They sent me three different kv versions of these 1002 motors. As you can see here, they sent me the purple and teal colored motors also are these are available in orange? I believe i think these uh teal and purple slash pink motors, definitely look a lot nicer. I decided to put mine on the uh nazgle or the baby nascar from iflight and this ones the 19000kv version uh. They also sent along the 22 000 kb version and the 14 000 kb version, yeah, teal, blue and pink is actually the name of the color um i will put. I will have those in a future video and actually im going to ask you for some input on what to put them on uh. Some possibilities over here. Ill show you, those later but heres what the motor looks like as with all rcn power motors, pretty good quality in terms of the materials and construction and the bearings are very smooth. The motor wire is soldered onto a pcb there on the bottom. As you can see, this is the length of the motor wire with a standard motor plug comes from a lot of whip boards, so it was just basically a street uh swap on this model, and while i was at um doing the swap i might as well Swap the board out, so i put in the new blitz board here. This one has the um express lrs built in receiver, but the boards almost the same dimensions here as the one that was uh on here uh stock, which is the freeze guy version, and so i just swapped it in along with the motors and the props.

So these have originally came with um. These were the 0802 17 000 kb motors and im using the same props, but the prop shaft is now a one and a half millimeter prop shaft. So on the um iflight motor uh, these 0802s came with a one millimeter prop shaft. The these rcn power motors come with a one and a half millimeter prop shaft, so you need the one and a half millimeter uh, prop shaft hole for the same props im using the same prop here to kind of keep things um sort of the same on The testing this is the jam fan uh 1610, the 1.6 inch or 40 millimeter propeller and uh with the one and a half millimeter prop shaft. So i guess its important to note all the weights here so im going to show you some of the weights. The quad before with everything with the 0802 motors was 25.85 grams uh. The 0802 motor with the prop was 2.14 grams and then the 0802 motor by itself was 1.93 grams. So when i swapped everything out with the new 1002 motor and the new ifly board, the weight went up to 28.33 grams. The motor and prop by itself was 2.78 grams and the motor by itself no prop was two and a half grams, so basically um. What youre, seeing here with the new, updated flight controller and motor the prop went up or the the weight went up about two and a half grams total uh.

Obviously the kv increased from 17 000 kb to 19 000 kv, so those are all the differences. Obviously the camera is, the same frame is the same. It was pretty easy to swap it and i did have to resolder the um battery plug here. Just use the same one that was on the other board, just desoldered and soldered to the new board and then plugged in the mirrors and then just screwed right in and they have the same, screw hole, pattern and screw hole size. I think its the 1.6, its an m 1.6 screw. They do include the a set of screws for the motor, but i just used the uh screws that came on the frame for the iflight motors, so its again, its a street swap in really uh pretty easy to do now. If you go back and look at the video on the baby, nozzle ill link that, in the video description on the 0802, 17 000 kv motors and the setup here using the same battery uh 1s 450, which just goes into the bottom like so, and this plugs In the back when i was testing that out uh based on two types of flights, i got um. I think im roughly around two and a half minutes to three minutes on aggressive flying on that setup and about five to six minutes. Im just kind of cruising around like less aggressive flying, this 1002 motor is less efficient. So if youre, just looking at flight time uh, you probably want to stick with the 0802, because the flight time went down to right, roughly 215 to 230 in terms of the aggressive flying and then the non aggressive flying uh yielded about three and a half minutes Of flight time, so maybe like a minute more um again, you know pretty calm conditions and it wasnt any wind here and it wasnt flying exactly the same.

I think before the test was in a parking garage, so you know take with a grain of salt, but the bottom line is this: motor here is less efficient than the 0802 motor, but its a bigger motor. So with the wider stator youre going to get more responsiveness and a little bit more power, because the overall theater volume is larger so for that little bit of extra weight that you gain um this motor, i think you know. Basically, if you wanted in a nutshell, in my opinion, what youre trading flight time for in this situation is a little bit more of a fun factor for this motor, its more responsive and in the lower end of the throttle. So you can make kind of more maneuvers and, if youre doing more flippy, floppies acro freestyle, that kind of stuff this motor is definitely going to be better power, loops, etc. Its just a more responsive motor, all around than the 082 motor. Just you just feel like its a little bit more locked in you have more control all around but, like i said, youre giving up flight time in exchange for that fun factor. So you know its a trade off right. So if youre, one of those guys thats more about flight time that dont really care about um, you know doing acro tricks, then i would stick with the oe2 motor. But if you want something a little bit more aggressive, more uh, something with a lot more control.

A little bit more power um, just basically again, you know the fun factor is increased here now, theyre saying that the power is um increased by fifty percent over the 0802 uh. You know, i would say yeah its probably about right. The power is mostly in the. I think in the low end of the throttle, not really in the high end of the throttle, um and thats because of the wider stator you just that extra power gives you more responsiveness, more control of your flight. So this feels even though its like this. This things super tiny weighs about 28 grams um yeah its just. It just feels like a much more locked in quad compared to the oe2 setup, but again that youre giving a flight time for that enjoyment factor. So it really kind of depends. You know if youre, okay, with a two and a half minute three minute flight on the 450, just you know, get more batteries and swap batteries more often and and have more fun. But if you want more flight time, if you want to go far fly farther away whatever, then, yes, that would stick with the 082, so thats really the bottom line between the two set ups. But i i like this motor. This is a good motor im kind of curious what the other kbs are going to feel like. So i have some choices here. Thinking about upgrading the this is the 0802 uh 20 000 kv motor on this happy model.

This is the mobile 7 1s hd with the hd camera, so im thinking its going to be going from 20 000 to 22 000 kb, but im gon na probably get less flight time for this setup here, but maybe a little bit more control um. You know in tight spaces thats, probably what im thinking the trade off might be. I might might go to the my i might take the 19 000 kvs off of this one and put them on here. Instead, what do you think would be better? Nineteen thousand on this one or twenty two thousand on this one. Let me know in the comments and then the fourteen thousand is going to be more fortunate, so im thinking maybe um putting it on the smart 16 here. These have 0803 motors at 11, 000 kv on a 2s setup, and then maybe i would go to the oe um theyre, the 1002 motor uh 14 000 kv on it to a setup. It looks like you ought to solder the motors on this one here or i have another frame. I may actually build another one. So what do you think of that idea? Let me know in the comments below um, but thats going. Those are going to be in a future video and im, not sure exactly when its going to kind of come of its going to be based more on with the kind of input or feedback. I get here in the comments on this ill show you the two flights i did here on this guy um.

First, the uh non aggressive or the aggressive flight and then a non aggressive flight. Um yeah, you know actually ill just link those in the video description. So you can click on those uh. You can watch them and see what the flight the flying is like. If you want to click those videos theyll be down in the video description.