This is an amazing product to enter into a drone flying hobby. I am truly impressed with the customer service provided by leom astr. I have purchased and reviewed many products here on amazon, but this has been by far the best experience ever now to the leoma ster review. It is fun to fly. Setting it up is easy, unlike other drones, in this price range. The controller communicates with the drone quickly that makes pairing and setup extremely simple. I seriously don’t think it can get any easier than this in terms of flying. I found that it works quite well. The cool thing is that the round protector surrounding the tiny propellers protects it from most common impact damage. After a few landing takeoff practices, i was able to land it on a small target every time, Music. Speaking of landing. There is a small button on the controller that gently and automatically lands the drone. If you are flying and start to panic thinking, it is about to crash just press that button and it will land gently Music. While i use this button several rhymes when i was first learning how to use the l e o m a s t e r, i now land it while using only the joystick controllers. I work with several students and have let them use the l e o m. A s. T e r.