The smell of spring is in the air one of my favorite times, and I thought why not get out with my k5 blazer here and have a good time in the backyard trail park. Look at this I've already been out bumping it around a little bit having a good time. If you guys are viewers of my show, you'll notice that I actually chomped down on those Krypton's. I did remove every second lug pattern, so it's more of a paddle tire for the backyard trail park. All I did was take some flush cutters and cut out every second lug pattern, and that was able to you can see from the original to the new one. Now this gives me a lot more grip. These are 1.9 size tires. This truck was an RC 4 wheel, Drive trail finder too, if you're interested, but this is an aftermarket, hard body that that I had a long time ago, shoutout to Bill who helped me weather this body. I also went in with a dremel and made sure to put in the proper rust from the canadian salt on the road there's holes all the way through it, but it's an absolutely beautiful truck let's get it on the go yeah back. When I hit a billion views baby trying to keeping it on the down low scale crawl. Finally, really it's, like I stole my dad's truck and I'm out for a day of wheeling with my buddies.

I do not encourage doing that doing that, though, get your own truck, get a job and a haircut a funny looking with Toyota axles on it. Traxxas does make a portal axle. Chevy i'll leave a link to that on amazon. If you want to check it out in the video description box, see if i can make it up this without hanging up dude it's like vertical those new tires, do that trying to I'm going to turn into it, get back a little bit of wheel, speed now, I'Ve made it extra slink more wheel, speed a little wiggle on the tire one handed yeah, the stall was inevitable started up electric. I don't know how you're gon na get out of that, though, a lot of people say why don't you get a big, full size truck and do this yourself instead of just doing it with boys – and I say even full size, trucks are toys and I love Wheeling, whether it be in what 10 scale or in full size, yeah like one of those old farm trucks, you see you around Alberta here, except the wheels, are a little bit too shiny for the farmers. I know go into this kit right here: it's the sound box loping along yeah. So when I made this course, I made these pits just long enough to hold the truck before it has to actually come out again low torque turning the tire for hookup there.

You go, I want to know right now. Do you actually own a full size 4×4, as well as an RC and, if so, posts it up in the comment section to let other people know that this is not a strange thing. There are actually thousands of people. Thousands and thousands of people that are actually outdoors enjoying trailing together well during social distancing. It used to be different, but this is a great pastime if we can get up the hill here, there's a fairly large Hill. I add some wheel speed, no problem at all. Yes, no prob straight down, got myself into a tight spot here, able to work. My way out, though, we got the slippery side Hill here, because my tires are caked full of mud right now, oh nice it's turned on a dime. This is all sideways. I think we're in big trouble here, oh boy, nice job. I cannot believe that it was able to hang on. I thought we're going over for sure let's do an abrupt turn and actually do the tunnel. We have not done that in a very long time. Well, as in abrupt turn as we can make with the truck like this look at that, I should make some whoa wheel wells for it. I do have some, but I also like seeing everything that truck is doing. Look at this. When was the last time we looked in here, oh I slipped here there. This is why I love headlights.

It just gives it such a cool, scalp, earrings, something's hanging them up, Oh II Street over the pylon yeah right to the gate. Yeah you made it. This is normally where I start on to the scalloped rock over to the seesaw. Through the shock towers. Oh yeah we'll end it on the other side of this, but check it out. I got to make sure to ride this. Exactly perfect and you'll see the counterweight look at that on the seesaw is moving itself. Oh, very dangerous, let's keep her going. Yeah oh hung up. Is it gon na flip me? Oh I'm. Pretty sure I'm doomed. I can't get back up on here. This is one of those added features that I just put in. This is a ramp with only slippery things on it. Why would you torture yourself like this? I just love watching these machines work. Music. Oh almost got spit off the edge there. Oh suffering, oh yeah. Oh, no, oh, that sounded bad that's. The beauty of these old Chevy's, though you know they can take a beam and keep on going. Look at that. I put the hood back on put the gun back in the back in the back where's, my oh, that there they are start this puppy up, okay, guys that's it that's I'm gon na go in and dry off, get myself something warm to drink, be prepared. If you want to get into this hobby, it's gon na cost, you quite a bit this truck here, valued probably around 600.