have any problem which mine, aren't and any eighth scale tire can fit on the back there.

Mr. Everett, this is actually Mike Taylor's personal. This is the prototype wheelie bar that he is making yeah. So, if you're gon na have this kind of power, if you saw the last video where I tore the crap out of my wife's RAM inator, it was important to have one of these. So I also see that Jay s performance came out with a new bumper and wheelie bar, and I was too busy looking at that buddy well yeah I don't even I don't take my eyes off of this engine: carbon fiber yeah! Well, you know, and bypassing this is another Jas performance thing I got off of the RC max website. This is one of the weakest points on the RAM inator that I found this and these these horns for steering they seem to. Even though this is tight over here, I can definitely get some play out of it so wouldn't mind cinch in that outfit. These are beautiful. Okay, so here is the breather install. I didn't show this I did put in a plug. I didn't see that this was actually in the kit of hardware for the engine, so I want to make sure people see that also, if you're going to be using the primal, RC kill switch. Look on the bottom. This is the bottom of the onoff switch you're. Going to want to make a cable to come, the black cable, negative, cable up to the back of the RC max button right there, and then that will act as your kill switch.

Just short sit this shorted, oh that's, right! So pretty. Are you ready to start it wires? That'S right, oh that's, a shot right there, what a beauty but end of that! Try without an ass on that sucker what a rear end really gorgeous enjoy that shot later you're gon na edit out the sizes he's laying on it. How many are sees you can just lay on as a good full grown man full grown man, child already, we're, ready, buddy Applause, Music Applause, Applause, Applause, loud okay, for your own safety, get yourself some earplugs and put them on right now see you stole my better. Those are my Springs. I ordered Italian boat I'd order them on eBay, yeah Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, yeah, running real, rich, okay, so stock needle settings are one and a half turns out on the high anvil and, of course, break in process new elevation. How many feet above sea level, no clue so different oxygen ratio and so it's just a matter of getting tanks through it and tune in it to where it goes, yeah, yeah Applause. Another thing I want to mention is: I actually have the extension. You change the gearing to Music, don't Bobby on he's, an animal Music Applause managing it over there. Thank God we had to kill switch. Put in a let's, see what happened. Aha, the cable stay came out right in this area. You can see through the hole right here, yeah right here, the cable came out so somehow I got stuck at full throttle there, so we need to figure out, like I'll, zip, tie this cable stay to this to this bracket right there and keep it in place.

Hey, I ever just noticed something interesting about the RAM inator. Here is the sway bar on the chassis. They got a little hole, that's cut out there, but if you look on top you'll see it's kind of bending it out so on the front. They'Ve got these nice little perfect round pieces that really doesn't do any damage show them on this side right here, yeah, you can see it's eating it here, eating right into the chassis. We need to get some sort of like plate and like stick it over here to help strengthen that up, like maybe a metal plate there. Okay, so we're leaning this down I've got it to about one and a quarter on the high needle and we're, leaving the low needle, as suggested by Mike at a one and a half turns out so far. The road will be different, yeah yeah, because we have different oxygen levels here. I think we're going to have to go even leaner on the high ready rock here plugs everybody put on your ear plugs it's the loudest one I've ever heard, it's like a straight just a straight plate. Music. Wake up, we don't even have one Music Applause: the powers of Music, Music, Wow Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, that's. The loudest thing I've ever heard in my life for an engine you're saying, is Laughter: Music, Music Applause, Music. I think if I didn't have dual frost on here, I think the dual is also helping prevent it from Pat walking as well: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, okay, let's, talk suspension for a second.

Everybody says that my suspension is too stiff. I have never seen a monster truck soak up jumps. It'S poor purpose is to get up high in the air yeah stiff suspension, Applause, Music, Laughter, Music Applause, Music Wow. I can't imagine what will be biting me. Like my foot tank five Wow. They like powered flight Music, Oh hit, the kill switch. I don't know let's see what happened. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, this the pipe is somehow backflip style. Yeah, oh that's gon na be harder than a month. Yeah no it's, not oh there you go, then what was it all the kill switch said. It was hit so I'm ready to go. It says: okay, that's, cool Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, incredible, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Laughter. What the hell I'm so glad I got a wheelie boy, Music, Music Applause and my break support working for now, but it is the coolest thing I've ever seen, Laughter. What did you say? What did you say? I want to try get it over that pile. You said you want to go slow or the pile they don't want slow, but we got to learn yeah. I know I'm, like literally shaking right now, because they don't know how much power this thing has. Well, it is back what do you think yeah it's? Definitely an insane monster, I don't know if I've touched a cooler RC my life, we still like, we only have one tank of fuel through this truck.

We knew it was windy today, and we know I wasn't pulling a lot of catwalks, but again with the double suspension in the back, as well as having a longer vehicle plus I'm running the stock gears in there lots of lots of different things. We can do with this. We know we're gon na see it going even faster I've got dude I've got it wasn't a lot of run time either. I have to get way more practice now.