It does come in four different configurations, and the one i’ve got here is the i3s. With the 720p video camera and 2 megapixel photo camera there’s three other configurations as a standard one without any camera, there’s an i3h with altitude hold and an i3hs with altitude and the camera. So that would be the the model i have plus outside held, but the one i have does not have altitude hold. So this is what the quad looks like it’s, an all plastic frame. You got uh some seven millimeter motors here, they’re geared and uh. The props on here are three bladed: 65 millimeter props and the the frame has these plastic um prop guards, so it’d be kind of good to fly this indoors and also around like things like pets and kids, and not have to worry about too much about uh Cutting people with the props the frame is quite flexible, as you can see here: it’s it’s, all plastic, so it’s, pretty light, so let’s see how it flies with that amount of movement. Here’S the battery bay in the back here uses a micro elusive connector. This uses a 1s 350 milliamp hour battery got a small video camera here in the front it’s a very narrow field of view, as you can see, it’s in between the two um prop guards here, but the pop guards don’t really show up in the video, because The field of view is so narrow, um, obviously i’m, not flying a pv, so that’s, probably not a big problem, but if you’re doing it for a video you’re going to have to probably be far away.

If you want to get some video – and you can see here – there’s a micro sd card slot here on the bottom and i’ve – got a 4 gigabyte micro sd card in here to capture some video and photos and there’s. Also, a microphone here on the bottom to capture the audio. The battery just goes into the back here like so and just plug it into turn it on just come with a usb charger, some extra pops and a screwdriver pretty standard there here’s a quick look at the manual uh it does. This now does cover all four configurations, so there’s going to be um certain things that aren’t going to be applicable to your model. So you have to look for the the one that indicates which model you have and that’s pretty pretty standard for toy grade, quadcopter there’s. Actually not a whole lot to this model, so go over the transmitter here, real quick! You get a throttle and yaw on the left here and uh pitch and roll on the right, it’s, a pretty small but not super small transmitter. You get a uh photo button here, uh a rate switch here on the left, and then you got a video here and flip button. Here you got a button here for your light um. I think this here is for either auto return or headless mode. It wasn’t too clear in the manual and there’s your on off switch. You got a trim button here for forward and back and left and right, there’s no trim for the yaw, and it just uses two double a batteries for the back.

The binding procedure is pretty simple: you just plug it in to give it power, and you see the blue lights flashing. You turn on your transmitter and then you just throttle up and throw down and then you’re bound, and you can see that the props are spinning. So that’s about it to Music the overview and so we’ll go ahead and give it a fly and i’ll show you the line of sight footage as well as the footage from the video camera. Okay. I’M. Here at the park i’m, just gon na do a quick flight demo it’s a bit windy, so i’m gon na actually start this off in the higher rate and we’ll start the video a little look at it pretty stable, even in the uh higher rate there’s. The wind kind of comes and goes it’s coming from the direction i’m facing currently is he’s much faster. Going that way. Oh it’s, pretty windy, it’s, not not too bad. Sorry, there’s only seven millimeter motors and you got the extra weight of the prop guards. Let’S try. Some flips, oh it’s, pretty hard to control in the wind. Here there that’s a little bit better. There we go Music, so Music. Why is pretty predictably once you account for the wind Music Music supposed to give my five minute supply time, but almost full throttle here? Music, all right, let me uh land it and make sure i got some video okay, i just bounced it off the tree there nice another hit tree hit.

There see how precise i can be with this. Oh closer here: Music, Music, actually pretty controllable, all right, that’s! The third rate that i’m on right now and my battery’s about to die we’ll just keep going until the battery’s dead ran into myself still going Music and that’s about it for the battery call it quits there there’s uh some gardening going on in the background. Hopefully, you can hear me, i think this is actually not a bad model to try out for you beginners out. There who’s got these prop guards and you thought i hit trees and stuff and landed on the ground and kept on going. I didn’t have to actually stop my flight. Uh let’s see what the video looks like, but i think it’s pretty good conditioner as i expected to be pretty pretty good. Um it’s, like i think, there’s like 25 bucks, or something like that. So it’s not too unreasonable to try out, if you’re, just trying to get into some quads and it’s a pretty good model. If you wanted to get some a little bit of video too so anyway, guys hope you like this little review. Let me know if you have any questions and i’ll talk to you guys.