What a fantastic day for me to "Slit right into" my 1/14th size design Excavator and provide the audiences a look. My buddy "Krazy Joe" has constantly grumbled I set the controls up "backwards". so this time, I saw to it they served – and also no excuses for inadequate efficiency can be made. HAH! Im simply kidding naturally, and today I swap over my Flysky Radio FS-i10 – and after that attach my ESS-Dual Audio package. This package I bought at Asiatees.com and I really assume they are the most functional sound package readily available today. I left Details on every one of my equipment down below. I hope it helps you!

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From the RC4WD Web site:

1/14 Scale DXR2 Hydraulic Planet Dozer – RC4WD

" The Earth Dozer DXR2 is an outstanding marvel in design and also function. It provides amazing changes to the pail to allow for those demanding jobs. In situation you have some difficult pack that requires work, the back ripper will shred though anything in its path. This Dozer prepares to do work and also comes fully put together.

Alloy Zinc and Alloy Aluminum Casting (except Track and Hydraulic Pump).
Weld Steel Container.
9 Channel 2.4 GHZ Radio.
Heavy Duty Hose Pipes (OD 3.2 mm Nylon, ID 2.2 mm).
Key Heavy Duty Pipes (OD 4mm Nylon, ID 2.5 mm).
Optimized Steel Hydraulic System.
Dependable Hydraulic Valve as well as Flexible Pump.
Brushless Hydraulic System.
Complete Steel Scale.
All Terrain Metal Crawler.
540 Combed Beast Torque Electric Motor.
Complete Metal Transmission (1:256 Gear Proportion).
Run Time is: 38 Minutes (5300mAh Battery).
Chrome Steel Oil Pump (47.5 mm x 35mm x 36mm).
Container Capacity: 494949 mm _.
Optimum Pail Force (Down): 76kg/ 167pounds.
Maximum Pail Force (Up): 50kg/ 110pounds.
Maximum Pail Pressure (Thrust): 50kg/ 110pounds.
Driving Speed: 408 Meter Per hour.
Range: 1:14.
Length: 27in/ 685mm.
Size: 13.8 in/ 351mm.
Height: 12.7 in/ 323mm.
Pail Height: 6.87 in/ 174.6 mm.
Maximum Pail Backwards And Forwards Angle: 29 levels.
Optimum Container Tilt Angle (Left and also Right): 9 degrees.
Maximum Ripper Depth of the Ground: 1.97 in/ 50mm.
Complete Mass Lots: 37kg/ 82LBs.
Operating Oil Stress: 25Bar, 362.5 psi.
Dead Weight: 26kg/ 57LBs.
Produced by JDCustoms.
Thirty Days Minimal Guarantee".

" 1 Million Sights Club":.


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