This is obviously not too new of news, because lots of people have been getting these already. I had mine on order for quite some time, but the supplier that I was buying mine from didn't get their order in time and of course, then the shipment got damaged in the way. But you know what I think the actual truck itself is just fine. Look at this guys if you haven't seen it before. I was totally intrigued by this new 124 scale model from axial. Why? Because of the size of the tires and, of course, because I've been an avid user of the scx lineup for a very many years. In fact, most of my youtube career, in fact my very first scale truck well. The scale truck was the scx10. My first axial crawler was the axial scorpion. If you guys remember that from all those years ago, the ax 10, that was a rock crawler that came with a kind of scale body, but not really, and then they came out with the scx10, which is a very popular off road trail truck that we used For years and years, in fact, the beast, some of you may remember that truck I had it on the recent collection video. I did of all my trail trucks that I've put back. There was an scx10 as well, but I know you guys have already done a lot of your research. Most of you on this channel are big, avid enthusiasts already and you've probably already checked these out, but I have not had a great mini crawler for quite some time.

In fact, the last one we had were the hard bodies from RC four wheel drive. Now I did used to use the small low C trucks as well, but they stopped making them many many many years ago, glad to see that another competitor has stepped up to the plate to offer it and I'm glad to see it was axial, so let's open. It up and see what's inside the box there we go not really surprised to see damage on a box, at least it's only in the corner. It is Christmas time at the time of this filming almost Happy Holidays to everybody that's watching that celebrates. Of course. Let me slide this fellow out yeah tada. Finally, here to add to the collection. This is an exciting day. I know the first thing I want to crawl with these giant tires there. We are look at this gently there. It is what else is in there. For me to see aha, so the instruction book, this thing comes with absolutely everything you need to run. In fact, what I noticed on here on the side was it yeah? They have two versions of this. Of course, if you want to see the white and the the yellow orange one, but I love this required to complete nothing, everything is in the box. Comes with the battery. An 88 turn brushed motor that is going to be soo slow. I wonder how it's geared but that's gon na give it lots of torque.

At least I love the fact that it has this one little baby body clip on it. What is there none on the back? None. I have to discover how that comes. Undone, look at the look at the suspension spring boom. I love these giant tires. This is the first reason why I even wanted to get. This was those enormous tires underneath those wheel wells? I was wondering if it was gon na be rubbed in the body, but it's not a really big deal. What a cute little machine, who's, a big boy! You big boy, let's, take this off here! Well, move it all the way around. So we can. If you haven't seen this before, you can have a look at it. Oh my gosh there's actual lights in the bumper huh. I see there they're wired up. This is awesome wow. This is super cool good for horizon, coming out with a miniature axial that was on such a popular platform. Okay, so it is on a hinge system. Is that what I'm seeing here? I believe it is look at that it just opens up, ah brilliant. Hence why you only have to lose one body clip instead of four Wow. That battery is enormous. I thought this was going to be like a little like piece of Trident gum battery, but instead its what 30 C bursts holy let's get into this thing. This got me excited now. What do we got? Four milliamp hours on this 350 milliamp hours, 2s lipo Wow lipo power? No! No! No! No! Look at that! That is much larger than I expected.

That is what she said come on boom. I had to drop it in there just for old times sake battery tray, those tiny little springs on there, hey that's. What makes it so bouncy there's, no oil in those shocks at all. They sure make those shocks. Look amazing! On the box. Yeah I'm, like oh, these are probably gon na, be oil filled, but then, when I read it I'm like no well regardless, I want to get a little charge into this thing here and get the radio out look at this an ax for radio a fairly inexpensive, Very light like it weighs absolutely nothing. In fact, the truck weighs more than the radio. There are no batteries in it. Gon na be very straightforward. We have any adjustments on this at all. Oh surprisingly, I do. Oh okay, so channels, Wow it's got a three channel in here. Okay, so I can see dual rates on there: low medium and high. I wonder what that is. The bind is on there channel one mm hmm going to install the batteries in this. Ah, they slide just like a cartridge, so one two three four batteries up inside the hilt, which will be perfect instead of in the bottom, and since it comes with batteries, I'm gon na use the batteries in it. That is provided just so we can see. Is there any kind of quality to it at all? These are completely generic batteries, but if they get you up and running on Christmas morning or birthday morning or just coming home from work – and you bought an extra truck for fun evening, then I think it'll be worth it get you by for the evening.

Who knows? Might be longer, do look good, Oh blinky blinky. I wonder if that means they're running out already. Here is the battery charger that it comes with it's a USB lipo charger. Never leave charging batteries unattended, especially lipo's right because they can become hot or puffs and they can actually cause a fire I'm, not saying that yours will cause a fire I'm. Just saying never leave your lipo's unattended, while you're charging, because you do run the risk of any battery like that, causing a fire and just in case you're new and you've, never seen anything like this I'm, actually using the balance port to plug the battery into the Charger, not the actual power port itself right so it's, just the balancing port for the two cells that are in there, because each cell of lithium polymer has to be balanced with proper charge for the battery to last. As long as it can, I mean longevity in lifespan, not just in running it that day, of course, now I have it. Charging you'll see that the red light is on it's gon na indicate green on top when it is charged. Hey, that's, pretty convenient it's, almost charged I'm just gon na switch out those batteries to a more well known brand. I just want to see if it makes a difference and oh I just happen to notice that it's not blinking, so it comes with pretty crappy radio batteries now, while I'm waiting for the battery to charge.

Look at this this! This is what I'm talking about about the tires look at the clearance and with that worm gear in the axle you are gon na, be able to crawl over so many things that most micros or minis wouldn't be able to do. I would call this a micro myself, even though a lot of people would argue and say a micro is much smaller and yeah. I agree, but that is pretty darn micro and compared to an scx10. So, overall, this, as soon as I saw the tread and the clearance on this, it made it a must have. For me, there was no question about it and I didn't even notice that it had lights before now when I flip open the lid like look at this, this has like the ladder style frame, chassis right on either side, the rails there and that's a good sign. You can see all the screws go in through the rail there's, the motor that actually plugs into this ax or pardon me, 86 ESC. This is a combo. It looks like a receiver and ESC because you can see the antennas coming out, but there is where the battery plugs in nice and simple so it's, not the the lipo balance plug but it's that other cable. I showed you, you know: I've had a lot of commenters over the years say you know this is what's wrong with my show is that I cater too much to the people that that aren't in the hobby – and I don't know I'd – have to argue that fact And say I think I create a show that I love, and hopefully there are things that you can gain both as a senior or mid level or even entry level.

Hobbyist be you know, curiosity always gets us. It doesn't matter where we're at in the hobby, and if I can drop a little bit of knowledge that I have to help some people out along the way, I think it's totally worth it and since the battery is charged, I may as well go ahead and Plug it in radio is on first of course, there we go get that antenna and get my lipo balancing plug kind of tucked in there and tenha out of the way and then I'll turn it on the headlights. That is a cool feature. None on the back, but that's okay. I only need two lights taking away from my battery power anyway, so there we go. Does the servo work let's see here with the with the radio yeah everything works, perfect throttle yeah too little drive shafts. You know. I still get people coming to my channel for the first time and saying, oh, my god, I can't believe how far the radio control hobby has come from when I was a kid and I couldn't even get my little car to go through the grass and now They'Ve basically made anything you want you can find in radio control. I think the only thing for us to do is really do some indoor crawling yeah now what I've always loved about micro, crawlers or mini crawlers, or what have you is that you could always crawl with them in your house at your office on the desk.

At lunchtime, if you're, like a rock crawler full size, you're gon na love rock crawling in miniature it's, basically the same thing. Look that beautiful crawl! You just got to find your right line just like in any kind of crawling scenario, right everything, of course, outside covered in snow right now, there's, no real crawling going on outside, because where I live, it's winter, ah perfect times of clearance come on buddy there we Go there we go good crawl, let's. Take it down the steep side here now. I want you to tell me right now. You know the only people that can tell me are the ones that are watching comment down below and let me know if you would crawl better than my sorry ass. Now this is a small piece of my scale park from outside. You can see it's still a little damp from the melted snow, but this is gon na, be a perfect little piece to kind of test the articulation of this little Jeep and also see how it traverses over like a very uneven terrain. So let's let's give that a try. Okay. So the same way, we went up before that's a good crawl. Easy to do then drop in off the rock I like that it has proportional throttle. Control like it is dependent on how much I'm pulling that trigger is how much power that it's actually getting. I remember when I had my first RC four wheel drive the first small 118 scale.

It actually did not have proportionable proportional throttle control, which made it very challenging because it was either on or off, and I you know, it's kind of more of a toy status to me. Then, if you don't have that kind of control come on baby. Give me some juice yeah when in doubt throttle out come on little dude. You got this right up to the top let's. Take it down deep let's, go into this big hole down here and see if I can nose out of it at all, yeah deep and then am I going to hit the bumper. I could take the easy ways, always always when I'm filming, I always choose the hard ways and make myself look bad, but I love the challenge of driving one handed and filming. At the same time, a lot of people would say why don't you put your camera on here and it's, because I don't use a small go pro use a larger Sony, Handycam. Well, not a handycam, but that kind of thing there. We go. Look at that over no problemo, okay. I only got one last test. Look at that whoo, oh yeah, who remembers these little guys hey when we had the racetrack here, that's, actually, the fifth, the fifth scale, boss racetrack that we used to have your years ago when we used to race the mini Z's. I still got mine. Look at these these middle cars they're not even made anymore.

I don't think unless somebody can tell me that they do they used to be low. C'S super fast little race cars through this boom. I knew I would be able to get up on there. No problem come on that's an easy test. Well, there you go guys. I hope you've enjoyed today's unboxing video and you get to have a look at this little Jeep I'm thoroughly impressed I'm so happy to see another 124 scale on the market. Leave me a like click, leave a comment down below show some support for the new micro series or mini series, and let me know, are you interested in getting one of these? They do have the white one.