My name is randy thomas and today, im going to be reviewing the action mini camera g007. I found this bad boy on amazon for 27. Can you really get a good camera for 27 were going to find out right after this? Okay? So lets go ahead and unbox this and take a look at it and see what it says so, im gon na go ahead and cut it open here. If i get my knife in it cut it open like that. Fill this back and lets go ahead and open it up and see what it looks like here. Oh i got stuff coming out. The bottom of it too so well put this to the side over here. Okay, well, heres, the little camera heres the little camera right here. That thing is tiny, tiny little camera your uh sd card goes over here. On this side, you charge your charging. Port is right here, uh, i dont know if you can see that or not theres. The charging port lets see. If it comes with a cable okay, it did come with a cable, so we can charge with it and it looks like it come with an extender there. They come with some clips, so you can mount it to some stuff that come with that clip, and this clip here dont know what these clips are for yet looks like it comes with a lanyard as well, and it comes with some double sided.

Sticky mounts probably for this one here i would say yep so there for this one here to be able to double side, sticky tape it down, and then, of course it comes with the instruction manual and it also come with some kind of card. Thanking me for uh doing this so lets go ahead and read the instructions and see what we got to do to get it set up. Okay, so we got the instruction manual here. Lets open it up and see what it says: um, okay, charging! The camera will be charged uh why the camera may be charged while recording, so you can be charging it and record. At the same time, the built in rechargeable lithium battery may be charged in the following ways: connect usb cable to computer, connect, usb cable to a five volt charger and plug it into an electrical outlet or connect the usb cable to a power bank. And it goes on to tell me about the red flashing indicators as its charging, and things like that. Okay, so it says attention when cold the battery can discharge faster. It does say that i need to put an sd card in it: thats 32 gigabytes, a class 10 sd card, and it needs to be formatted to fat32 or just fat for a mac computer um all right. So we take care of that and it looks like its got a charge for about an hour. So let me go ahead and hook it up and get it charging and well be back ill.

Save you the hour. Okay were back now and its fully charged and ive actually already taken it outside. I put an sd card in it and ive already taken it outside and done some recording, and i got ta say you know it looks pretty good uh to be a 27 camera. This small, it looks pretty good. Let me go ahead and play both videos for you. I did both the 720p and the 1080p recording im going to play both of those in their entirety and then well be right back to and ill give you my final thoughts on this particular camera. So here i am outside testing this little camera out and its about 4 30 in the afternoon. Something like that and uh. So im testing it out to see how good it films, im standing in front of my house and back in front of my garage so well just see, have to see how it looks so im going to pan you around and let you look at some of The trees and the colors of them im. Sorry, if im wobbly uh this thing dont have a stabilizer on it. Obviously, but uh lets just go ahead and pan around real slow and get some of this right here there we go so well just have to see how good this looks. This is in 1080p, supposedly high definition and ill also make a video in uh the other uh options it has as well and well just take a look at them and see how good they look.

So this is 720p uh and were testing it out as well. Standing in the same spot so lets go ahead and pan around and lets just see just how good this one films that take a look here, im trying to hold it as steady as i can im sorry if its wobbly, i cant, see it as im filming It so we dont really know what its going to look like, but there it is, and so again this is the 720p and the other one was 1080.. So lets just go back in and take a look and see just how good they look. Okay, so those videos were really good. I think you have to admit that for a 27 camera thats, this small, that you could easily mount on any plane, helicopter, uh, rc car or anything like that. This is pretty good and its even got a built in microphone, which i was unaware of, and so that makes it really really good, so yeah. I would give this camera. I would give it probably three and a half out of five stars and heres. Why? Because when i was charging it, the cable that they sent with it, you have to when you plug it in you have to kind of play with it a little bit and it doesnt go all the way in. Let me show it to you: there see it doesnt go all the way in now. I dont know if thats normal or what, but then i have to kind of push it back.

I have to kind of push it down a little bit for it to start charging and the little red light starts flashing on top of it and itll flash until its fully charged. Then then it will turn solid red uh, but only because of that you know because thats a little bit of annoying it took it took me several times. I would go by and it wasnt even charging at all. I had to move the cord and then start charging and id go by and it wasnt charging so because that im going to take a star and a half away from it. But i would give it three and a half stars for the quality uh. I think its a really good camera im definitely going to use it. I may even order a couple more of them and im definitely going to use them on my cars because other than charging it. It really didnt have any issues.