First, you know this is not a medical mask. This is a accessory with some mask qualities with rgb, transparent, mid sections. So you can see my lips so no longer do you have to hide behind a mask in terms of your emotions and also there is no built in microphone like they were supposed to be or like. There was on the previous project hazel, whereas the zephyr its uh, basically just a plastic contraption with two fans filters in a few areas and uh. You know head straps and neck straps. So this thing can be comfortable because at 200 grams of, like just slightly over that, you know its heavy, it presses on your nose and its also a little bit too small for me. So its definitely unique in the space of where you might need a mask on a daily basis. So is the razer zephyr worth it at 99? Well, how about we find out right after this? Oh, a 30 millimeter frame so its a little thicker ideal for multiple locations, but is the performance mind blowing exactly introducing the new t30 fans from phanteks the ultimate fan for radiators heatsinks and cases where you need powerful airflow with an excellent, sound profile? The three rpm mode switch is a clever integration. You got ta appreciate, daisy chain potential and, of course, a good looking fan will keep the system clean check out the t30 fan down below so, first of all design wise.

It definitely feels like something out of a blade runner movie. It could 100 be maybe useful on a film set with a future apocalyptic type of environment, and you know this is something very easy to recreate in the current day and age. To be honest, i was uh self conscious of wearing this thing in public for the first couple of hours, just because its so bulky its very different. It has rgb elements its almost like youre, coming out from a construction site or something, but nobody gave me a weird look or anything like that. So, on the one hand its a good thing, because i was a lot more comfortable. You know an hour later with this thing, but its also a little bit unfortunate right now what we get inside, we have the zephyr mask itself. We have two types of filters: the round ones that you populate on each side of the mask right. On top of the fan and this magnetic cover that just snaps in place and this really small filter for the mouthpiece through which you breathe and also speak through thats, why the volume is so bad here, but i just pop them in theres little pegs in there. That hold the filter in place and another magnetic plate. On top of that, in total, we have three sets of filters, so youre supposed to swap these out every three days, if youre wearing it eight hours a day, so not ideal in an environment where you have to constantly be changing filters.

But of course that is the nature of the mask of wanting to be hygienic as well, but uh you do need to going to be needing to purchase additional filters in the future. The filters are also quite expensive, which is unfortunate because theyre so tiny you might as well just wear a normal n95 mask by itself, which brings us to the hygienic. You know options of this thing, so it is not a medical mask in any way, but it is supposed to act as your n95 equivalent in terms of protection. Now, at first i was wondering like why do we need the fans on each side here right but in reality, its basically just a plastic box with some soft silicone around your mouth to create a seal? But if there are no fans in there, you wouldnt be able to actually breathe right. So you need that intake of this tiny fans, and the one thing is that at full volume it sounds like a tiny drone thats flying around you somewhere its a little bit. Annoying of course you can turn down the fan too low and its still audible and, of course you can turn it off. But if you do that, then its basically, you know a little hot box in there. You dont get that much airflow. So a few more things, the silicone piece is removable, so you can wash it with soapy water. Every time you change out the filters, so you can keep the mask clean.

It is not waterproof the mask like its not recommended you walk out with it in the rain, obviously because of the electronics. So you have to be careful with that, and the battery is supposed to last for eight hours with the fan on low without any rgb. So you know with rgb illumination. This thing is going to die very soon, especially if you have the fans on you can use the mask without the fans enabled, but it does introduce a little bit more, like warmth into that area and its a bit uncomfortable in terms of size, its a bit Too small for me, in terms of the interior, i wish that uh, like silicon suction thing, was a bit larger to give me a little bit more of a surface area that can go around my mouth, but its not uh, uncomfortable and as long as you have The straps you know in the proper areas, then they also support the weight of the mask, because the mask is fairly heavy, like its almost the size or the weight of a standard headset, so imagine wearing a headset equivalent weight right in front of your mouth. I really hope you guys can hear me through that, but also you probably can hear the fan as well, so thats, full speed low and when its off its completely silent, of course, given the size of the stain, you cannot just fold it and stash it in Your pocket, it is not uncomfortable around your neck, but its definitely not low profile either.

It is very interesting to see this rgb illumination built in thats actually kind of thoughtful. So not only do we have the rgb rings around each filter, but we also have interior mouth illumination that you can change to any color you want, so this is proper full out rgb illumination that works wonderfully as long as you dont choose some weird color around Your mouth, because that looks strange, so ive worn this thing for about three days, both inside the house and outside im, getting more comfortable wearing this outdoors. But of course i just prefer to have my n95 mask in my pocket whenever i need it and replace that, instead of needing to swap out these filters and pay raise your insane amount of money, i am noticing a lot more gunk accumulation on the interior, so It is good that that transparent section reveals your mouth, so you can be one of those people that people can see through the mask when you are showing emotion or youre speaking through, but it does also show off the gunk. That is on the other side of this glass and i actually prefer to leave the rgb lighting on the interior to be off. So it just looks like a you know, a standard mask with some rgb illumination and not really show off my mouth that way. So basically, that interior part is a bit too small for me and all exhaust, or at least a lot of it, that im feeling comes to the right side right above my nose going directly into my eye and into my glasses as well so wearing this mask With my glasses is absolutely a no no, especially because you cant, just like you, know, fold the mask, underneath the glasses to avoid fogging up, probably the most fleshed out thing about this thing.

Is the software experience, so you can change the color. It connects to your phone with bluetooth. You can actually see the battery percentage as well its very intuitive and easy to use it charges with the usbc connector, which is pretty crazy. It has some lighting to indicate when the battery is low, when youre trying to pair when it doesnt have anything paired onto it. And of course we have that button on the right side to control the fan. So you dont have to go into the app. So what to say this thing is very strange and weird. Obviously, there is a lack of vocal clarity and vocal volume because theres this plastic thing on your mouth that doesnt let out a lot of the volume uh its not very comfortable, because the interior part is a bit too small for me and for some reason, a Lot of the air gets exhausted on this side, which i dont know why. I think i have a pretty symmetrical face. The rgb element is very cool. Of course. The app works very well and im gon na need to turn on the fan, because its getting a little toasty in there and its also quite expensive right like for 99. This is a cool prop for maybe a movie or like whatever for some photo session, but i doubt well see a lot of people. Many people using this on a daily basis for their mask needs because of all the drama because of all the drawbacks.

Im not sure if you heard that last part, and so that is the razers effort, let me know what you think of it in the comments below im dmitry thanks. So much for watching.